ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • DS2 - Glad your Mum is coping ok at the moment. Hoping you're ok too and your children have fun at the zoo today. The weather doesn't look too bad here so hoping you get some sunshine!

    How's your injury? Has it eased?

  • I've applied.  Also a first timer and coming back from a year long lay up to May this year.  Looks to be an amazing package - and the payoff off blogging your journey would add to the fun.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I'm back! Finally out of the wilderness. Still knee deep in boxes and bubble wrap but the worst thing has been living without broadband for 6 days...SIX LONG DAYS!

    I feel like I've been missing a limb image

    Had a quick read back and it seems that I've returned to very mixed news. 

    DS2 - very sorry to hear about your dad. Not much more I can say. Hang in there big man.

    Jen - I'm quite gutted I couldn't share your last couple of days pre SNOD. What an amazing performance. From your report it sounded like a fantastic event and you absolutely nailed it. So pleased for you!

    Apologies - not much time now as I was only just hooked up to the web an hour ago, gotta go feed some monsters. Will be back later! 

    PS. thanks for all the well wishings on the move!

  • I am attempting to enter this event but can't find the browse button to add a photo. Can anyone help a computer numpty?

  • YIPPEEEEEEE imageimageimage Malcs is back imageimageimage

    Woooowooo!!! image

    Sarah  I'll probably do both Colchester Half in March and Gt Bentley Half in Feb.  I'll prob race G. Bentley, and do Colchester at marathon pace, since its closer to Manchester.  I don't mind which one you come down for.  Colchester might be easier though as we can just jog to the startline- no need to wake up the boys before we go.  And there's a decent point they can cheer us on from - last year David and my Mum went there- at mile 5, and still managed to get home  before I'd finished so he could drive the mile to pick me up from the finish line when I was done.  Again we could probably just run that part too - this year, it was an incredibly cold day so my muscles completely seized at the end of the race, so could only manage a hobble...

    Mr P this season ticket thing and the trains is probably the biggest source of stress in my life!  There  really is no alternative, since parking in London is very expensive, and the drive would take longer than an on time train.  Living closer to london, but still in Essex, which is where I want to be results in maybe a £5-£15 reduction in the monthly rail ticket, but mortgage costs go up much much higher. I was delayed again this morning, due to 'poor rail conditions' - what does that even mean?  Then i realised i'd forgot my garmin for my london run, so snuck off a bit early to get my run done at home- was hoping to leave even earlier but saw on twitter that there was another incident causing delays!! GRRRR image  Your club run looks very fun image

    I mananged to get my 40 mins in when i got home with 2 miles at my planned marathon pace (8:30mm).  I managed to hit the pace fairly easily this time and didn't particlarly struggle to maintain it.  the 2 mile section ended up being at an average of 8:24.  Still, a long way off doing 26.2 miles at this pace, but I have time! image 


  • Hi everyone,

    Just back after my wee trip to wales and a BLOODY AWFUL DAY AT WORK image... Just been catching up

    DS2- sent you an email anyways, but also wanted to express my deepest condolences. Know it is really hard for you all at this time, and glad your Mum is bearing up.

    Malcs- welcome back!! Hows the house? Any new moving related injuries image

    Jen- Well done on SNOD, especially with the weather at the weekend. I have to say looking at the photos that it might be one to add to the list. I realised that whilst I have done loads of walking in Lakes and Scotland, I've never been to Snowdonia...The thought of flapjacks helps too!!

    Angela- course sounds good, and well done on the exams! Are you planning to pack in the job in the city and become a Personal Trainer? Isherwood Military Training ?image Are you going to have time to get married next year, as thats even more races you have lined up beside the 4x 26.2... A friend was talking about either the Silverstone half, or the one that is at Mercedes World in Surrey in the Spring- have you done either? She has some links with Lucozade so can get free slots.

    Sarah- glad you've recovered from the York experience. I'm impressed you are thinking about trying to squeeze another marathon in, although I can see how frustrated you might be. I've done nothing since Cologne, and getting fidgety and grumpy at not running. My wife even moaned about me being around too much at the weekend!

