Trionium Leith Hill Half-Marathon

.... any interested? Should be a laugh.... come along early to see the UK Wife Carrying Race...


  • I'll be there. image

  • Interesting... never seen Runkeeper before - looks good. Thanks!

  • Signed up today, looking forward to it 

  • After the ace Knacker Cracker had to sign up for this as well. Trying to do the majority and hopefully all the Trionium races this year. Woo hoo!
  • Sounds good to me. image


  • anyone done it before?

  • Did it last year.  Excellent scenery (when I could raise my head) and brilliantly organised. 

    Great to have an out and back route as you can be amazed at the rate that people throw themselves down hills !  Legs felt like they had been tenderised with a steak hammer afterward though.

     As I mentioned in the event feedback, whoever thought of having a bucket full of jaffa cakes at the finish deserves a Nobel Prize of some form !

  • Thanks Dicky M. Sounds great, I have entered it. Is it mostly off road? I need to work out if I should dust off the trail shoes and put some miles in on them, or whether running shoes will suffice?

  • The race is almost entirely off-road (about 1km of tarmac in total). The area is greensand and chalk so the tracks dry pretty quickly. I've always run it in road shoes but in current conditions I'd certainly use trail shoes.

    The race route is the first half of the Trionium Greensand Marathon, which is run in November. In Nov 2012 the course was wetter than I've ever seen it but the winner did a scorching 2:58:32 - lowering the course record by 10mins.

  • 50 places left. Going at around 20/week

  • I signed up for this one a couple of days ago and am looking forward to it and also to the wife-lugging pre-race spectacle. 

    Dr Robert, could you give us an update on suggested footwear a couple of days before please?  I'm leaning towards trying some trail shoes, but am open to advise from your good self as to the local prevailing conditions and the course.... Difficult to judge from a newbie based up here...

  • He he he... it will be wet in places! I have run this course in ordinary road shoes/trainers, but it seems that most people enjoy a little bit more grip. The terrain is mostly sandy tracks, and is generally well-drained, but there are likely to be some monstrous and near-impassable puddles.

    I'd wear trail shoes if you have 'em, but I'd still be happy enough to run this in trainers.

    Why just watch the Wife Carrying? ... it's only 250m! C'mon!

  • I entered this race through Runners World back in November. I just happened to glance at the "Runners" list on the Trionium website this mornoning and noticed my name is not on the list of runners. Have I missed something, or am I looking at the wrong list?

    Having completed a rather gruelling training run around Richmond Park in the wind and rain yesterday, I just wanted to check that this was not in vain!

  • Don't worry about it... it hasn't been updated yet (er... this race edition).

    Well done on getting out yesterday. It was gruesome. You will be laughing come race day (I hope it's not like it was yesterday on race day!)

  • Less than 20 places left...


  • Even less as i have just taken one of the last ones. Was ill last year so am looking to make up for that this year.

  • hi guys! i've just entered the race...Did any of you ran Midsummer Munro last year? is the race comparable? what are the differences? I really enjoyed Munro (saying now, not on the finishing moment) and can't wait the Leith half!

  • Hi, Agnes. The Munro is MUCH tougher than the Leith Hill Half (especially the Olympic version you ran last year). As a guide, my PB at the Leith Hill Half is 2 hours 3 minutes . . . I ran (walked/crawled) the Munro in 2011 in 2 hours 57 minutes! The Leith Hill Half is just about runnable over its entire length (I have to walk the last hill up to the tower, and those bloody steps back up to the temple!). Enjoy . . . it's a lovely course.

  • The race is now full - sorry, no waiting list, and no entry on the day. Hope all the training's going well!

  • Thanks Strangely! oh, so it looks like the Munro is much toughter. good. I can relax a little bit image  good luck with the training everybody and see you on the Hill!

  • Yep, see you on the Hill!!!! Can't wait! And, good luck everyone with your training, hope it all goes according to plan. image

  • I'm really interested in running this if anyone has to pull out? P/M me please!  And might have +1 as my lady is a bit of a speedster!  image

  • 2012 Munro was nails!  I'm hoping this won't make me cry as much.  Looking forward to it!

  • It's gonna be very muddy, I think. imageI wonder if Dr. Rob can enlighten us on the course conditions nearer the day, please? image Many thanks.


  • I think I’m just reiterating what others have said before me, but I ran the course on Saturday morning and parts of the first couple of miles (which are also be the last couple of miles) were pretty slippery. The worst of it would dry up quite quickly given some dry weather, but I don’t think that is going to happen. Grip was generally not a problem on the rest of the course, but as ever on Wolvens Lane there are puddles. You can weave your way around most of them without leaving the track, but there are 3 or 4 large puddles which are unavoidable (unless you take detours through the Holly bushes) and they are at least ankle deep. I will definitely be wearing trail shoes on Sunday!

    If it keeps raining, non swimmers may want to carry a life jacketimage

  • Hi guys!

    Unfortunately I won't be able to run tomorrow - caught a bad cold... third time this winter, eh...! I can offer my place to somebody for free. Sorry for the last minute info, I really though I would be able to make it... I'm soooo frustrated!!!!

    Anyway, I wish you good luck tomorrow, you may need it image


  • Hi Agnes,

    Please could I take your place,

    Let me know.


  • Hi Edward!

    Of course you can! At least someone will make good use of it. I will email Dr Robert and inform him about you taking my place and send you a message with my phone number just in case. Have a great run tomorrow!


    P.S I can't find your email in your profile... If any questions, just write it here. I've already sent email to Dr Robert, hope it's enough.




  • Hi Agnes,

    thanks, my email address is [email protected]

    if you could email me the details that would be great.

    Many thanks

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