ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    YES!! Angela, I'm in!! hen party it is!!!!

    Sarah, thanks for that taper link, it's really good, I've printed it off so that I can refer to it in time of stress

  • Great news! I am not in but my boss is which makes it even worse grrr. I might get a club place though, and we will have two places at work from a charity we work with If I can meet the fundraising target. Part of me is relieved really, but then I have done every Virgin race so I'd like to keep up the streak.

    my back is a lot better Clive, it is always there really, but not often bad enough to stop me running.

    I haven't run since sunday, but the cold seems to be improving, so perhaps a little jog tomorrow then another on Saturday. Then on Sunday is A  seminar and last trainig run put on bythe race organisers. 


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    Jen - good to hear you've shaken off the disappointment. Was the 'I'm in' referring to London? If so that's fantastic, well done! Although you do know it's the same day as the GWM! I'm a bit gutted as I had planned to come up and watch. May have to re-think.

    Angela - well done indeed on securing a ballot place! I agree with your plan to go out and enjoy London. Can't remember - have you done it before?

    Mr P - glad to hear the cold is improving and back is on the mend. Sorry you missed out in the ballot. Sounds like you have some other chances though so fingers crossed.

    Clive - really hope the heel improves. These types of injury are perplexing for sure. I've had the same sort of contradictory results that you're seeing. Does my head in.

    Sarah - congratulations on 5th lady! And that was taking it easy! Are you doing another long one tomorrow (hmm, today now) or taking it easy ready for the race at the weekend?

    Thank you all for the great advice. Jen - I like the idea of the split run. Not as satisfying as an all in one but no doubt less heavy on the leg. 

    Had a decent start to this week running 4 miles with no need to stretch but then did 3 yesterday and had pain within a mile. Stretching stops the pain - for a while at least but on Monday I managed to go so much further without any irritation.

    Had my leg massage but if anything felt more sore the next day - maybe this was why my 3 miler didn't go so well? Not sure what's happening now. Lower leg has a tender spot - is it just tightness or does that indicate a tear? One requres stretching the other needs ice and rest.

    I dunno. Feeling a big more down about things now. image

  • Malcs- try not to be too disheartened as it seems generally to be a bit better? Just keep taking it easy and lots of stretching...

    Jen and Angela-  well done on the balloT ???? sadly I received the waterproof jacket and the thumbs down ???? so won't be joining you. Shame as it's also DS2's big birthday

    Mr P- glad cold is easing. it's the taper that causes it, along with all the other aches and pains that seem to appear!

    went out yesterday for tempo intervals, 3x 3k at 6.30-6.40 pace with 3.4 min jog recoveries and then 3x200m at end to increase the pain... All was good, and felt really encouraged. Heel but sore but bearable. This morning I went for a short easy run hoping to see Sarah (I'm in York) but thankfully didn't as I looked like a cripple. Heel was so sore I bailed after 1 mile. Not sure whether I need to run later so foot has a chance to warm up and passively stretch???? Doing my head in though ????

    what plans for weekend everyone?

  • Looks like my emoticons were lost in translation image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Cheers Clive. Whilst the continuing injury is annoying I can be thankful that I can do some exercise. You're right, I have seen progress but it's always a bit scary when you take a seemingly backwards step. To be honest, the main thing on my mind is York. I desperately want to take part and the thought of having to watch is probably more depressing than anything else image

    Sorry to hear about your thumbs down. Having screwed up and missed the ballot entry for the first time in years I am at least spared the depressing news of the rejection magazine. I know all too well what that feels like so you and Mr P have my sympathies.

    Sounds like you're going through the mill too with your heel. I hate it when you reach the point with a niggle where you're unsure what to do and start questioning whether you should be running on it or resting.

    Is it the back or front of the heel that's the problem?

    Sounds like you have it under control so just need to be careful with Cologne not far off now.

    I've found with my problem that keeping it moving is better than staying still. If it's tightness you have that's pulling on the heel then your suggestion of a warm up and stretch is probably a good one. Maybe just try it and see how it goes.

