Pitsford Water Marathon

This one looks interesting. Just noticed that the entry form says that there is no secure baggage facility though. That could be a deal breaker for a number of potential entrants. Anyone have any ideas as I certainly don't fancy carrying an overnight bag around with me throughout the course?


  • security locker somewhere if you have valubles then?

  • I was thinking more about where to leave an overnight case or holdall. I can probably keep valuables in a bum bag and run with it. I nearly came a cropper last Sunday at Rutland Water as it had no official facility there and was raining throughout the race.

  • If the course is laps of the water then you could park your car at the causeway carpark and lock your bag in it. Then you can access it each lap.
  • I was going to see if I could avoid taking the car and going by rail instead. I suspect, however, from what I can gather, that that may not be practical.

  • Pitsford is quite a way from Northampton or Market Harborough rail stations mate.  There is a bus service to Brixworth village however and that is not far from the resi. 


  • Thanks Mark. I must admit I'm now tempted by Cambridge Boundary too, so am now spolit for choice.

  • I've just signed up for this as I've not done a multiple-lap marathon before.

    Paul, I ran Rutland too, what a day eh?  It rained from mile 2 all the way and it was so cold.  I passed a few people in the last 10 miles who all looked like they were heading for hypothermia as they didn't have enough/adequate clothing on!

    I was SO glad to see the finish!!

  • Yes, there are quite a number of interesting comments on the Rutland thread, although as yet still none from the organisers. I need Malaga next month to warm me up after that one.

  • There is an entry form online ref: the Pitsford Water Marathon. Link here just click Pitsford Water Marathon.


    This event is for charity and though we do not have the most professional website on the market our knowledge of marathons and staging events at a reasonable cost is we trust is as good as most.

    Dave Major & Linda Major - World Records Holders for the Most marathons completed by a married couple. ( 858 as of 5/1/13)


  • Just so your aware this is the same day as Silverstone Half Mara

    I often run Pitsford Resi, was there on Sat and did a lap and a half image its a lovely scenic run but be warned its very open to the elements.  Also at the moment still rather water logged and muddy, its all trail apart from the causeways.

    There are a couple of paying car parks you can use and also free parking on the sides of the causeway if you get there early

    I am doing Silverstone but hope you all enjoy who is doing it and the weather is kind to us image

  • I am in for this one, training run before Milton Keynes marathon in May and then a 100 miler in August if training goes well.

  • Considering this one....Need something to travel on from a race in the central Brecons the day before.....So a Welsh marathon would be rather convenient....!

    Rutland was EPIC....Rather wet & cold.....image

  • going to do 3 laps of the course saturday morning as training looking forward to it

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    @Yellowmag - don't always read a book by its cover. I've used the site for a lot of other races that are run by them and also by other RD's and can honestly say that I much prefer one of their events than perhaps a larger race with a 'flashier' website.

    I'm really considering this one but after my packed February - I might need a break!

    @Paul - maybe contact the organisers and ask them if they can provide more details about a secure baggage area? I normally leave everything in my car but can imagine that if you're coming by train it's not convenient.
  • Thanks Emmy. I have already committed to Cambridge Bounday on 3 March, so may need to consider this one for 2014 instead. The 12 noon start at Cambs did it for me in the end, although I would love to support this race at the next available opportunity.

  • I live nearby and wish to jog over and support an old team mate who is running. Can anyone tell me which way round the race goes please? I could not find it on the race information. Thanks.

  • Steve, I just received some info by email and the map says it goes from Brixworth Country Park down the south side of the water east towards the causeway and then west on the north side of the water back to the Country Park.

  • really looking forward to this first race of the year

  • First mara of the year for me - last three weeks have been Folksworth 15, St Valentines 30K and Tarpley 20 - so now ready for this.....

  • 1st marathon of the year for me too!  Ian, you sound super prepared.

    I've only done 5k and 10k races abroad this month so a lot warmer than what it will be on Sunday.

    Does anyone know what the terrain is like underfoot this week?  Is it mainly trail/path/mud etc?  Many thanks!

  • I run a few laps the other week and it was not too bad, abit wet and muddy in places but ok

  • C&I Dad, many thanks, that helps me to decide on footwear!

  • Bambini, I am going to take road shoes but have trail shoes in the car if needed.

  • Bambina Ferrari wrote (see)

    Steve, I just received some info by email and the map says it goes from Brixworth Country Park down the south side of the water east towards the causeway and then west on the north side of the water back to the Country Park.

    Thanks very much. That is very useful.

    If I was racing I would definitely be in racers. No need for trail shoes. There may be the odd puddle here and there, but I've never found it too slippery.

  • Thanks Steve!  I have a Newton trail shoe that is an inbetween my road and trail shoe so will wear them.  Looks like it should be a nice day and even better if the sun comes out for us all. Wishing everyone a super run today...... image

  • Not a bad first running of the event. Good course and race atmosphere.  Path pretty good all the way round, no hills to speak of, not too windy and sun came out.


  • had a really good run and managed a 21 min pb so very happy and the family there to see me, hopefully it is on next year

  • Thanks to everyone who organised and helped out at the inaugral Pitsford Water Marathon!  Lovely scenery and thanks for arranging beautiful weather for us. I hope it's on again next year image

  • Really really enjoyed yesterday - and very scenic. Race very well organised - many thanks Linda and Dave.

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