    Tigger- how was the swim? Have you thought about any of the Saturday unheated swims at Hathersage outdoor pool- I might try to get to one, as they go on till end of November

    I had a look at new Target 26.2 site- groups have changed now, so all time dependant ie sub 3, sub 3.30, sub 4, etc. Suspect that will rule me out if I applied again having already run under 3.30 before? Also don't know whether to sort foot out first. Would be great to do BC again though, especially if i get as much out as last time- ie you lot image



    Evening, nice to see you back Malcs, six days without broadband is probably the basis for a book or a tv show these days! 

    Sarah it is not a race, just a long hill, I think it would be good for Conway half, part of the race winds up a headland called the great Orme...oops the picture is in the wrong place... The first year of the race the RAF rescue helicopter came out and buzzed the runners, brilliant.  Then of course, you can fly down the other side, only time I will ever do sub seven minute mile in a half.

    I do enjoy our club nights, it is a funny structure.  We are supposed to be a beginners group, but it has got quite competitive, I think I have mentioned before I sometimes put my foot down and insist we wait for new people etc, but the routes we run were put together by a real stalwart of the club and if you just did them and nothing else you would be getting a really good twice weekly session. there is a track night which would destroy me, and a Tuesday group that I would love to work up to but they are pretty fast as well.

    I was very nearly down for a trip to York on Saturday, Puffy Junior has to go to see a rival team that his lads have to play and until I can find him a car it is back to Dad's taxi but he found himself a lift on twitter with another coach.  I am relieved as I couldn't really spare the time but I did fancy a run around the walls. I remember on one visit a guy running round them locking up the gstes as he went at dusk.

    I would sign up to Isherwood Military Training Clive, I bet there'd be cakes after every session image.


  • I just realised I didn't answer your question about doing another marathon soon Sarah,  If I were you, I would be keen to enter another one to benefit form the  marathon fitness already built up, but I think I would want at least a month back at training before tapering again, and after recovering from York.  I think I mentioned before on this thread that when going for a stretch goal with the marathon, Jeff Galloway suggests booking 3 each a month apart, so that if condition on the day aren't great, you can just modify it to an easy long run.  I think you pushed too hard in York to count it as that, so you would need to recover properly before building up again.  I think P&D has a section about multiple marathoning as well.

    Clive, that is indeed the plan, but I'm not sure 'military' would be a very unique selling point, since Colchester is an army town.  Sorry you still haven't been able to run.  I'm sure you know this already, but in injury management it is important to rest at first, but generally you need to do something to rehabilitate it after-  I would go and see a specialist and get a plan-  whether its massage, stretching etc?  Is there any specific damage?  And was it definitely a sports injury?  

    I've not done either of those halfs.  I heard mixed reviews about Silverstone- the track is apparently quite compact, so can cause impact injuries.  What on earth is Mercedes world?  And don't worry clive- a wedding ceremony only lasts about 45 minutesimage  I'll have plenty of time image 

    Mr P I can tell you're a shrewd business man!  By offering my clients cake after their sessions, they will never lose weight/achieve their fitness goals, and therefore remain clients for longerimage  Not sure my integrity would allow me to do that though image 


  • Good luck SCBB

    Happy to see that youve survived the moved Malcs image Happy unpacking and decorating!! Have you managed any running at all?

    Hi Uni, it sounds like a few people have been having problems with the application form, but by the sounds of it its been repaired now...have you had any luck as I saw it on there last night? Good luck with your application.

    Shall we stick to colchester half then Angela as that does sound the easier one/most convinient one! Well done on your 40 mins with two miles at MP...nice to start getting the MP in early to increase your confidence

    Sorry to hear that your still struggling with your foot Clive, ive been like a bear with a sore head with having a weaks rest - you must really be going crazy by now. Do you think I would be silly to try to attemp another marathon so soon? What would you do? I guess I dont want to risk injury or exhaustion...but its so tempting! So snowdonia then next year??? It is gorgeous out there! I was looking at the entry for the ASICS Target 26.2 yesterday and thought the same - I would need a sub 3:15 category but there isnt one. Would i go sub 3:30 and they would bounce it knowing ive already got that time or would I put sub 3:00 and they bounce it as its probably improssible for me to achieve at the moment (with my 1:30 half)!!! Im guessing they changed the categories after what happened with us last year!!


