Triathlon course



  • The full IM's I've done - the marathon didn't feel at all short!
    IM Oz was marked every 2Kms, and felt pretty accurate.
    I ran about a third of the course a week before, and judging by HR and perceived exertion, I would say it was pretty accurate - not all are tho'!!!

    At the end of the day a full Ironman is more about mental toughness than physical fitness - sure you need both to complete one, but it is best described as a roller coaster of emotions and a battle with the inner self.
    (I'm starting to Bullsh*t now si I'll go !!)

  • I expect all the big IM events are accurate they have an image to uphold. we have the problem in this country of having little or no co-operation from the authorities when we run these events. if we could have closed roads and a choice of safe routes for race organisers then it would be easier to tweak the distances to get them right. other countries don't seem to have this problem. then again there is always human error. Who measured the course and put the markers out? It could be an honest mistake.
    One other thing though. I don't think you should be able to qualify for the IM champs which is full length by doing a half. There have been half qualifiers for ages but I think they must have started to encourage people to do it. At the moment with tri at the height of its popularity there are enought people doing the proper distance to fill several world champs a year.
  • Daz-that's it, not a good pic though!

    Who am I to question the distance of either a 1/2 IM or full, I've done neither! But it's an interesting topic.

    I'm sure the distance has to be right for world champs. And I agree, with the little knowledge I have Andrew that there are enough triathletes doing the full distance to qualify for world champs.
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