Isn't it about time for the rejection letters for VLM yet?



  • YAY I'm in!! But I was lucky to be confirmed for a charity place in July anyway so knew i'd be running image  Can anyone confirm that the Congratulations magazine means you are successful in the BALLOT and not just a golden bond place?   Trying to be 100% sure whether i've definately got a ballot place or whether Charity place runners who got accepted before the ballot came out also get a Congrats mag!

  • Mrs Cat5 didn't get in. image.

    She doesn't run. image

  • Aizxana, i can comfirm that you are in on the ballot, so you will not have to raise some exorbatant sum for the charity, you can raise what you can afford! Well done anyway, have a great time

  • It will soon be time for all the sponsorship forms going round and the comments that "the charity is something very close to their heart". They tend to get offended when I say that they had never mentioned it before the ballot results came out.

    I save all of my money for the ones who are genuinely running for a charity, not just as a way to get into the race.
  • Thanks Dave!

    Am very excited. Happy to run for my chosen charity but at least now I can focus on the training and not have sleepless nights over high fundraising targets!
  • Errr, scuse me, what about the blind Mexican penguins?
  • Forgot about those!
  • Hmmm, and that's what's really important!
  • Millsy, don't forget what this is all about, i try to do my bit for the less advantaged, the run is about me against the clock, but at the end of the day, those little fellas, with big straw hats, and fishy breath, well, say no more....ll
  • How can I resist. What's the just giving link? My Visa card is burning a hole in my wallet.
  • just Googled blind Mexican penguins for a laugh and .... well.....hmm !!
  • So long ago I applied cant remember did we have to put CC details on application ?

  • Gemgemx, what did you find out about our little feathered friends on google?
  • Nothing about the poor blind Mexican variety but blind penguin has a whole different meaning!!
  • gemgemx, enlighten me, please...

  • i didnt get in !! gonna throttle the penguins

  • katy briggs 2: yes, come over to the ultra side! It's fun, honest.

  • Got this welcoming e.mail from Virgin...ahhh, how thoughtful of them

    Dear 2013 Virgin London Marathon Runner, We are delighted to confirm that your 2013 Virgin London Marathon Gold/Silver Bond entries account is now ready to use. In order to access your account please make a note of your username and password (below) and follow the link to the 2013 Virgin London Marathon Gold/Silver Bond entries entry system where you can input your details and complete the online entry form. PLEASE NOTE THIS ONLINE ENTRY MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE 5PM ON 10TH FEBRUARY 2013 OTHERWISE THE ENTRY WILL BE VOID AND YOU WILL NOT BE ENTERED INTO THE 2013 VIRGIN LONDON MARATHON. ONCE THE ENTRY IS COMPLETE YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL CONFIRMING YOUR ENTRY.   let me think about this....raising £2,000 squidieroonies or even more. that would be a no from me
  • Debra Bourne - Just entered MIlton keynes marathon which is the start of may, if this goes well I may have a go at the northants ultra ( 35 ish miles) which is held 4 miles from where I live and build up slowly to longer events. Never been speedy but distance does not bother me.

  • Daisy

    Yes mad ... race started as a way to get athletes into running race amd marathons. Now to be honest they couldny really give a toss about runners all they want is people to raise money for charity. Its now just an event where people do little or no training walk round and claim to have "run the London Marathon"

    It just makes me laugh as people seem to think they cant give to charity unless someone runs 26.2 miles !!!


  • People also can`t seem to grasp the fact that I run for fun. Come early next year i`ll have to fend off all of the questions of "London Marathon? What charity are you doing it for?"

  • Yes annoyed me as well people used to ask me that and I would say Im not but then advised them thet do not have tpo wait until somone run the LM to donate to charity

    Probablt the same folk who sit around for years needing double glazing but have to wait until somone rings them up to ask them if they need it !!

  • I have been pledged enough to buy four penguin sized sombreros so far, poor blighters will never see how sweet they look.
  • Katy, that's great. Do go and run northants - I've heard good things about it, although that's not one I've done. Come see us on the "wannabe ultra runner" thread over in the Ultra / Adventure Racing section.We're friendly! - Mad, but friendly!image

  • ......can I whisper my aspirations to be an ultra-runner.

    Definitely got the qualification of mad. I might have to shyly nip over and wave sometime.


  • Just listened to tony audenshaws marathon prayer on marathon talk, now would be a handy time to know how to add a link, but I dont know how to, so google it or something, absolutely spot on! Please have a listen
  • I think it's in the audio archive section on the marathon website.
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