Power walkers...

Power walkers... is that what they are called? I have noticed a couple on my runs. All women, which is probably just a coincidence. One who wore all the latest running gear, even had those weights that you can strap to yourself. Also, i have seen several pairs of women, walking briskly along, but actually they didnt seem to be going that fast, yet again, they were all kitted out. I just whizz past them, politely smile, and hope i didnt seem like i was showing off.

I am not passing judgement here, but i just seem to be noticing more of them. Is it a new trend that is catching on, to walk fast, but not actually jog?

They always seem to carry the water bottles that look like loo cleaners too.



  • They should be ashamed of themselves, and if they're not then they should be mocked.

  • Well they're not causing any harm. Its nice to see the diversity of people out there. Just make for an interesting spectacle.

  • If they were really power walking they'd be pissing on you paltry run pace.

    There's a big difference between walking a bit fast and power walking. I have some friends who do it and I have to more than jog to keep up with their walking.

  • a bit like claiming someone is not really running because some of those kenyan blokes would be pissing all over their paltry jogging pace.

  • We have a power walking club where I live and their VLM results put those of some so-called runners to shame

    Two power walkers overtook me on the Great North Run a couple of years ago and I couldn't catch them image
  • I've been overtaken too by power walkers, the real ones are bloody fast!

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Yup, me too. In a half marathon that I finished in 1 hr 45. 8-min miling. Bugger sailed past me and I never saw him again.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Not sure why the sarky comments above. I've noticed this phenomenon too. Always women, often in pairs, striding briskly, holding bottles of water, having a natter as they proceed. There's enough round my way to make me mildly curious as to whether it's the latest fitness fad.

  • I think there is a difference between Power Walkers and Race walker. The power walks seem to be all women and as described full running kit with bottle, normally chatting and I doubt very much they could power walk a marathon let alone quicker than some runners. However Race walkers are fast skinny and don't tend to carry water and chat, I am sure that they could out walk some runners ina marathon...

    We have both around here and the difference is huge.

    Power walkers seem to be women who are to proud to jog....image

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    The ones I see tend to be ... ahem ... of a certain age and often a bit broad in the beam. Which is why I was wondering if it was a new weight-loss or fitness craze aimed at a particular demographic.


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    They must be putting in some serious mileage as the ones round my way all seem to be carrying about a litre of water round with them.

    Not quite sure why they need that much.
  • The Moonwalk series has a lot to do with the increasing popularity of (mainly) women power walking.  Quite a few of those seen might well be training for or have done a marathon, or are otherwise inspired.  It is not an inferior way of fitness training to slow running (ok jogging if you must)  given that it is easier to maintain a steady pace over a longer distance and much more beginner friendly.

  • Well at least they're getting out.  Seriously, it's better to go for a brisk walk for a few miles with some mates than it is to sit on your fat arse watching TV and eating crisps.

    As for power walkers- I got overtaken by one in the Southend Half. He was super fit, wiry and about 65

  • Nessie73 wrote (see)

    As for power walkers- I got overtaken by one in the Southend Half. He was super fit, wiry and about 65

    See this where people are getting confused, I suspect the guy you saw was a Race Walker not a Power walker.

    But yes you are right anyform of exercise is better than none.image

  • Power Walkers


     Race Walkers



  • Tommygun2 - don't patronise powerwalkers too much - it is quite an effective form of cv exercise, and as I said in my previous - a lot of them cover quite impressive distances.

  • IMHO, Race Walkers have that funny hip shuffle thing going on.  The Power Walkers I have seen have not had that, yet they have moved quicker than me

  • oh blimey I was only having abit of funimage

    I'll quickly walk away from this thread before I offside all the women on hereimage

  • T.mouse wrote (see)

    If they were really power walking they'd be pissing on you paltry run pace.


    What? I doubt a power walker would overtake the OP, a guy in his 20s who is a decent runner.

    Like Tommy Gunn says, we're talking power walkers, not Olympic level race walkers!

  • I agree BBH.  The power walking group near me reckon they can get you round a marathon at roughly 12 min/miling.

  • But whats the point of that schmunks, if they can do that they may as well run it faster. (sorry I just don't get the Power walking thing)

  • Because walking is much more natural, easier, less painful, likely to cause fewer injuries than running!

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I dunno, I feel wearier after walking 10K than I do after running it.

  • You might as well ask 'What's the point in running?' in reality there is non. Same for football, well even more so for football. It's just a different sport or activity.

    Not everyone is going to like running, my partner would never dream of running, it doesn't appeal but I'm sure he would enjoy powerwalking as he loves walking and hiking.

    Power walking has non of the impact issues that running does so in many ways is better. I know I would never have sustained half the injuries I have if I walked rather than run. (though who knows as jumping ditches isn't everyones idea of running either).

  • less stress on your joints etc......i think walking is much better exercise than running........especially if carrying a bit of weight or have any health problems........

  • I must say that running just seems a more natural movement than race walking to an uneducated eye. However, brisk walking is a great cardio exercise that can get people fitter and slimmer and able to move on, eventually, to running
  • Well I guess walking is pretty natural but speed walking is certainly not. It may have less impact on certain joints but it also is so unatural that it will affect other joints like hips groin and feet.

     Plus it looks pretty stupidimage

    ( please note this is Friday evening and sensible reasonable posts will not be tolerated)image


  • Sorry. I was trying to overcompensate for the wine consumed by trying hard to sound reasonable. It does look stupid
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Why all the gear? Some of them look like they are about to do UTMB, not a stroll around the block.
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