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  • Morning,

    Sarah- stop panicking!! You had a go at me for taper madness image, it is confirmed here! This run will make no difference, and you are in such good shape I've no doubts for the sub 3:15. Have you started carb loading??

    Malcs- Good to hear the leg is bearing up ok, and hope it is OK on sunday. Don't use me as an example of what to do- most people think I'm nuts. My wife said that being proud of pushing through the pain barrier is stupid, and that I'll regret it later. It is suprising how quickly the memories of the pain fade though image

    Mr P- that sounds encouraging for the club place- would be great to have some male representation from here at VLM (excepting DS2's birthday bash)

    DS2- glad the training is coming on. I just noticed you thought you saw me finish on sunday- god, that must have been a sight for sore eyes! Was it the pale bloke with a green vest hobbling like quasimodo over the line that caught your eye? Just saw the photos on not a pretty sight. there are a couple where my eyes are closed and face is just a grimace!

    Jen- hows the taper going?

    Legs feel suprisingly good at the moment. My heel is stiff in the morning when I wake up, and generally leg feels tight from the altered gait, but it settles during the course of the day. Think I might lose my big toenail image as it feels a bit tender and is discoloured slightly. Planning to do no running for a couple of weeks and see how we go.

    Need to find something to do next year (apart from TR).....

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Clive - thanks! Yes you are a bit of a nutter. I'm not sure I have the same will power as you. However, I'm not about to run a marathon with a cortisone injection so hopefully I won't have to endure what you had to. I certainly won't be pushing for sub 3:30!

    Good to hear the legs are feeling good. Morning stiffness can be a bit awkward, particularly in the heel image

    Enter the Lucozade comp for a VLM place, it could be you!

  • Sarah is definitely mad!  and you're right Malcs its definitelly proof that her legs are well rested and ready to go.  But Clive, unlike you, I'm not sure Sarah's madness is limited to the Taper... (ZING!!!)  tee hee, you know i'm kidding right, Sarah.... please don't unfriend me!! image

    I hope Mr P gets a place in London too!  Other than Jenf, I think I've met everyone else on here, and as Jenf is at London and TR24, we'll meet soon image

    Malcs this is the first series I watched GBBO.  I really like to watch cookery shows Nigella lawson is my favourite, but I had assumed bake off was like Masterchef, which I despise.  But I heard some people chatting about peacock bread, so watched it on iPlayer and found i really enjoyed it, as it seemed to be about tasty food rather than over-presented chemistry with a simon cowell approach to judging!

    I managed a couple of runs this week.  30 mins easy on Tuesday with Cadence drills: 3.16 miles average 9:30 pace, then I did 45 mins last night in London with 2 miles at marathon pace:

    Mile 1: 9:12

    Mile 2: 8:28

    Mile 3: 8:31

    Mile 4: 9:57

    4.75: 12:12 - bloody traffic lights and road crossings.

    Unfortunately, I think pushing to mara pace in the polluted city has set me back a bit.  Feeling a bit fuzzy headed and phlegmy this morning.  So I think I'll push tonights run to tomorrow morning, so allow a bit of extra rest.  My HR did get pretty high in the Marathon pace section, however, it did feel much easier to do than the last time I did that run.  I also managed to sit at a more even pace througout, whereas lasttime I did a lot of setting off too fast, and then slowing down by the end of the mile, only to have to pick up the pace in the second mile to remain on pace.  I think next time I do this workout, I'll set up the average pace mode in my garmin for it.


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Mr P/ Malcs it will be SO good if you both win places for VLM. Come on Clive, enter every competition going!!

    Malcs I am so looking forward to carb loading image It really is the best part of a marathon plan. Enjoy yours, and just go with the flow during the race, listen to your body, but I'm sure you'll do great!

    Sarah, stop worrying, you have followed a perfect training plan, now it's time to say your mantra and trust it!  ( sorry, I seem to be stuck on bold n can't correct it, I'm not shouting at you! image)

    Oh, thats better! 

    Angela I am looking forward to meeting you too!

