lamenting my reeboks

About 10 months ago I spotted a lonely pair of DMX10s in a 'sports' shop, all lonely and at £30 (last season's colours and all that).
Well, it was love at first site. Size 8 (1/2 a size smaller than I normally use), they fitted like a glove and it was like we were made for each other.
Sadly now, many miles latter, we must part. The dmx cushioning/support no long does, and bits are falling off.
Veterans of 3 tris, 1 duo and many 10ks without even a lace coming undone, they must be relegated to the landfill site. I didn't even blame them for 8 weeks off with a shin stress fracture (that was the Sauconys)
The point is, new style DMX10 don't work like these, no other shoe I have found seems to suit like my old DMX10s.
In desparation, does anybody know of a store with stock of old 2000 style DMX10s size 8. I'll buy them all.


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