  • Yay!!! Jenf, you're in!!! Very exciting image since the boys didn't get in, I guess it is a hen party image

    Malcs, yes, I have done London before, it was my first marathon back in 2011...  Amazing experienced topped off by a family and friends visit to KFC after... I LOVE FRIED CHICKEN!!  It seems that my entry to London marathon is always preceded by giving up on the chance of getting a place and then entering another marathon.  It had been one of my goals to run a marathon before I turned 25, and London was essentially my last chance (as a newby runner I didn't know about the multitude of non-famous marathons) as my birthday is in July.  I didn't get a ballot place, and tried to get a place with some cancer charities as my dad had recently been diagnosed, but they were all full up too, so I decided rather rashly, to just enter Berlin instead, so I would at least do one when I was 25... about a week later, Starfish, who is the charity I had done most of my running for prior to this, contacted me saying that for the first time they had managed to get 10 places in the London marathon, and they would like me to have one!!  So of course I said yes, and thats how I ended up running 2 marathons in the same year, having never done any before...


     Sorry you didn't get a ballot place Clive and Mr. P.  There is always next year, and plenty of other marathons, although it would be nice if we could all meet up image


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    Sorry Clive, Mr P that you got thumbs down image. I had to keep checking my magazine as I couldn't believe I'd got a 'you're in'. Decision now will be whether to stick to my original plan of an ultra, or put that on hold till following year as its only 2 weeks before London. I may be asking too much of this ole body to do both!

    Malcs I can't believe that GWM is same date! NOOO! That is bad planning!  Don't worry unduely about being sore post massage, that is very normal. I only do an easy run next day. I can sometimes even see his thumbprints on me!!

    Long 20mile for me this weekend, I'm quite looking forward to it. image Then Cardiff half next Sunday as Tinker Bell. I've made my own special fairy dust to sprinkle on any flagging runners.. I will try and get a photo!


  • How long is the ultra Jenf???  We could both do london slow slow...

    If its a 30 mile ultra, you might be ok to do London, but if its an epic 100miler, then maybe not.  Are there deferral options for the ultra?  At least with London, if you really don't feel up for it, you can defer right up to the day before it (I think)....


  • Hi jen, I love the idea of dressing up. We def need to see a photo! Congratulations on your VLM place, im so happy for you. Chris didnt get in but I think he is secretly pleased! Good luck for your 20 this weekend...seems to be nice weather for it (as long as it doesnt go as warm as last sunday)

    Hi Clive where abouts are you in York and how long are you here for ? is it for work or pleasure? I didnt go out for my run until 10pm so you was in luck! Sorry to hear about your heel and VLM. Looks like you did some fantastic intervals yesterday despite it playing up! I still think it sounds like plantar fasscitis, but fingers crossed its on the road to recovery if your ok now on first getting out of bed and walking. Clive I would def sponsor you. Even if you didnt complete it (which I know you will) you still deserve the sponsorship...its taken 16 weeks of hard work to get here...its not just about the marathon!

    Thankyou Angela for talking me into wearing my new trainers glad that I managed to get a long run in them without the same problems I had when I was bedding in my new trainers for VLM. Congratulations on getting into VLM do I come to your hen party without a place image? I think it depends on what your goal is for next year as to weather you do two marathons in two weeks...if its to do an ultra or three marathons in 3 days then its probably good training!!image If its to get PBs then I would just stick to the one!

    Glad to hear that the cold and back is better Mr P i guess its better to have had them now rather than in marathon week. Sorry to hear about you not getting into VLM. Fingers crossed for the club and/or charity place though. How much do you have to raise?

    Hi Malcs I did my last long run today and as I finished I welcomed the taper with open arms (will prob not be enjoying it in two weeks time though). Sorry to hear about your injury still. Whats this new pain like? The day after a massage my legs always feel heavy and useless, I guess thats why they dont recommend having a proper sport massage too close to a race. 

