Andy Murray for SPOTY

And now I can go to bed. What a day.


  • I think SPOTY will be a hard one this year due to Team GB and Paralympic GB.

    Not only that but you have Wiggo winning the TdeF too

  • Very hard one, a lot of people who maybe previously have never considered it will now take part and vote, so it could throw up a loose one.

  • Depends how much they take in the personality bit
  • True, well Wayne Rooney it is then

  • Noooooo ! Wiggins of course !
  • Bradley Wiggins, Mo Farah, or maybe even Seb Coe?

  • Wiggo or Farah.  Has Coe got a personality?

  • Murray??? You are having a bloody laugh. Weir, Storey, Wiggins, Farrah all are far higher up the pecking order than Murray.

  • Wiggo for me. If its not it would be a travesty

  • As a runner I would normally say Mo but sorry it has to be wiggins for me.
  • Anybody who doesn't vote for a parylympic woman is a complete bigot!! Seriously though I do wonder after last year, how much PC politics will come into it? Personally I would go for Wiggins but how do you compare Mo Farah's two golds to David Weir's 4 golds? Or Sarah Storeys's 4 golds.
  • it is good to have so many sporting winners to choose from.

    a big change from the days where main contenders for the SPOTY hadn't actually won anything.

  • There will be losers this year that would have won it hands down in the past 20 years, which is unlucky but great for British sport. My vote would be for Bradley Wiggins, for his overall personality, quirky style and his dominance of the event, agree with The Vicar and others, however I fully expect (as does Sussex Runner by the looks of it) that sentiment will take over. My own personal view is that true sporting excellence is about being the best overall, and not just being the best in your category.  

  • I've done a list this morning of potentials....14 names !!!

    Not one footballer or cricketer.

    How about Laura Trott ?

    With only 2 races left in the ITU series...Jon Brownliee is on course for world champ plus bronze olympic ?

    Also Rory Mcllory. Us open major, world number 1, more US tour wins than anyone else, and quite likey to be part of Ryder cup winning team in two weeks time !!

    too many good people...well done

  • There are many far more deserving people than murray.

  • Like most awards, it will go to whoever has spent the most time in the limelight in the run up to the voting opening.


  • It's a close call between Wiggo and Mo for me. It's almost impossible to call on the achievement/landmark front - first ever British Tour winner + Olympic gold medallist vs. first ever British Olympic long distance champion/double Olympic gold medallist.  Wiggo possibly edges it for me but I wonder if he's at a disadvantage with Cav having won it last year?

    And the thread was about Murray - hats off to the fella, great achievement.  He's not necessarily up there in the public's eye on the "personality" front, although he did come out with some quality blubbing at Wimbledon.  image

  • The BBC will be under pressure to give it to Jess Ennis after having no women on the list last year
  • Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)
    The BBC will be under pressure to give it to Jess Ennis after having no women on the list last year

    Its voted for by the public.

    Going to be a tough tough one this year, I think Jess is in with a shout, she's got the personality and appeal that the award needs (completely opposite to Murray).

    I was also thinking about this last night there are so many contenders its going to be very very interesting who wins.

    From the top of my head the shortlist shoud include:

    Mo Farrah
    Bradley Wiggins
    Andy Murray
    Jess Ennis
    Laura Trott
    Chris Hoy
    Sarah Storey
    David Weir
    Ellie Simmonds

    Their are a lot more worthy winners like Alistair Brownlee but they/their sports are not high profile enough

    If I was pushed to choose, I think Mo Farrah deserves it most, he also has the appeal and personality.

  • I think Murray is in with a shout, as is Farah and Wiggins - in GB terms what all three have done is historic and in a major competitive sport.    Weir, Storey, Hoy, Simmonds, Ennis and McIlroy just unlucky it's been the most competitive year ever.  

  • I'm coming out as an Andy Murray fan. I like his grumpiness. Really tough to choose who will win sports personality but will probably be Wiggins or Farah. If I was a betting man I would bet on Farah at moment - just think he has a higher profile than Wiggins, is more media friendly etc. But - so many top achievements maybe there'll be a massive load of joint firsts!

  • Ahh thanks shouty I forgot it was the public who vote. Makes it all a bit more "top of the popsy"
  • I think public votes are bit shit anyway. It's a bit like when Robbie William's Angels was voted the best record of the past thousand years. Will be a popularity contest and whatever is the freshest in the dear old public short memories.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    My father in law thinks the beeb should extend the number of categories this year to include 'sports woman', 'sports man' and 'sport Paralympic athlete'. I disagree but what are the thoughts here?

    I still think it should be the one overall winner and I'd vote for Wiggins.

    What about coach and team? Coach would be Brailsford but not sure how the 'team' will be sorted out. 'Team GB' is too big - will it be subdivided some how?
  • And you'd have to choose Team GB vs Paralympic GB unless you combined them.  For a team performing as a team Team Sky takes some beating.

    No one's mentioned Phil 'the Power' Taylor this year.

  • I think the Beeb should scrap it this year, there are just too many deserving of the award this time round.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Clean sweep for cycling maybe?

    - Wiggins as SPOTY

    - Brailsford as coach

    - Team SKY as team
  • Wiggo, Jess, Mo.

  • I will vote for Wiggo

    However the impressive thing with Murray (over the other Barlist listed) is he was competing not as the favourite.

    The performance that gave me most pleasure to watch was Simmonds winning the 400. When she lost a metre on every turn and continually kept having to close the gap was amazing.

  • image Wiggo still gets my vote but nice to have to make a difficiult decition about it. Andy did something amazing last night for me the shortlist at the moment is to hard to judge and will have to sit down in a darkened room for a bit to work it out in my own head. If Murray can win when he goes of to the far east next he might pip bradley for my vote and thinking it's more a reflection on how well bradley has done that the greatest brit tennis player so far since the game went properly pro isn't a shoe on for the prize.

    For the team I think man city might get it on merit I'm afraid but would be good to see the GB gymastic's making the short list they got a bronze which is a bit like aclinton stanley making the FA cup final.


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