England Athletics Affiliation Fee Increases



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    We do the same.  It is £12 for the year then additional £5 if you want EA or not. 

  • Subject to approval at the ARC AGM in November ARC will maintain affiliation fees at their present level for 2013/2014. They will also be reducing the fee for race permits for their affiliated clubs to just £25 with no further payment. All income from unaffiliated levies will now remain with the race organising club. 

    For races organised by commercial organisations and charities ARC are issuing a new schedule of fees which will mean that for all races with over 150 entries race permits with ARC will be 25% cheaper than a UKA licence.

    ARC offers many benefits to their affiliated members. A wider insurance cover than that available elsewhere. Simple and straightforward procedures. Minimal bureaucracy.  

  • I appreciate all that ARC do for the sport.

    However there is no link up (obviously) to Power of 10. image

  • The results of ARC races on fully certified courses are not included on Power of 10 because UKAthletics exclude them in order to boost the attraction of their licensed events.

    As from 1st January 2012 ARC started its own rankings system. This is shown at www.topsinathletics.info/arc. This now includes the results of over 100 races. 

    The number of races under the ARC banner is increasing rapidly. 283 races in 2011 356 races in 2012. 

  • Important - Change of venue for South Membership Consultation Event

    Note: Due to demand for places from clubs this Friday’s England Athletics consultation event has moved to the Savoy Place Conference Centre a mile from the previous venue.

  • I have to say that I don't think £10 a year for insurance and cheaper entry fees is very much at all when you consider how much people waste on gym fees and then never go!  Admittedly doubling a fee is a lot and I don't know what EA offers to events that ARC doesn't, other than a listing on runbritain/power of 10.

    Our fees are increasing from £20 to £25 a year.  That seems good value for free coaching and runnning sessions and the EA affliation.  

  • Hellywobs,

    Its going from £5 to £20 with no consultation, EA have slashed funding for clubs with no funding at all for U13 youngsters. They have stopped subsidising coaching courses, etc, etc.

    They have a massive deficit because they have increased their permenant staff by 400% with a CEO on £200,000 package and it is athletes that pick up the tab.

    A medium club such as say Winchester will pay an extra £10,000 a year for less from EA

    EA are a massive quango with no accountability.

  • I'll put my two pennyith in for what it's worth! It's the lack of value that ticks me off. We are a social kind of club without any stars or younsters. We get almost F all for the 75pounds we now have to pay Hampshire AA (from 35 pounds two years ago) let alone the individual fees we need to pay to EA. ARC are all well and good but we want to stay with the National body for the sport. Mugs maybe but there you go. The sports bodies have got so big with all those paid staff, means nothing to us lot though. SEAA are still a tener, good on them. Will there by a cateogry for small clubs like us that never need coaches, referees, etc? Will there F! We will continue to pay the increaseing fees year by year. When will the increases stop?

  • This is what happens when a self-governed organisation bloats itself on Olympic funding.

  • To be EA affiliated, do you have to be a member of a running club? I'm currently a member of a triathlon club and I'm not sure if we are EA affiliated, I will need to check, but we are England Tri affiliated, which I know is different.

    Can individuals not associated with a running club become EA affiliated?

  • I believe that individuals must be member of an EA affiliated club; however, there are some online clubs which you can join so you can get affiliated,. e.g Fetch Everyone


  • Thanks Piers.

  • Yes, you do have to be  a member of an affiliated club in order to be a competing member (and get the race entry reduction).

    Some online clubs are more expensive to join than 'real' clubs, so do check out local club fees too.

    They won't mind if you pay your fees but don't turn up often (or at all).  

  • Thanks Wilkie. I was wondering that, as the main reason of joining would be to become affiliated as I get my training from my Tri club. I'll check out my local clubs and find out how much their memberships are.

  • Well they aren't really, it's going up to £10 for all.


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