Adventure racing?????????

I am really interested in taking part in adventure races. How do I get started in them? How do I train for them? and is there anyone in the northampton area that would like to train or take part in them with me? I run about 4 times a week and also cycle quite a lot.


  • Sorry Martin, I'm thinking about them but I'm too far away.
  • Martin - also thinking about adv racing for next year, sounds like a giggle. These guys organise adv races/camps Trail Plus web site

    these guys put on the most races in the uk-

    well organised and a good bunch

    done a couple of the one dayers

    also more info about the scene at
  • west mids here martin.. prob not practically close enough for now
  • I'm doing the trailplus race this weekend, got started last year by entering a race and then seeing what it was all about. Most of the shorter and easy events publicize themselves as being suitable for beginners, and mostly just for fun.

    As for training, you never really know what is going to happen on adventure races, so good all-round fitness is the most important. In the big races it is ususally the most organised and best navigators that win - you don't need to worry about speed too much as you might be running off in the wrong direction. Stamina is the most important thing, being able to run a long way, then ride and so on. Uppper body strength also becomes important in kayaking and climbing and so on...
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    martin, check out the adventure racing folder in tt (
    hoping to do one or two of the weekend or week-long ones next year with a friend.....depending on finances of course.

    btw, chris how did sunday go? couldnt spot you or stag-on....impossible!

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    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • hi - also interested, but also in the west mids - so maybe too far.....

    Ed m - if you are serious - where abouts in the midlands are you??
  • More sites
  • interested in adventure racing,I come from a climbing&timetrialling backgrond.
    based around Glasgow area,any help out there?.
  • Why not have a go at an adventure race right here in the UK, Called the Marathon of Britain. 35 Brave souls did the first event last month. There are places available for next year 175 miles in 6 days.

    Unique atmosphere, great course and many competitors describe it as the best event of their careers. Read for Luke Cunliffes report. Our site is back on line with updates next week.

    Days of 16, 29, 32, 33 ,54 and 11 miles!!!

    email me at [email protected] for more details.

    Rory Coleman
    Race Director
    Marathon of Britain
  • maybe next year rory..

    i'd call that ultra.. or maybe MM (mountains in the midlands??)... not adventure racing...

    but i guess that brings us to the definition of AR.. i'd say off-road & multi-sport.

    any votes?
  • Sorry Rory but I'm with Ed on this one. MoB was certainly more of an ultra than an adventure race.

    Things that make up adventure races to me are multi-discipline, off road, navigation and teams (if you get the team wrong it doesnt matter how good you are at the rest - so this is probably the most important part of AR!). Personally I think it needs a bit of sleep depreivation aswell.

    There are quite a few AR in the UK though - ACE races are a good starting point (but they do cater for the more experienced aswell), Salomon do a great race but this is a tough one, theres the british champs, not to mention the Adrenalin Rush (toughest in Europe - and a well deserved reputation) and this year for the first time there was a series for the Irish Champs - didn't do any of these this year but I have been told they were excellent - no great surprise as Brian Elliott (organiser of the Adrenalin Rush) knows how to set a great course.
  • Hi guys...MOB is off road, navigation (they teamed up and all got lost) and there are teams - as you say all important parts of adventure racing. Also some of our competitors rested for only 4 hours in the last three days.

    The MOB is one of the toughest events on the calendar. My original posting is to suggest that there are events right here in the UK. After running roda marathons and some off roaders...MOB is a great step upwards into the world of adventure racing.

    The MdeS was one of the first 'adventure' races. Ask any one of this years MOB competitors if they had adventure...I'm sure they would all say 'YES'. Have a go and then let me know if they were right!

  • Still no multi disciline though Rory. Not denying that by the sounds of the race and from the competitors reactions it was a great event - but like the MdS - its just not an adventure race in the purest sense - its an ultramarathon.

    Ask any adventure racer and they will not agree that the MdS was one of the first adventure races. I think the confusion comes from ultramarathons and AR having a lot in common - probably more in common than road running - but a pure running event cannot be an adventure race!
  • I'll just have to make people scuba across the wire across the Avon and mountain bike up the Malverns!!!

    My point is though that Martin was looking to take part in adventure races, the MOB is a good way of breaking into the more extreme racing circuit. A week with us could be a good way of meeting other adventurers and starting his Adventure racing career. That is all.

  • Now you're talking Rory!!!

    I agree that its a good way to get to know people. MoB will attract adventure racers and it can be hard to set up your own team from scratch unless all your friends are as insane as you...

  • Thanks to all who replyed. I'm going to give it a go next year but I will probably give the MoB a miss. I still need a partener though as I can't talk the wife into coming with me.
  • Thats just it you see! 408 marathons and I cant spill far tofee.

  • i competed in the marathon of britain and beleive me it was a great adventure,i much prefer the term of extreme running rather than just 'ultra' for events like this.
    p.s i am just as insane as mr coleman
    p.p.s. hello mr coleman, nice to see you on the site x
  • Hello, Mr Paul love you too sir. MOB site up on 29th. Five signed up alreday from this year!!

  • well i do need to plan an ultra next year.... (along with the rest of my athletic ambitions.. and the rest of my life!)
  • Where, How far, On or Off Road. I'm sure we can advise or help.

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