    I have a nice 10miler planed at the weekend, weather/wind permitting hopefully down the beach. I'm enjoying my taper, I've included all my favourite runs, and I'm having a massage next week. For anyone interested SNOD is being televised, if you can get S4C you may catch a glimpse of me!! its on Sunday 27th Oct at 8.30.

  • Evening, getting excited for the weekend now image. Hope you're all relaxed and chilled out? No? image.

    club night tonight, would have been a good sharpener for a weekend marathon I think,  started with 1.8 miles uphill at 7:45's, then we got our breath back and did a flat 1.6 miles at 7:20 then jogged back downhill at 7:45's again.

    there was a bloke there who I used to just keep up with a couple of years ago, he has had tendon issues and not really run for ages, he was struggling but I was glad that a few of us waited for him at each stop, our "social" group has become a bit competitive over the last year.

    I would love to meet up at London, on the old 3:45 thread we met up on raceday at the bench opposite the church just as you go onto Blackheath.


  • ok...I've stopped panicking now!! Maybe I was going a bit over the top!! Thankyou all for the was what I was fishing for...think I would have collapsed in a heap and hated myself if you'd all agreed with me!

    i haven't to started the carbo loading yet but looking at what i have ate mon-wed I might as well have. According to my fitness pal I've had 68%carbs, 15%protein and the 17% fat. Today however I was at a meeting and me got free food so I had loads of salmon so I've only managed 51%carbs, 30%fat and 19% protein. I'm guessing that's not a bad thing though as all that protein will help repair any bit's of muscle that need repairing. Carbo loading starts tomorrow-whoop whoop.

    angela I'm meeting a friend for coffee in starbucks tomorrow-what should I have so I don't mess my carbo loading up-would I be enter just to have filter coffee rather than a cappuccino due to all the milk?

    Clive I'm going to have to look at your photos now. So glad to hear that you foots surprisingly ok. Dont want to say this...but your wife may have a point!!!

    Jen if I'm up and not hung over (from a Halloween party the night before) I will certainly watch your marathon, it's one that I fancy so I'm keen to see what's involved and offer you some encouragement and support (although you wont be able to hear me...I hope otherwise it does mean I have a big mouth)!

    glad to hear your training runs are going well mr p. I'm so chilled out and laid back about Sunday it's radiculous!!! image


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Yay - carbo day has arrived! image

    Jen - cheers. I will certainly listen to my body but usually it just says "are we really about to do this because quite honestly I cannot be arsed" image

    Mr P - ha, very far from relaxed here. Not sure if it's packing stress or worrying about Sunday. Probably both.

    Angela - sorry to hear you've had a minor relapse, not least because it forced you to use the word "phlegmy" image  Have a relaxing weekend and beat it off ready for the week ahead. I always find alcohol has a major cleansing effect.

    Sarah - good to hear you're out of panic mode. Have you started the feasting yet?

    So far I've notched up 1 x large bowl of cereal, 1 x toast with marmalade, 200ml fruit juice. 

  • Carbo loading in solidarity with Sarah and Malcs.

    So far, porridge oats (with cold milk, not making porridge) with dates and a banana, Snack- a mandarin.

    both the mandarin and the dates are particularly yummy- out of my abel and cole box, in season and full of flavour.

    I did txt sarah with instructions about her coffee yesterday.  I suggested a skinny cap.  There's nothing wrong with milk really, except it can be quite filling and thus make u less likely to eat enough carbs.  IF you take the skinny cappuccino its probably less filling, but in any case, milk as a food isn't that high in fat- only 4% for the full fat variety.  Compare this to say a lasagne, which can be upto 50% fat.  and i bet a fair few people have had a lasange as part of their carbo load thinking, well its pasta... its also lots of non lean meat and cheese!!! image 


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    ...just scrubbing lasagne off my menu now.

    Great to have you with us Angela! Cold milk and oats? Surely not? Is this really edible? 

    Just knocked back a bagel and jam + 500ml low fat milkshake. So far so good.