    On wednesday I decided to try my new trainers out. I had bout them at expo (VLM) and had planned to bed them in months ago and rotate the trainers that I was training in, but that never happened. Due to all the problems I had before VLM bedding in a new pair of trainers I decided that I would race in my old ones, the ones I have been wearing since march, however on tuesday my legs just felt tired and I was ? if it was to do with teh cushioning on my trainers as they had seen quite a few miles. This together with reading that artilcle i posted the link for which said to get race trainers 2 weeks pre marathon made me think that I should perhaps try them. I managed to do 9.5 miles on wednesday in them before a developed a burning sensation underneath the balls of my feet (a huge improvement from the 3 I managed pre VLM). I couldnt decide what to do today - to wear them or my old trainers. With angelas help I decided to to 2 x 10 mile loops setting of in my new trainers, but leaving the old ones in teh garden just incase. luckily I had no problems and managed to wear them for the full 20 miles. I did 4 miles slow (8:08-8:34), 4 miles at MP (7:08-7:34), 4 miles slow (8:11-8:31), 4 miles at MP (8:11-8:31) and then the last 4 miles slow (8:28-8:08). I was thinking about doing the last 2 miles at MP but as I got near them I decided to be sensible and take it steady legs have had a hard 8 days! Will rest tomorrow and then do the 10k race on sunday hopefully at MP


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Angela - I think London is even better when you've done it before. I've done 3 and each one was better than the next. You're in for a treat.

    I will try your strategy for getting a ballot place next year and book myself in for another race on VLM day image

    Ah, KFC - the food of champions. Come on, name names, who are the peeps in the pic?

    Jen - I don't know what Branson's lot were thinking. That's two years running they have failed to check with Llanelli. I will have to have words with Sir Rich.

    Yes, I often feel a little tender after a rub down but this is different. It's in one place only for a start and could of course be nothing to do with the massage. It's pretty sore today and feels swollen - all I did was a gentle 30 min cycle. Bit worried now that the swelling may indicate a tear.

    Sarah - well done on bedding the new shoes in. I must admit, I don't know if I'd be that brave so close to race day. Nice to have your last long one out of the way. Now let the madness begin image

    As I said above, the new pain is like a dull ache but it's sore when I press on it. There has been tenderness in that area before but not quite as strong as now. Also feels like a lump. It's about 3 inches or so above the nkle bone on the lateral side nect to the fibula. Peroneus maybe? Now in a quandry as to what to do tomorrow. Was planning either a 12-13 mile or 2 x 6 miles. Maybe I just set out and see how it goes. I guess I don't have a great deal to lose...or do I? image

    Best of luck with the race on Sunday!

    Anyone else racing?

  • Hiya Sarah, I definitely think the excitement of getting a bsllot place has overridden any sensible thoughts about doing 2 marathons in 2 weekends.  At the moment I think I can race Manchester to pb and be really slick on recovery so that I can go around London at a very easy pace, but because u can defer last minute, I have that option too.  Don't worry, I'll do a proper hen party.  Well done on another very impressive long run and glad ur shoes were ok image

    Malcs, I'm sorry about ur injury... Any chance it's in ur mind, given the race day is creeping up.  Does York have a deferral option?

    the piccie, well it's me in the middle with my medal, my dad to my left (the right as u look), mum on my right, and my 2 older sisters either end.  The one next to mum is the one getting married soon.

  • London marathon baby! Im shocked....but im in!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Tigger - that's fantastic news, congratulations!

    So it looks like it's a clean sweep for the girls - definitely a hen party now.

    Sarah - did you not apply for a London GFA slot? I had assumed your place was already guaranteed.

    Angela - aha, so that was the whole family then, excellent. Great that your dad got to share your moment of glory with you. 

    I went for my 'long' run this morning. Bit of a mixed bag. On the plus side, fitness was good and I felt very comfortable at 9mm pace. Even did the last mile at 7:20 pace (when I realised I was running late).

    On the negative side I still needed to stretch every 2 miles or so to ease the tension and burning. After stretching each time restarting felt great so obviously something is really tightening up and causing inflammation and it's not a tear as I feared in the week. 

    I had a cold bath on return and am icing regularly as the area round the achilles was quite sore by the end.

