speed wok help please!

I'm about to start using speed sessions in my training routines. I'm confused as to which ones are best for me. I have no access to a track, is there any body just began themselves who can help me ?


  • ChaosChaos ✭✭✭
    What sessions are you doing already?
    Without a track I find it easier to motivate myself to do several short, sharp hill sprints than attempt to do intervals or similar on the pavement/road. However do take it very easy coming back down the hill and have a rest day afterwards so that your knees get used to the extra strain. Several short hills with a quick energetic but short stride will build both leg speed and strength. Don't be tempted to bound up with long strides.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    You could also try setting you watch for 1min of hard running followed by 2mins easy running over a distance of 3-5miles. This should include 1 mile easy warm-up and 1 mile cool down.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    I've always had to drag myself kicking and screaming into speed work but I'm now following the Runners' World 5-week Cross Country programme from the October issue, which introduces 2 speedwork sessions per week.

    With someone else (albeit a magazine) telling me what to do, I'm finding it easier to introduce speedwork into my training and not overdo (or underdo) it. I'm also using a heart rate monitor which tells me if I'm working hard enough (or too hard). I found the info on this website useful for getting the right working heart rates sorted out.

    Yesterday it was 8 x 2 mins at 5k pace with 90 secs inbetween. Tougher than it sounds (I did it on a hilly course ... didn't have to either!).

    I've only been doing the speedwork for 3 weeks but already am feeling so much faster and 'plod' a lot less when I run.
  • You know what I found the best way to get started was to try it on the treadmill first - speeding up and slowing down, a big puls is you have your time and distance in front of you so you can see how well you're doing. Of course the bloke in the next treadmill always gives me a funny look when my machine starts speeding up and slowing down!! :) But having said that I can comfortably run now at 7-9 mph whereas when I started I was only running at 5mph max.
  • PB, LOL, I just spat my bagel out!
  • Cath, you are doing really well being realatively new and with the time off you have had to have as well.

    I hope you are feeling better and lots of love


    Sorry Blue Nose, I've hi-jacked your thread. Over to you. Oh and I use the treadmill for speedwork too.
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