Just what do I need

So on looking at the many different sites for running gear, there is so much out there. I have just started to run outside on an evening with a runing club - winter is fast approaching - just what do I need ? My mind is spinning with all that is available.
Help :O)


  • Presuming that you already have shorts, a t-shirt and some comfortable running shoes - I would recommend that you get a long sleeved wicking top and a pair of ron hill tracksters for colder days. If its really cold wear your t-shirt under the long sleeved top.

    If you're going out in the rain I would recommend a wind and rainproof gilet e.g. TNF Trail Vest as these keep the worst of the wet off without getting too sweaty underneath unlike most waterproofs. A gilet coupled with a waterproof baseball cap is all I use in the rain. You might want to consider some gloves when it gets very cold as your hands tend to feel it.
  • Gloves definitely a good idea, plus wind/shower proof and long sleeve. If you can stand looking a little bit of a pansy, get lycra tights rather than Ron Hill tracksters - I used to wear the tracksters and (once a sufficient amount of socks had been applied to the crotch area to look sufficiently manly) having tried tights, can definitely recommend them - much better temperature regulation of legs.
  • not too worried about looking a pansy but putting socks down my tights (being female!!) would certainly give cause for concern
  • Are these motion control socks? Or are you an underpronator!
    Sorry, couldn't stop myself there.
  • I find the most heavily padded ones appear to aid my "development" the most...
  • should link this to the sock thread... could be a market over here for all those bad buy too thick thorlos.......
  • to return to the original subject...
    How far north are you Mandy? Are you likely to be really cold or just a bit chilly? I swear by my fleecy line tights for when the weather goes cold (under 43'F) with a thermal top and windproof top. Also thermal gloves and a woolly hat.
    And those too thick for summer Thorlo socks.
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