    I did 13 miles but I needed 6 or 7 stops. Not sure where this leaves me for York but I'll just keep pushing forward and see where I end up. If it doesn't improve I think it'll be tough to do the race knowing I have to stop every 15-20 mins to stretch.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    posts keep wiping clean GRRRRRR!

    3rd attempt

    Malcs, I really feel for you image.  I bought my TinkerBell wand today, I'm waving it and wishing...


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    posted that before it vanished! short n sweet posts are the way forward!!

    Angela, the ultra I have planned is 40miles. I may start the training and see how my legs handle the miles. IF they start complaining too much, I will just concentrate on London. ( especially now that I have a bouncy running buddy as well as your good self!!) It is a friend of mine who organises the ultra, I'm sure I can defer or just allow him to give my entry money to charity.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Sarah, I just love your reports,image I smile to myself every time I read 8.08-8.30 described as 'slow' image

  • Evening everyone. Sounds painful Malcs, still a few weeks to go though. 

    They've put up the warning signs round Chester now, and I think I saw one of the organisers earlier checking something on the route, so the anticipation is building.

    still a bit bunged up but i ran a couple of miles over the fields today and felt ok so tomorrow I'll go and join the last official training run on the greenway, 12 miles, which I hope to do at 8mm.

    lots of good races coming up too, Conwy half marathon is good, the longest hill I have ever run up, but boy can you fly down the other side, then Stockport ten, our boxing dsy race round the city walls, then the Four Villages half in January, it was cancelled this year due to snow.


  • Morning all...

    How exciting- all the girls got VLM slots- Jen, Angela and Tigger!!image Delighted for you all, and suppose I'll try again next year. There is a little bit of me relieved, as think I need a bit of a rest after Cologne to let the heel settle..

    Mr P- glad you're feeling a bit better. How did the run go today?

    Sarah- that was a good 20 miler to settle down for the taper. What do the next 3 weeks look like. I was in York Thursday/Friday on an exam writing panel for the Intercollegiate Specialty Board. Its quite interesting, and a good way into the College set up as I would like to be an examiner in a few years time for the Exit exam.

    Malcs- glad you managed to get the distance in, but seem to be mixed emotions as you had to stretch so often... I take it you are still going to York? If rugby/football for the kids allow, I might come over to cheer you on. You asked about the heel pain- it is on the underside of the heel- not sure if it is almost bruising, although it is only painful when I put weight on it. It is also more uncomfortable when I roll over the foot laterally. I am doing lots of stretches on my achilles and arch and have to say not noticed any real results.

    I did 15 miles today- fast finish long run- with the last 10k at MP or quicker. Felt really sluggish from the off as hadn't slept well after going to friends for a take away last night. Had to change the route as  the Great Yorkshire 10k was on, and jobs worth stewards wouldn't lt me run on the road even though the race wasn't starting for another 2 hours image. Managed last 10k at 7.19 pace, but have to say it was hard work. Needless to say, heel remains sore image  In taper properly now, so hopefully will settle a bit.


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mr P - yes, it's not over till the fat lady sings so I'm clinging on and hoping that I can turn things around.

    Ooh - exciting stuff. I do like it when the signs start going up. Not long for you now and I'm sure the cold will be dead and buried by then. Hope the 12 miler went well today.

    Clive - sorry to hear you didn't get the nod for VLM. I think it's the boys turn next yearimage

    10K at 7:19! And all that with a dodgy heel. As long as the heel isn't getting any worse then that's pretty damn good going. Taper should surely help things.

    Hmm, maybe you've just over stretched something. Did the golf ball rolling not help? I use a small bouncy ball that used to belong to the kids (until I nicked it). Painful but works wonders. 

    Yes, still planning to go to York whether I run or not so would be great to see you if you get the chance to pop out.

    Jen - thanks, save some fairy dust for me! 


    After yesterday's run I was expecting to be in agony today so I was quite shocked to feel really good. The tightness felt lessened and there was no burning pain. 

    I did the mini rugby session and that was fine too. How does that work? Maybe I should run 13 miles every day?image


    Don't get me wrong, there is still something there but it feels alot better than it has for quite some time.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    20 miler for me today n feeling GOOD!

    image Will write properly tomorrow when on work computer cos that doesn't constantly wipe my posts!!!