  • Yeah, well, first i discovered that cold oats with apple juice was rather yummy on my little trip to france with my vegetarian, almost vegan relatives, who don't drink cows milk,... but i did find it rather too sweet, then with this summer so hot, i figured cold porridge was better than hot porridge, and when u add other fruit to it, its actually tastier, in my opinion,... save hot porridge for the depths of winter image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    hot porridge n blackberries for me this morning! tucking into homemade asparagus soup n rye bread now. yum yum

    Sarah if I can hear you shouting on the sunday morning then I'm well over the cut off time and probably lost! The race is actually on Sat, just being shown on tv on the Sunday!

    Happy running this weekend folks image xx

  • Porridge oats with cold milk...err Muesli Malcs?


  • Went to Wagamama's with some friends for lunch, had a chicken teriyaki donburi... Was yummy image 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Ok, ok, fair point Mr P, but museli usually has other stuff to take your mind off the fact that you're otherwise just eating oats. I guess the dates qualify as such a distraction so I will will back down on this one image

    Mmmm, noodles....

  • and banana!!!

    Actually donburi was with rice.... RICE COMA!!!! snooooze...


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Ha, we've all been there image

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Sorry - have had flu all week so other than work I've not been thinking about much else!

    Will, hopefully, get a good run in tomorrow or Sunday and have absolutely no knee pain so feeling quite bullish.


    Just dropping in to wish this weekends marathoners great success - you know who you are. I have just one thing to say - when the going gets tough think of Cliveimage. It can't possibly be tougher than what he put himself through last weekend!

    Clive - sorry, can you stick your charity link up again please?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    DS2 - many thanks. Sorry to hear you've been ill. Alex has had a bad cold all week - I have been wearing a face maskimage

    Just packing for the trip up North and couldn't find my race pack. I only had to open 5 boxes to find it image

    Pasta with egg and cheese for lunch, low fat yog and fruit juice. Banana & jam sandwich and more juice for afternoon snack. Starting to feel a bit stuffed.

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Malcs - have a great trip. Beginning to feel quite jealousimage

    I take it the packing is going well then!

  • DS2- sorry to hear you've not been feeling well. Hopefully a pain free run at weekend will clear the sinuses! Link is 

    Malcs/Angela/Jen- all this talk if food has made me hungry image I've been carb loading out if sympathy all week!

    Malcs- all the best of luck- will be thinking of you at weekend; hope leg is not too much of a hindrance. Safe drive up to York

    Sarah- good luck and hope you get the time you desire (I'm quietly confident you will do)

    jen- enjoy your last week of taperingimage

    Angela- what are you up to this weekend- rumining or wedding planning?

    Mr P- what plans for weekend?

    No running for me this weekend- taxi service for football, rugby, 2 kids party, and Bev (mrs k) is on call. Prob easier running a marathon... Happy running everyone!!

  • If I get up in time it will be Parkrun, then 8-10 on Sunday. I hope you get a chance to rest up fora bit Clive.

    If there is tracking for the marathon I will follow the progress of our heroes over a cooked breakfast, otherwise I will just hang around on here to see what updates filter through. Mrs p is working all weekend  so my time is pretty much my own.  I sometimes miss all the activity with the kids at the weekend, but i love being able to do just what I like now they're grown up image.

    Rice coma...that is so funny! 

    I was just thinking about York, it was one of our first day trips when I passed my test, Whip-me whap-me gate has always stuck in my memory! 

    just read throught the race info...The Gels from Hell are the official gel, imageimage


  • So come on, who had marathon anxiety dreams last night?  Running off route? Late for the start? Turning up with no shorts?

  • Not me! Up in time for Parkrun though....this could be a showdown Mr P but I'm getting my excuses in early.  No recent speed work.  Still have a lingering cough from this flu.  Nervous about the flu vaccination I'm getting after.... Etc etc

  • Thats sometimes when you do your best Angela!!!!!Good luck this morning. I love wagammamas, one of my favourite places to eat esecially when im down in london, although they did open one in York about two years ago and one recently in meadowhall too for when I go shopping with my mum. They just need to allow you to spend tesco vouchers there now!

