Having a Damn Good Cry When Running



  • Screamapillar wrote (see)
    kittenkat wrote (see)

    I've had extremely emotional runs but there's only the cows to see me. I actually run at my best when I'm angry.

    I do too KK

    Strangely Brown wrote (see)

    I very unexpectedly sobbed gently on a run once.

    I'm a man and up until about 3 years ago, had not spent a tear in 13 years of being an adult.  Infact, not since i was about 13/14.  I have suddenly become much more emotional these days and can't really explain why, it's taken me quite by suprise.  Is it ok for a man to cry with arguably flimsy reasoning (such as the death of Gary Speed, a man i'd never met)?  I dunno but I can't really stop it now.

    A song came on my Ipod that reminded me of a certain time with a certain lady and then my bottom lip got all flimsy and un-British on me.  I was baffled and surprised but went with it, shook it off and carried on running feeling weirdly liberated and modern.

    Strange times.

    I remember being really cut up when Steve Irwin died. He just seemed like such fun and so passionate about what he did.

    Can't say blubbing has ever happened to me on a run though - too busy keeping focussed on putting one foot in front of another!

    FF: I've only read 3 of your posts and they've all been dripping with emotion about different people. Now I'm a pretty deep-feeling person myself but with the greatest respect, I have to say - I'm not sure this is really the place for these outpourings image 

    Edited, I misunderstood.  Yeah, Steve Irwin was a shocker too.

  • Rickster wrote (see)

    I don't ever cry, because I'm a bloke. image


    Tinselcelt wrote (see)

    Post parental bereavement on long runs in the country the odd trickle was strangely cathartic, unexpected, unstoppable and unashamed. The joy of solitary running is that safety to let it all go.

    Same here, had a really fecked up time with my dad suddenly coming down with what can only be described as 'accelerated dementia', and use to try and hold back, but now after we lost him last year I quite often find myself now having a good ol' bit of eye seepage when out on a long run. Will quite often come from nowhere with nothing in particular triggering it.


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