  • I did ten in the end at 8mm with a group of other runners, sweated really badly, but no ill effects. I dont think Sunday will be my 3:30 day, I just want to enjoy it and not blow up.

    Sounds like everyone had a good day image.


  • imageimage Fantastic news Malcs so glad to hear that you managed 13 miles and your legs felt great today. I was about to suggest running york in fancy dress for charity until I read todays post and now im thinking more positive again. Glad that its nothing serious like a tear.

    I didnt enter VLM as I enjoyed it so much this year I was worried about doing it again and it not being as enjoyable and it ruining my memory of it. 

    imageimage celebrations all round, glad youve had a good run Jen Have you entered the taper now? Its made me smile, knowing that I have made you smileimage

    Mr P your boxing day run and the 4 villages half sound tempted with the permitting of course! I think 10miles is a better distance to do than 12 anyway the week before a marathon so I think you did right. Ive everything crossed for you that your cold does one by the weekend and it is your 3:30 day, you deserve it.

    Fab run Clive you did your last 10k at the pace im hoping for at york. I cant believe that they didnt let you run on the course with it being two hours until start...thats just radiculous. Its nice to get involved with exams and things...not in the same league as you but ive just started teaching the medical students and im really enjoying it. 

    I did a 10k race today and had my good head on-aiming to run it all at marathon pace (roughly 7:20 mm). I managed to do the first mile over tarmac, woodland and grass spot on. The second mile acording to my watch was a little slower at 7:34 but I think my watch was playing up in the woods because as soon as I left them and started mile three I was running at 7 mm. My 3rd-5.5th miles I was constantly slowing myself down. This section was on gravel around an old air field. There was a head on wind but there were loads of people I just couldnt help but over take. Miles 3-5.5 I did between 7:10-7:18 and then the last 0.7 miles I decided to allow myself to speed up alittle to half marathon pace. My average pace 7:10, so not far of my target image. Was 4th lady....a bit annoying as if I had run 10 sec per mile quicker (which I think I ould have comfortably done) I would have won a prize! fingers crossed it will have benefitted the marathon!

  • Next week I think my speed training on tue will consist if 800m reps and my long run will hopefully be 15 miles with half at MP. The following week im aiming to do 400m reps and 10 miles slow for my long run. I will do a mid week run I think of about 5 miles with the middle three at MP for both those weeks and my other run will be just to total up the milage. My gym membership ends tomorrow so I will be doing it all now either on my own treadmil or outside...will feel so strange not going to the gym after 5 years!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - well done on showind such good discipline. The temptation to go for it must have been very high. I'm sure you'll reap the benefits of your retraint come marathon day.

    Hmm, interesting logic re. VLM! You know there's every chance your next VLM could be even better! I've done 3 and each one has surpassed the next. So stop worrying about spoiling memories and get your name down for GFA next year! image

    Thanks for the support - much appreciated from everyone here. I don't feel like celebrating though. Today was a nice surprise but I can't forget that the run still showed problems and was too broken up. Maybe it has loosened things? I'll see when I have a little run out tomorrow.

    Mr P - well done on the ten miles. Sounds like you're in a good position for next week. If you're relaxed about your time then like you say you can enjoy it.

    The temperatures do seem to have risen this week so I know what you mean about the sweating. I hope it cools a bit for you on Sunday. 

    Have a great run in week and look forward to that carbo load !

    Jen - well done you, 20 miler bagged and tagged! Are you using that fairy dust on yourself? Save some for the rest of us!

  • Morning!

    Hows everyone after the weekend's exertions?

    Jen- great to get the 20miler done, especially after you felt the run last weekend didn't go so well. always feel like crossing the magical '20' is a huge boost pyschologically. Can I have some fairy dust for Cologne please?  image

    Sarah- well done on holding back and not pushing it, especially when you know you have the speed! As Malcs says, sure it will pay off in 3 weeks time. My next 2 weeks midweek sessions are also 800m and 400m repeats.

