I changed my name



  • carterusm wrote (see)
    He must be on a diet


    right..I ate fruit and salad yesterday................I can see me winning this kebab for Saturday.......Khanivore.if I lose more weight by the weekend.I get the kebab not you.and i got off to a better start than youimageimage

    we could share Flat footeds kebab that I will swap for an old shoe of mineimage

  • Lol you never had chicken meat kebab??? So good!!!
  • Red(ish) meat from unspecified parts of unspecified animals (i.e. doner kebab) is the way to go!

  • @khanivore - I don't understand why people are questioning you. You are such a wise man when it comes to the kebab !
  • Have just come back from swimming and am now very, very hungry imageimage

  • Red_dog_chris wrote (see)
    Lol you never had chicken meat kebab??? So good!!!

    Yes I have - I was drunk it seemed sensible to try new things. It was just rubbish chicken. Not good chicken done bad but rubbish chicken done bad.


  • M eface - you been to the wrong kebab shop lol
  • Beer could only have made it better. The worst tasting curry I've ever had in my life. It was that bad I could remember it!
  • khanivore..........I have been an angel for 2 days............I am so going to get the kebab this weekendimageimage

    with or without beer is another matterimage

  • Haha SN - great news! I hope you don't feel guilt pangs afterwards image You don't strike me as someone who lacks will power anyway. Enjoy!
  • Khanivore...........I have such crap willpower that I cannot even give up diet coke,.............I have been addicted for over 25 years.and the longest i have ever been able to give up is about 6 weeks.............image

  • You are a double IM. You do not lack willpower! You drink diet coke because you want to - nothing wrong with that IMHO image
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