Orthotics and Mizuno shoes

I am currently being fitted for Orthotics and currently wear the Mizuno Wave Maverick

Anyone out there currently wearing orthotics with Mizuno and what shoe do you wear ? For example I have been told that Asics reccomend the Gel Cumulus for orthotic wearers but I want to stick with Mizuno


  • Have been using orthotics for 18 months and have use Wave Rider and Wave Creation which are fine. There is plenty of room in the heel section (this is the biggest problem I found with orthotics - they raise your heel a few centimeters and can almost force your heel out of some pairs of shoes)and they both give good cushionong and still retain some "feel" ( you do lose some contact with the road with orthotics and feel as though you are wearing high heels - not that I have much experience of high heels!!)

    Good luck with the orthotics - they take a bit of getting used to but can save a running career when you have serious problems.
  • Gary,

    Ken's suggestions that obviously work for him, although they are both neutral shoes. If you want to stick to a shoe with similar stability as the Maverick then you should look at the Wave Mercury, which is pretty much the stability version of the Wave Rider.

    There is no reason why you can't wear the Maverick with your orthotics if the fit is OK, but you will get that little more depth with the Mercury.

    Any problems let us know
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  • Hi Gary, I have worn my orthosis in a pair of Wave Convictions which are a stability shoe but have recently changed to Wave Legends. I tried both the Legends and the Mavericks with my orthosis on the treadmill at Runners Need and watching the video afterwards showed that the Legends withmy orthosis did the best pronation control job for me. This is likely to be different for each individual though so I would recommend buying from a shop that can observe you on a treadmill.

    As with KB, the Legends and the Convictions easily accomodated the orthosis but I did remove the original insert.

  • Jenks,

    I'm not disagreeing your sound advice but the Conviction was replaced by the Mercury and the Wave Legend replaced the Alchemy. The difference being that the Legend sits in the motion control segment of the range, whereas the Mercury is in stability and therefore you should see greater pronation control with the Legend.

    It all depends on how much motion control Gary needs, for which you should really consult with your orthatist to see what they suggest regarding the level of pronation control required along with the orthotic.

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  • Hi - me again

    The podiatrist I used advised me to always go for a neutral shoe when wearing the orthotics as the orthotics were designed to give the opitimum control and that if stability shoes were worn they could undo the benefits of the orthotics. As Simon says best check with whoever is prescribing your orthotics before you make an expensive mistake and get the wrong shoes - the orthotics are expensive enough without wasting money on the wrong shoe!
  • I have worn my orthotics with two pairs of Wave Riders and they have been absolutely fine.
  • I have a very high arch and am fairly heavily pronated. I wear othotics in all my shoes; my first set were rear-foot only, and they now get switched between work & casual shoes. Before I came to the UK I had a full-foot set made to replace the inner sole in my running shoe.

    I run in a pair of Asics GT2070's right now - it's a stability shoe, but I don't find they detract from the orthotics at all. Then again, I'm not a podiatrist - think I might have to find one and ask.
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