    Mr P- well done on the 10, best not to push it and enjoy next weekend

    Malcs- glad to hear that you felt good today- definately a turn up for the books that! You must be pretty relieved to have got that run bagged, and with no ill efffects. what other runs planned fo rthe next 3 weeks?

    My legs feel really tired after yesterdays run, more so than after GNR. Considering that was only 10k at faster than MP at end of total 15miles is a bit of a worry for 2 weeks time. Not sure if I could keep the faster pace up for the whole marathon. Maybe I should write it off as a bad job, and settle back into taper... Might try for 20-30 minute recovery at lunchtime if I can.

  • Wow, busy weekend on here.  I can see taper madness is settling in well for some of you (Cliveimage)

    Malcs, I really feel for you with your injury. but I'm glad that the mileage you're managing keeps creeping up.  My problem with going into races undertrained has always been cramp/exhaustion fatigue, rather than injuring myself.  Cramp is no fun either though.  I think Sarah's idea of running York in fancy dress is a good idea.  Its part of your charity challenge anyway, right? and adding a bit of fun to the whole thing will still allow you to meet the goal of completing the race, whilst taking the pressure off to run it all.  However, for those of us that take longer than 4 hours to run a marathon, on the fuelling side, you do have to treat it like an ultraimage you'd be exercising for a very long time.

    Jenf, Tigger, so excited you're both in London! Jenf, 40 mile ultra... that is neiither a super duper duper long one, nor one thats just over marathon distance... hmm.  I wonder if you might like to concentrate on London this time around, given you've been lucky to get a ballot place, although I reckon ultra training will really help your marathon.  Its funny, we focus on the marathon so much and how anything contrary will affect our marathon prepartion.  But, if you do speed work, you will get quicker.  If you do back to back long runs, as you would training for an ultra, you will get quicker at the marathon.  If found the key to marathon prep is nutrition and recovery (well and actually training for the thing), but I reckon that the recovery aspect becomes even MORE important when trainning for an ultra.  If you get smart at that, I bet your marathon experience will become infinitely better.  Well done on your 20 miler!  Can't wait to hear about it.

    Mr P, sorry you've had a cold image  but like Clive/Sarah says, better to have it now and out of the way for Sunday.  I'm so jealous of you doing a marathon THIS weekend!  I was supposed to be doing Bournemouth, but alas, RRR is running in my place!

    Sarah, only you could take a 10k easy and still come in 4th!!!  Congratulations image  I'm amazed at the speedwork you have planned the next couple of weeks.  These are the type of sessions I was doing to tune up for the 10ks and half marathon.  Most of my marathon plan that I have prepared for Manchester has either continuos running at marathon pace, or 2 mile repeats done at marathon pace.  Anything done any faster tends to be in a drills setting.  Still, there's a reason you're going for a time an hour faster than my last one, so I trust you're doing the right thing for you image



  • Clive, I think its quite normal for legs to feel pretty awful in the last proper week of marathon training before the taper, but if they aren't starting to recover in the taper, then its probably worth stepping back, taking extra rest days, having ice baths, getting massages etc.  Anything to help on recovery side of things.  Remembering there is not much you can do in the last couple of weeks to improve your chances, but there is plenty you can do to worsen the experience.  Taper time is supposed to be relaxingimage

    So, today I officially start my training for Manchester and VMLM.  Its a 28 week build up - a bit longer than most, and I've based it off a plan from Jeff Galloway in his book 'How to Qualify for Boston', and then switching to Hal Higdon's Intermediate 2, whilst maintaining the technical aspects in Galloway's plan.  I got on really well with Hal Higdon's intermediate 1 for my last marathon, so that's why I'm incorporating his, rather than using Galloway for the whole 28 weeks - for reference, his training plan is 29 weeks long!  But yesterday, I went out for a 'fun run':

