Ludlow Sprint Tri

Did the South Shropshire Sprint yesterday (400m, 26K, 6.25K) - finished in 1:39:something...was a bit disappointed with that time to be honest, even though I know I shouldn't be. My lack of speed on the bike still frustrates me! And I found the run tougher than I'd expected. V pleased with a swim time of 6:33 tho! :-) Bike was quite hilly I guess, and I think the slightly longer than usual course caught me out a bit.

Still a v nice race, beautiful day, and good to see Daz there (sailing past me on the bike shouting "Come on!!!")

Not sure what his finish time was but probably 1:20-1:25?

MMmmm Universal Twinkler raced too and did a great time of 1:28 - only a few months after getting out of plaster!

How did you find it, Daz?


  • Hee,
    yes Nic had a good time.. and was very pleased with my progress since the op!

    whats more the 1:28 beat last years time by nearly 2mins.. so well chuffed!

    And you WILL get faster on the bike I promise!
  • well done both of you, I was thinking of you yesterday and wondering how you were getting on.
  • Woohoo!

    I was thinking of you three as you pootled speedily about that gorgeous town.

    Well done.

    [drums claws tappily]

    come ON Daz...
  • actually 'pootled' outside the town.. to the north on a 3/4 up hill wind in face bike.. hardly see any of ludlow, but nice views of surrounding hills
  • I didn't really see any of the nice views....mostly what I saw was my handlebars or the road a few feet ahead of me... ;-)

    Well I saw Daz once on the bike (as he overtook me! Having started 10 mins? after me on the swim) and then once on the run too. He looked v cheery both times and gave me a high five on the run. I think he must have finished between 1:20 and 1:25..but for more info than that we have to wait for the fella himself.

  • oh that's a shame, Twinkles an' Nic. Ludlow's so pretty.

    [impatient tapping grows louder...]

    I suspect he's writing up a nice long detailed report...
  • Maybe he's got the day off and stayed up there..?
  • yeah,
    being force fed cream teas and muffins by his olds....

    'oh but we never get to see you these days...'
  • *LOL* Did they look like him? Did they both have peroxide hair?
  • Lets not knock peroxide here eh!!!
  • I was there too - it was a great race. I was in Daz's heat, didn't see much of him though as by the run he was about ten minutes ahead of me. I think my time will be about 1:31 ish. Really enjoyed it except for the bit on the bike where I thought I was lost (I wasn't) and thought I was going to get captured by some gap toothed locals and kept as their gimp for the rest of my days.
  • SP...
    Wow... I never knew!!

    (and pssst, you were lucky.. most of the gap toothed locals were still in bed.. thats why its run early on a sunday morn...!!)
  • yeah - in bed, with their families.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    SR, I did think if you only you had the leather zipped face mask to go with the black gear you might have been ambushed on the bike leg and stored in someone cellar! :O/
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  • SP - cool, I probably saw you on the run then? I started in the wave 10 mins earlier yet finished in 1:39....

    I thought I was lost on the bike too at one one around and I had fears of missing a sign or something.
  • Sorry yes I meant "SR"
  • SP short hand for SlowPoke.. my fault!!

    what did ya' do Daz?
  • Nic,
    but I showed you the course a month before...!!!
  • Yeah, I must have passed you on my out leg of the run as you were near finishing I would guess.

    Daz, those zipped leather masks are actually very aero.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    Hi guys, well done on the race (anyone know when results are out?) none of you looked as i imagined (apart from nic, but thats prob cos i have met her before!). and dont knock peroxide - it makes you faster (something to do with solar power!)

    Anyways, I was q pleased with result (16th, somewhere after 1:20) having had cold all week. I took a load of cystitis sachets (sodium citrate) and massaged legs with cold shower day before because my legs just werent moving. helped a bit (apart from slight stomach ache, ha!)

    I think I made a nice trail of phlegm on the bike route to help the others find their way - did my bit for the marshalling! My swim was perfick. Not sure yet but maybe dipped under 6:10. T's were ok. Bike was a nigthmare though, legs suffering. And on first half of run I couldnt get them going at all. Run was slower than last year. But time was 3mins faster than last year so musn't grumble.

    Good to meet the tt crew, as well as twinkler and dr nic.
    I was forced to go home a few hours later and endure a full slap up dinner from my folks. Isn't that annoying!

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  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    did you buy the whoel bike or just the frame from COB? I wouldn't mind upgrading to that carbon compact frame. def looked the part!
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  • Well done Daz, nice one! I found the same...bit of a tough bike and conqequently the first 1/2 of the run was horrible! I must have looked a right state when you saw me on the run!

    And MM yes you did indeed show me the bike course but I didn't remember it well enough to be 100% sure I hadn't gone wrong..when I hadn't seen hide nor hair of anyone else for about 10 mins..!
  • Daz,
    good time, with cystitis too!! Results are normally out 2-3days after.. so I'd say expect an email by wed-thurs...

    Ah thats where I went wrong.. didn't peroxide before the tri...!!!
  • so did anyone succumb to the CoB offers in the hall? I steered myself away as much as possible...!!!
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    I deliberately go with no money or credit cards to these type of things so I cant spend no matter what is for me.
    But oh the mental torture!

    MM - You should have seen me blag the cystitis cures. Claimed they were for my mum who was standing outside unknowingly as I pointed to her from the desk and waved. Im such a git, ha :O)
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  • Daz, I bought the bike minus the wheels as I already had my Bontragers which are better than the Mavic Cosmos that are specced with it. The only reason I did that is I was quite happy with the Ultegra kit the bike comes with (they did convert it to a triple for me - lots of big hills around Brecon), but they would have built it up with anything I wanted, so there should be no probs in just getting the frameset.
    I thought COB's approach was excellent and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone - very helpful and "soft sell". Also the bottom line was good. The bike retails at £2,200 - take off the Cosmos wheels (about £160), makes it £2040 and I got it for £1600. I love the bike to bits and had upgraded from an Aly framed Scott. It's smooth as silk to ride, responsive and comfortable. If I'd done yesterdays race on the Scott I would have been shaken to bits.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    you flash mutha!
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  • Yes,
    bought my first roadie bike off of CoB too (when they were based in ludlow still).. nice bunch

    and sounds like a nice bike too there Slow!!! and good price..

    (oh and Daz be warned... yer mum maybe reading this...!! I've been caught out like that in the past..!! Gulp!!)
  • It is a nice bike - all I need now is some nice legs to make it go quicker. Daz, can I have yours?
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