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  • ben there since at least 2005 when i first applied.just another way to get people to pay £30 for a poxy rain jacket or fleece.that tells everyone you are a loser

  • im not saying for them to actually get in 2nd time but at least have the experience of rejection letter the first time they apply. I prefer flora way i missed out on that by a year. At least then you would know you will run one day but the way it is at the min you could enter every year for rest of your life and never get a place.

  • As annoying as it can be to get constantly rejected there any many great marathons out there that you can enter if your goal is to run a marathon, rather than to run the marathon that's on the telly every year which let's be honest is why London gets the volume of entries it does each year. In the same way the GNR and the likes of the BUPA Manchester 10km get inundated with entries too. If those events where dropped off mainstream TV coverage in the UK and the entry levels would drop to match other similar events.

    Also depending on where in the UK you are it can be just as cheap to do other races, even abroad. It costs me pretty much the same to run in Amsterdam, Paris or Berlin in terms of hotels, travel etc from Glasgow that it does to do London. Obviously if London is your local marathon that's not going be the case.

    I'll have a guaranteed slot for London in 2014, but it's interesting as these last five years have passed by and now that I've ran so many other marathons (will be doing my 9th in Chicago next week) that the appeal of London has actually been diminishing each year.  A few years ago I'd get annoyed when I that rejection magazine dropped through the door, now I'm pretty much meh about it.

  • I got a place this year after having a rejection last year.

    If people are after an alternative marathon to run I would certainly recommend Paris, I ran this last year as my first marathon enjoyed it so much that I then went on and booked up for Munich marathon 6 months later in October. You need to be quick though to enter Paris.

  • Seren is right. The second chance ballot has been there for a good few years but I never got lucky. In fact, I think there's only one person I ever heard of who WAS.

    Millsy1977 wrote (see)
    Stratford on Avon is in April supposed to be a decent one.

    Another vote for Stratford, but a word of caution. As it's a "mop up the rejects for London" marathon it DOES have a cut off. You have to get to 11.84 miles by 2h 25 or you are ushered to the half marathon finish line and they are strict on this. I know people who haven't made the cut off. And the full cut off is six hours I think? This is to stop people who "quite fancied London but didn't give it enough serious thought regards training" from entering THEIR race.

  • Applied for London for the first time this year.just wondering what the system is? Do I get a letter regardless if I get in or not? I haven't got anything in the post yet so I'm assuming I didn't get in? I'm in Ireland too so not sure does it just take a few extra days for international entries?
  • Ok cheers everyone. Will definitely look into the other ones and Stratford one sounds pretty good and Paris sounds appealing too. Going to sign up for the Silverstone half as I did it in 2009, was a good day out and want to go back and try for a PB. Has anyone ever done the Robin Hood in Nottingham? I know it's just passed this year but might have a go next year as its not far away from me.
  • i did it yesterday. it was a new course and ran between 2-215 time marker. it was bottle neck and loads of islands of diffrent sizes to run round. you spent a lot of time trying get round people all the way to the end. its my local so will do it again

  • Hi.  This is a repeat of what Paul Penney said.  Everyone seems to be either celebrating or getting over their disappointment, but I still haven't heard anything which is rather frustrating.  I'm kind of assuming I'm not in, but if so it would be useful to know so I can get on with other plans.

    I did do the bequeathal thing to try and maximise my chances.  Could that explain the delay?  Are many other people still waiting to find out?

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