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    It looks like that's all we have time for! Many thanks for all your questions and thanks to Jim for providing such inspiring answers.

    We'll be back with more webchats soon on, so keep checking the forum and website.


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  • Jim McConnel 2 wrote (see)

    @m_eldy Ahhh, IM training. If it was me and I had 3 bike sessions a week then I would do the following as a basic. Session 1 - long ride build up to the magic 6+ hour ride across about 8 weeks so mentally you know you can handle the kind of distance you will race over. Preferably done on a day when you can really relax, eat and sleep afterwards as it will drain you. Arrange friends to ride part or all of the way. Plan in advnace what you will do and mix up the routes. Session 2 - this has got to be a 2-3 hour endurance ride where you mix hills and recovery on the flat. It will be important to get used to going uphill for a prolonged period of time - Lanza is a hilly windy course and you need not to get daunted by the length of some of the climbs. Will be easy if you live in the Peaks or the Lakes. Session 3 - a session that could switch between a 90 minute recovery ride one week to an interval ride (turbo based possibly) where you try and build your power and top end - suggest building to from 6 x 4 minutes right through to 3 x 20 minutes over a course of 6-8 weeks where you are working very closely to your sustainable threshold. Hope that helps you.

    3*20 on the turbo near threshold- like that (not to do personally obviously - but as advice) - no messing around with varying cadence or resistance. 

  • so 

    • a long ride
    • a medium hilly ride
    • an interval session

    Thats essentially my core bike training, but I combine the medium ride with some intervals in it..... and add a few bike commutes as vase, recovery or fartlek

    Thats pretty solid advice...... shame it hurts so much


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