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HillyHilly ✭✭✭
What a disaster! Sorry I know I should be pleased just to be able to run, but I was plagued with asthma problems and produced a diabolical run.

I felt so good this morning when I left the house and was really hoping that my recent health problems were under control. I took my inhaler as the doc suggested and thought I would be fine.

The race started with 1 mile of up hill running, I took this very steady not wanting to push too hard as I haven't raced for quite a while. By 2 miles my breathing was very loud and I was struggling. One of my club mates passed and asked if the breathing was ok, I said yes as I thought that I just needed to get my second wind.

I had no option other than to drop right back on the pace to get some kind of control. Once I thought I had done so, I tried to up it again, to no avail. My chest was tight and I felt like I couldn't get enough air. At 5 miles I decided to just cruise in and finish to make up the team. I really couldn't do much else.

I wish I knew why this was happening!

I finished in what was a very poor time for me, something like 10mins outside what I normally run. As I said I know I should be happy to just run annd not worry about how long it takes, but I'm not happy because it hurts to breathe. Even now several hours later I'm still short of breath. I'm sorry to off load my post race unhappiness!

On a positive note I did make up the club team being their 3rd lady and we took 2nd ladies team, all receiving a nice bottle of red wine.

The course was very tough, especially the first and last few miles. The in between bit was nice, all country lanes and track. And the weather was ideal, light rain to begin with and no wind. It was however quite humid.

If anyone is in this part of the country through August, it is a nice and well organised race to do.


  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Hi Hilly, sorry to hear about your horrible experience. Asthma's a strange phenomenon. I had it quite severely as a child and know what it feels like to be gasping for breath.

    The only thing I can suggest is a much longer warm up than usual, maybe 20 minutes or so. By this time your breathing should have normalised to the conditions.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Thanks Drew,
    I took my inhaler about 30 mins before the start and I only did a 5-10 min jog down to the start. Maybe next time I'll take it earlier and as you suggest do a longer warm up and HOPE! I suppose I need to try a few things and see what works for me.

    The doctor says that it might just be bad through the summer months, I do hope so!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Hilly, I've not been too bad this year but last year, during the summer, it was taking 20 to 25 minutes to get my breathing right.
  • My second ever half - and I live in Stur!! Strange experience to run competitively around my local lanes but a fantastic feeling to run nearly 8 minutes faster than my first half - The Blackmore Vale at Bishops Caundle. It was so amazing to see all you runners here. Thank you!
  • Hilly

    Sorry that you had a disasterous race - occasionally we have to have a bad one to remind how good the good ones are!

    I, like you, usually take my inhaler 30 before the start and that usually does the trick. However, I also find that there are certain other "triggers" which I won't know have been triggered until after the start! The normal one for me is animal fur and especially cats - but other asthmatics react to different things.

    The only way to mitigate the risk is to stay away from things (and people) to which you might have a reaction, in the 24 hours before the race
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Thanks Martin,
    yes I agree it makes the good ones more appreciated!
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Well done Craig,
    it always feels good to get a pb and Stur is quite a tougth course, don't you agree? 8 mins is a great amount to knock off!

    I did Blackmore Vale also, what time did you do there, I did 1.37...

    Living in Stur you're in the ideal spot to join Dorset Doddlers running club or do you already belong to them or another club? The first lady home at Stur was one of their runners-pretty quick too!
  • hi Craig,

    i did the stur half too - it was my first ever race as i have only been running for 6 months. i did it in 2 hrs so i ws pleased.

    i live in stur (well very near - hazelbury bryan) - and it did feel strange running around in a competetive manner - but i loved it and cant wait for the next one!

    are you a doddler? i would quite like to join as i think my running would get better if i had people to train with and it would be good to meet like minded people.

  • hi hilly,

    sorry to hear you didnt have a good race.
    im dreading it when i dont have a good race as it must be really dis-heartning.

    how long have you been running?
    do you compete often?

    i got really nervous on sunday as everyone looked really professional with club t-shirts on. however when we began running everyone was chatty and friendly when we passed each other.

    have you always had bad asthma? do you think that the exercise helps it?
    i have a friend who has 1 and a half lungs and since doing exeercise her asthma has been heaps better.

    im still aching from the run on sunday. do you find that you ache for a few days after a race, and have you any tips on how to speed up recovery?

    sorry about all the questions, but you seem to know what you are doing!
  • Thanks Hilly,
    I did the 2001 Blackmore Vale Half in 2hrs - then Stur this Sunday!
    Really got the bug now - hope to do New Forest in Sept and Mallorca (Page 107 this months Runners World) in Dec.
    I joined Doddlers about 5 months ago - what a difference a club makes!!!
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Hi Samantha,
    I've been running for about 6 years now and I would say the last 3 quite seriously in an amateur kind of way!

    I don't actually suffer with asthma, well I never have in the past. It's just this year after doing London marathon I got a virus and have suffered with breathing problems and fatigue since. I know it will get better but in the meantime it's frustrating.

    After a hard race if my legs are very sore I will ice them. You could do a Paula R and sit in a iced bath! If it works for Paula it's worth a try if you can stand it! Or and easier, for me, recovery method is to use the ice sprays directly after the race and try to get a massage.

    I recommend joining a running club-The Doddlers are a good group. I know a few of their ladies and you would get good support there.

    I'm sure I'll be at some races the same as you in the local Dorset area if you do some more-which I'm sure you will! There is a 5 mile race at Littledown in September, 22nd I think, if you're after the next local one.

    Happy running!
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