    I had had the last week completely off running, trying not to think about running and eating whatever I felt like too, which lead to some poor choices, but yesterday, I just wanted to get out there.  I think the good weather helped with that.  Given Manchester is a flat course, I think most of my long runs will have to be on the flat, so that I get used to fatiguing the flat running muscles, so rather different to my training for Halstead.  I had initially planned to run my usual long run route along the Wivenhoe trail, which largely follows the river Colne out toward Brightlingsea, but given today I didn't need to worry about pace, I thought it would be fun to do a more exploration type run.   I decided to do part of the Essex way, but in the opposite direction of the relay race, so I didn't bother with taking the printed route instructions.  I  took a look at the local map and saw that the Essex way crossed many footpaths in the area I used to go on walks with my dad, in the fields behind my parents' house.  I could then find my way back home on the roads, hopefully making an approximate 10 mile loop.   I jogged along to meet the Essex way near west Bergholt church.  Took a little while for me to find it, but I'm getting used to navigate by waymarks.  I looked out for one, and eventually found it at the entry to a dark overgrown alley, and away I was.  After a few hundred metres, it opened out into a field, and lush countryside:

    There were a couple of direction changes that were obvious, and then I came out onto a clearing with a ruin. The next part wasn't so clear, and there wasn't a way mark, but there was an arrow, so I went with it.

    Eventually after a couple of miles on the footpath, I started to recognise things, like footbridge to the cow field 
    <img src='

    And Fordham hall estate

    I was concerned about when I would meet the roads I knew, I thought it was very close to my mums house, but then I saw this sign, and knew exactly where it would meet the road:

    Continued on and saw another runner, a walker and a man walking his dog, so clearly I was getting rather close to civilisation now, and another sign to assure me I was on the right path:

    Eventually, I got out onto the road, and the pub, which unfortunately shut down a couple of years ago. A shame, as my parents and I would often take a little stroll to have a pub lunch there.   Bt I was now on the main road that goes through the village my mum lives in.  I stopped in to see my mum and refill my water bottle.  She insisted I had a look at the apple tree:

    And take some with me, but I could only fit one in my bum bag.  I also looked in to say hello to the guinea pigs:

    They're very camera shy.   I went off on my way to take the road route home.  On road, my pace was much quicker, but when I was up to 8 miles, I could really feel my legs were getting tired.  This surprised me, but I guess I hadn't eaten all that much this morning, and I have raced every weekend in the last 3.  Also I usually use my compression socks on a long run.   Paces: Mile 1: 9:45 Mile 2: 9:59 Mile 3: 11:07 Mile 4: 11:38 Mile 5: 12:56 Mile 6: 10:51 (on road but uphill) Mile 6.18: 9:13   Mile 1: 9:18 Mile 2: 9:27 Mile 3: 11:22 (as well as tiredness a few major roads to cross) Mile 4: 10:01
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Hey Sarah, nice 10k!! You are storming it! Are you going to carry on doing wts at home now that your gym membership is finishing?

     I like your timetable of races Mr P, I've not given thought to anything other than my big races..but you have tempted me to look for some smaller ones. I quite fancy trying an off road/trail race.

    Clive, I have 3 words for you, Taper, Taper, Taper! Your heel will benefit from NOT running, and as the others say, you'll get no more improvement to your fitness/finish time in the next few weeks. But your heel can heal.

    What compression socks do you wear Angela? I've been thinking of them recently as I'm suffering with tight calf muscles. Do you think they would help? Any views anyone?

    Malcs- Fancy dress! yes! do it!!! we want to see photos. image 

    My 20miles yesterday was most enjoyable (never thought I'd ever say that!) I ran the first 5 miles on my own, it was an absolutely beautiful morning. I had arranged to meet with some club members at 9.00, as usual they were all late/faffing around in the car park, so I did another mile of laps of the carpark waiting for them! We set off up the Path Of Doom, ( a long slow incline) , enjoying the sunshine and gossiping about films, before I was aware of it my garmin was saying 17 miles! I was still feeling very comfortable. I only started to feel a bit weary in the last 2miles after I left my running buddies. My calf muscles did tighten up that afternoon, and they are still a bit tight today. However I now have a few weeks to treat them more gently. I'm doing a half marathon next weekend, then 3 weeks taper.

    Fairy dust is attatched to this post, any reader will be sprinkled!

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