A race for all of us to meet at Part 2



  • Any of you lot doing the Kenilworth Half marathon this weekend? I shall be there!!!
  • Dustin,

    I take it you'd recommend the Camberley half then? I'm working in Camberley at the moment (lovely 2 hour commute from my home in central London...) so I could be tempted. Is it flat?

  • Definitely Ironbridge poss Helsby. Someone asked (sorry can't remember who) is Ironbridge hilly. There is a lengthy downhill and an uphill - the route goes from Telford Town Park down into the Severn Valley, across the old iron bridge (hence the name) along the river more or less on the other side and then back across the new bridge and up a hill to Madeley and back to the town park. The uphill bit is a bit challenging. But the route is very scenic as I don't think you can see the power station!!
  • I MUST do Ironbridge, then, because I can send the kids off to Wonderland Park for the day and they'll be quite happy.
  • I don't want to be left out, so it may be Salisbury for me. I live in Wiltshire so it is my local.Depends how things work out for the Bath half.(The Bath is full already!!)
  • Is it just going to be me in Inverness then? Might consider coming down South, which Coniston is it Humberside or Cumbria?
    All the others are too far for me.
  • I shall be doing the Inverness half .. so that kind of rules out the others in March ..
    I'll be in Amsterdam the Helsby weekend .. so that one is a no no ...
    but hopefully more will come the calander for June or July ...
  • DD, see you at Inverness then I hope, you done it before?
  • Never knew there was a Coniston in Humberside Sarcy. The event is the Lake District one.

    I'd like to do Inverness, especially since an old friend of mine lives there who's had 2 babies since I last saw her, and I want to see how a mad whisky drinking Scot can turn into earth mother overnight.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I'll be doing Inverness - sort of have to as I live here and know the organiser! I've done it two of the last 3 years (had flu in 2001) and it's a really good race.
  • Iwill be running in INVERNESS next year ,missed last year, nice route will be easier than the marathon we have just completed . I not sure of the other races.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Camberely is not exactly flat , 2 loops with a shortish hill on each, the rest is undulating (but not as bad as Windsor).
    Some of it is on residential roads but there is normally a good turn out.

    Organisation is excellent (little queuing to park,adequate toilets,plenty of drinks)
    and I've done it the past 2 years in my marathon build up and ran a pb both times (although I subsequent ran faster at Bracknell - end of April).

    2 years ago it was freezing and snowing ....
  • I was thinking this morning on the way in to work whilst reading my Runners World (like you do) and thought that we should stick our nicknames on our backs (like race numbers) during our races. I thought that would be fun and make identification easy.
  • Caz, have been thinking the same myself... great minds think alike (obviously!)
  • Morning Foxy, yes good ideas we animals have.
  • Morning BK, I'd keep away from the dark side today if I was you - they have totally lost it (BIG TIME).... (even I'm sane today in comparison!)
  • Caz
    no point me putting my name on my back, there's not ususally anyone behind me.
    Apart from the ambulance.
  • Barkles, well at least they'd know your name when they are reviving you!
  • Barkles, you obviously haven't ran with me then!!!!
  • Good idea Caz, my knees usually gave me away but now I'm leaving them behind I'll need something else.

    To dark even for a Fox, must be really bad in there
  • It was......intense
  • Just to throw another suggestion into the bag, how about the Leicester marathon / half marathon on November 24th? Nice and central for everyone...

    The website is: www.leicestermarthon.org.uk
  • This could be my opportunity to nag those of you who haven't ordered their vests yet (most of you have I know) to do so!!!! I just missed the last lot so I'm now waiting for the orders to pile up before I get mine - so come on get those vests ordered now!!!!

    See Dog Walker (had to pick my timing) but that was for starters!
  • Spans do you want me to sort you out a picture from the Windsor run
  • Re 'Salisbury' 02.03.03 'George Dunster Imber Half'. Have just had a reply from the WRC Secretary, who has stated that, currently there are no maximum numbers for this race, the more the merrier. So I'm sending my form off today.

    Name on back great idea.

  • BK, that would be great, but I don't think that it is the best of pictures, although I suppose that it is me...!

    I have tried before to do a picture but I just couldn't get it the right size...
  • Spans, I'll e-mail you tomorrow from work. Attach your photo and I'll edit it
  • So many races, so little time---
    How bad is Coniston really, I was only in my teens when i walked round there, so maybe its not as tough as i remember??
  • I will get round to doing a summary sometime.
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