3 Peaks

Is there an organised race or is it just a diy time trial type thing ? I know a few corporates do it like a building industry race but me and little moose really fancy having a go as a competitive event.

Any info gladly accepted



  • there are a number of different organised events that go on, the best person that you need to speak to with regards to this is Wolfy as she did a lot of research on it last year.
  • Is that the running and sailing 3 peaks race?
  • The 3 peaks is not a race or TT but more an informal challenge, there is a race at some time I think.
  • Hate to be a killjoy, but the three peaks event causes huge environmental damage to mountains which already suffer massive problems with erosion.

    And as for the burning of tens of gallons of pertol as you hurtle between each Peak....! What is the point?

    If you want to test yourself, there's got to be something which is more local, unique, and equally challenging. I'm sure people on this forum could come up with a few suggestions!

    There's an interesting article about the Three Peaks on the British Mountaineering Council website which is worth a read


    (it's a pdf so you have to scroll down a bit for the article)
  • OK not a Killjoy have read article a few points I accept and a few points I do not accept.

    Won't go into them all here


  • If you want to try something like the 3 peaks, try the Bob Graham Round in the lake district. 42 peaks in 24 hours as acheived by the man himself, its very hard very little enviromental damage and a good way of spending 24 hours. Or 27 in my case because we had appalling weather.
    Go to www.bobgrahamround.co.uk
  • I did it in June, and feel a bit guilty now after reading LizzyB. Oh well, was looking for a challenge for next year so shall have a good look at the Bob Graham Round thingy.

    We did the 3 peaks thing independently, not in any set race thing. Just timed ourselves. Hope we didn't cause too much damage, I chased a sweet wrapper almost off the edge of Ben Nevis, and we stuck to the paths, honest. Unleaded petrol in a hire car, and flew back (by aeroplane that is)!!

    Did Snowdon first, and Nevis last. Definitely wouldn't recommend doing it this way round. Ben Nevis is the last thing you want to be faced with when you're already knackered.
  • Blimey, don't think I could manage the Bob Graham Round. That looks like pretty serious stuff.

    Anyone got any suggestions for a similar challenge, but not so impossible?
  • I did this c.5 years ago. I accept Lizzy B's concerns but it wouldn't stop me doing it again...sorry!

    We started at Ben Nevis @ 4pm (this was late in May so evenings were light), then travelled down to Scaffel through night and started that climb at c. 4.30am then off to Snowden.

    Ours was an unnoffical challenge. There were 5 chaps and myself doing the actual walking but we also had two other peeps who prepared food and shared the driving of a minibus.

    Myself and my running mate did the challege in sub 20 hours (can't remember the exact time) and the last of our group came in at 23.5 hours which was a little too close for comfort!

    If you go with an organised group it can cost a bit (worth it though if you can't recruit some fellow nutters!).

    All in all we had a super time, doing it in the spring was nice...very busy up Ben and Snowden though so be prepared for 'traffic'!

    If you want any more info then just email me and I'll dig out some stuff!

    ps. I did try to organise one for June and there was some genuine interest (enough for a forum group challenge?!) but due to personal problems I was unable to commit.

    Would be interested for next May though!
  • I did the challenge in July this year. We had about 3 teams from our company do it. Two of the teams managed it in under 24 hours and one came in outside the time at about 26 hours.
    You can get some advice from the website that we put together. www.3peakfreaks.com There is information of there about the routes, training and levels of fitness needed.
    It is a great experience and you get a wonderful sense of achievement from it. Good luck.
  • Joolz,
    The BGR is hard, but you learn a lot about yourself and who your friends are in that 24 hour period. About 1 in 5 succeed, and its the same as the 3 peaks, big feeling of achievement but its not so dependant on travel. You need good navigators or people with experience in the area(we know lots, we live here). I trained for 6 months solid to do it and then had the worst midsummers day anyone can remember,but we finished albeit slightly longer than planned.
    We might have another go next year!!!!
  • I'd like to do something like this (3 peaks), but not something that is going to be busy and overcrowded. If I wanted that, I'd do the Oxford Street shopping challenge...
  • Does get ridiculously busy - the strangest part was seeing hundreds of people coming up scafell at first light. 5am is not my best time of day and the legs were starting to hurt alot by then. Not as much as half way up Snowdon!
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