Looking for a training partner

Hi everyone!
I've just had a few weeks dissapointing racing, so I'm looking at getting 'back to basics'. With all the tapering & speedwork I've been doing the last few weeks, I've been finding it easy to go solo. However, now I'm looking to up my mileage, with more easy miles. The only problem is I hate going easy by myself.
Does anyone in the Reading area fancy a training partner? I'm running anywhere from 7:15-7:45 pace on my easier runs for 6-10 miles, and for recovery runs drop to about 8:00's. I'm willing to drive to you ( I live in the Calcot area myself), to run morning or evening, road or cross country. I'm a pretty aggreable chap really! Would like a partner for about 2-3 runs a week, if possible. I'll get back to EVERYONE who emails me, even if I get multiple responses (which I doubt :) ) Come on! Together we can painlessly build up a brilliant mileage base! 'You know you want to...'
Thanks for your time all,


  • Why don't you join the Reading Roadrunners?


    We're based at Palmer Park stadium. The main session is at 6.30 on Wednesdays. There are others as well.

  • Already a member fella. I usually do the Wednesday & Sunday sessions. I was looking for someone to do steady 'outruns' with...
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    KK, what happened in the States. Did you do your 10k?

    Unfortunately I'm not close enough to be your training partner.
  • It totally bit, Drew mate. It was 90 degrees heat plus humidity. It was run @ 9:00 in the morning, so there was PLENTY of direct radiation exposure from the sun. Combine that with the general dehydration that came with two weeks of training runs in the heat, and there was nothing an approprate taper could do to boost my performance to standard levels.
    Its not all negative though. Although I ran a p1$$ poor time, (43:03) Which I beat on almost all my training runs, let alone my races, everyone else was affected in the same manner by the heat. Therefore I managed to place 3rd in my age group!
    The annoying thing was, I ran the first half beautifully, then TOTALLY fell to pieces in the 2nd half, due to dehydration! The 5km race that was ran in parallel was won in 18 minutes. I ran the first half of my 10km in less than 19 minutes (18:24) I could have won the km if I'd entered that!
    Then to make my next week feel even worse, I ran a 6km leg in the SEAA road relays when I got back. I was jet-lagged & achey anyway (picked up some sort of back of the heel bruise, getting it looked at), and clocked a dissapointing time. Dont get me wrong, I enjoyed the event/representing the team/etc. And I didnt run the worst time of the day by a long shot, but I feel that I managed to sell both myself and the club a little short.
    So you see Drew, this is why I am looking to get back to basics. Get off the accelerator for the while chap, so to speak...
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