    Good luck Mr P  to iof you do a park run this morning. Cant wait to compare times between you and angela...the race is on!! only kidding. image Ive had a look through the race pack and I still havent seen anything about tracking the race image but thankyou for your support. Sounds like you have a nice relaxing weekend planned...kinda jealous. Think thats the nerves starting to show. More nervoud about tomorrow than london because I know that there will be a lot of people on the course than know me. I know this could work in my favour for extra support but in the back of my head im worried that if something goes wrong and i have to do a loo stop or walk or anything like that lots of people I know will see me. Didnt have to do either at london this year...but you just never know!

    Sorry to hear that you have been ill DS2, but glad to hear that your feeling much better now. Good luck with your run tomorrow and thankyou for your well wishes.

    Malcs how did your journey up to York go? hope the traffic was ok and it didnt take you too long. Your carbo loading sounds like mine, we have more or less ate the same foods. image I felt so stuffed and sleepy yesterday after stuffing my face all day I was in bed by 12! Had a good 7.5 hours sleep which im sure will help tomorrow when I probably cant sleep tonight. According to my fitness pal i had 8% fat, 19% protien and 73% carbs yesterday! I thought the same as you with the oats and cold milk...until Mr P pointed out musuli!! Im a fan of warm porridge myself. Couldnt imagine putting apply juice in it though...whats wrong with water?? Im off to the city screen today in York to watch a documentary on ethiopion runners. They have followed them for three years from starting out running.

    Jen I hadnt realised your race was on week today eek!! Lets hope you cant hear me cheering you on!!!

    Clive I have to agree with you, I would rather run a marathon than be on call...least you have your freedom then and can run away/escape!!! Hope you have a fantastic weekend even though it does look a busy one. Thankyou for your good luck.

    Right had better get back to eating! Its hard work this carbo loading. My dad said when he use to do it he would have a large bag of nuts, crisps, chips, cholcolate and burgers...didnt seem to do him any carbo loading looks far more nutritious and sensible! Yesterday I had; cereal, toast with jam, plum, apple, a baked potatoe and beans, a skinny starbucks capuccino, bagel and jam, pasta + tomatoe and basil sauce with half a tin of tuna, a jelly baby and a pear. Came to 2200 kcal...600 more than my recommended daily allowance (but similar to what I would normally have on a friday....when you count food and a bottle of wine/alcohol...although thats normally after a long run)!!

  • Final excuse, decided to run with David and achieved a personal worst of 31:46 image

  • I did 24minutes plus I just cant seem to do saturday mornings but it was good fun, couple  of people from our club were there and told me about a night run in delamere forest so I'm offto look it up.

    keep it up Sarah, must be time for a little snack by now.  Are you going to go to the race village today for a bit of atmosphere?


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Greetings all. At my brothers in skipton. On the iPhone so I'll have to keep this short. 

    Well done on your park run Mr P. Angela - very good of you to sacrifice the head to head and run with David. 

    Sarah, journey up was ok but took ages. Bed at 1 am - not ideal.

    Were heading to my sisters at Selby soon. Will join my brother-in-law for the final carbo phase. 

    I emailed you my number if you want to try and meet pre race.

    Hope you're feeling confident - you should be. Having lots of support fir you will definitely be more of an advantage than a disadvantage!

    Clive - thanks for the message, whatever happens the leg will be nowhere near as bad as yours was.

    Could be my last post so I will report back on Sunday night.

    Jen - you're next image



  • Oh yes, and this bloke   called me a bastard!

    they have a sign at the last bend, top of a tiny hill saying"450m to go, step it up," and this bloke came past me like a train, so I held back for a bit, then passed a girl, held off another girl ( these were the fast girls of course) then realised this bloke had practically stopped  so I pushed on and caught up with him. he tried to accelerate but I was flying then. I good naturedly commented on his swearing not being personal, but he didn't look happy.  Tempted to do it every week now image.

    Malcs is Malham near Skipton?

  • Game Face time, good luck! image.



  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Good luck Malcs and Sarahimage

    Knock em dead! 

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