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Does anybody have any insider info as to when the VLM acceptance/rejection magazines are out this year. I know they're supposed to be early Oct but I'd heard later this week.



  • checkout the thread entitled "

    Isn't it about time for the rejection letters for VLM yet?


  • They are out!  Had mine today - I'm in!! First time I've applied too so feel very priviledged!  Lots of others have had theirs too so generally they do seem to have been posted out.

  • Ooooh, so my insider tip was right. Stuck at work till 6. Can't wait to get home and see whats on the mat.

    Congrats T runner BTW, hopefully see you there!

  • Loads of people on VLM facebook seem to know as well - I haven't received anything but is that because I live in Jersey? Can I find out any other way???

    Well done T runner - envious!!

  • got my rejection today no surprise there good luck to all who get a place and enjoy your day it is a great day. Any ideals which marathon i should look at

  • Barkley marathons.

  • Jelleybaby, if you can find the payment link on the Virgin site.  If you enter your details and can pay then you are in, if it doesn't recognise the details then sadly you are not.

    Got my rejection mag this morning.

  • I really really hope I get in. The charity/hospital I want to run for don't buy places so the only way I can raise money for them is through the ballot. I've applied every year since the cause became important to me (4 years ago) and haven't had any luck. It's so frustrating!

  • You could have run any number of marathons and the charity would have had the benefit of the money you raised 4 years ago...

  • it only took six years, but the acceptance magazine has finally arrived!

  • There's a personal reason the London Marathon is extra special to me and the family member I'd be running for.

  • First time going into the ballot and got accepted image letter/magazine arrived today. 

  • Well done to everyone who got in image

    Got my fingers crossed for the club ballot at Xmas now.

  • I'm in!! First time ever done the ballot too!
  • Another first timer in first time - can't believe it!!
  • Being stupid here - but where's the payment link on the VLM website - no mag today but I don't have the patience to wait till tomorrow to find out if I'm in or not!

  • You could always do another marathon for your charity. There are plenty to choose from.
  • I'm In another case of beginners luck first time in the ballot. image Well done all the other lucky ones who got in. Sorry for those that didn't. See you all in April.


  • Depressed. Sorry you have been unsuccessful.....yet again. So now I have to trawl around looking for a fav charity... But for some reason I feel a bit of a fraud... I want to run to raise money for you I do.I do I do.. But only if you give me a VLM place, ...Maybe I should become a celebrity... I've never hear of a celebrity waiting years for a place...

  • I don't want to gloat, but beginners luck for me and my wife.
  • Jelleybaby - try;


  • Thanks AF - I did try and it said they couldn't find my details which I think means I didn't get in.......image

    Not quite sure what to do now - local club ballot isn't done till Boxing Day which I think it rather late to then potentially find out I didn't get place through them either - so do I do the charity route for London or perhaps Brighton. I'd like to book something sooner rather than later air fares increase as do hotel prices etc and the chances of finding a charity place that isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg. Or, do I just do a little marathon somewhere on the south coast that's easy for me to get to......decisions, decisions.

    However, good luck to everyone who did get in - I'm really pleased for you!! image

  • got it today and did not get in,again! thinking Prague Marathon insteadimage

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    @jelley - come to Paris with a load of forumites image
  • @Emmy-H sounds good!! Just an hour's boat trip over the water for me as well!!


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    There's a Paris thread on here and they're all very friendly. I'm heading down from Belgium so it'll be a nice weekend away. It's also 2 weekends before London so should give a nice break and gap
  • Get in! I'm there. Bring it on.
  • +1 for Paris. It's a great event
  • Tried the link to pay and it didn't know me.... guess that's me going to Paris too.

    Paris in the spring - has a sort of familiar ring to it so will have to try it

  • Did Paris in 2011. Brilliant - thoroughly recommend it.image

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