  • Mr P what a fantastic photo, I would love to run on there, gorgeous scenery and then you have the bonus of the downhill stretch at the other side!!

    Its such a shame that your not coming down to york. I could have joined you for a run around the walls as its something ive never done (although im not sure how easy it would be with all the tourests!

    Thankyou Angela I will have a read through P&D again image

    Going to do another 5 miles tonight (well thats the plan) after some free weights. Then ive a 10 mile race on sunday in rippon. Its supposed to be tough so im not planning on racing it (2 weeks post marathon) but I will obviously see how I feel on the day

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Arghh - time is slipping through my fingers at the moment! 

    Clive - all good here. Still in a bit of a mess but no packing injuries thankfully! Sorry to hear that the foot is still troubling you. Are you getting any treatment for it?

    Angela - thanks for the rapturous welcome back. I feel I've let you down by disappearing as quickly as I appeared - just so much to do here! Very well done on the exams! I don't think I ever got 100% in anything.

    Sarah - good to see you're already looking for another 26 miles image  I think Angela has some good advice there. There's certainly a temptation to rush into another one. I wouldn't rule out doing one but definitely take your time. No running at all for me since York - but plenty of cross training (if lumping boxes around counts).

    Mr P - ha ha image you're not wrong, living without broadband is a major hardship! That is indeed a fantastic photo - I'm with Sarah on that one - looks like an amazing place to run.

    DS2 - hope you'e all ok there.

    Stan - I'm sure we met at bootcamp too, even if only in the cafe beforehand. Hope you're doing well. Did you do a spring marathon this year?

    RRR - ha, if you'e not entering then the rest of us might stand a chance image I just need to check that the Shade-meister is steering clear too and then I'll be in there like a flash image

    Jen - sounds like you've got this marathon recovery all sorted! I watched the S4C programme but couldn't see you image

    Tigger - you'll be growing gills soon with all this swimming mullarky. And at night too - crazy stuff. Is it not bonkers freezing?

    So, it's crunch time, who's definitely throwing their hat in for the comp this year? I am tempted for sure though I feel a bit guilty given I got to go to BC last year. That said I paid dearly for it by making it to the vote and losing 2 weeks of my life posting image


  • image Yeah right...I can write the race report now..."I saw a woman ahead of me and decided to overtake..." 

    I got stuck in traffic tonight again and as I had changed into my running stuff at work I decided to go home and run my five and a bit mile route. Very dark inthe lanes, almost pitch black in some places and it was quite enjoyable not having all the visual distractions, just running into the dark.

    I quite fancy Snowdonia after watching it.


  • Xxx sorry posted in wrong forum ... Nothing to see image

  • Morning all- just a quick one ... parkrun this morning in 23:35 on Colchester's alternative route as the lower park is still closed due to storm damage.  Very sad to see all the old trees with significant damage and the chap up them with a chainsaw image

    Mr P, did you parkrun?????

  • No you are safe this week Angela image  it is Hellrunner today in Delamere Forest so parkrun is cancelled. 

    No run yet, I've been out looking at cars for Puffy Junior, there are some real cowboys around. Then I rmembered I have promised to turn out and make up the numbers for the club in our local league series, so I need to find out if the first race is tomorrow.

    Up and Running are doing a 20% discount for club members today so I am off to get new trainers, I am going to need them in April imageimage.


  • Ladies and Gentleman for what it is worth I have entered again!

    So my Halloween swim was totally amazing!!! the night was lovely mild and clear, we had a smaller circuit of only 200m lit up by glow sticks attached to buoys, so we clocked up a respectable 1000m well just over!

    Clive yes Heathersage is on the radar but at the end of the day it is just a pool and on all accounts is measured at 10degrees as Trent Meadows measured 12.9 on Monday! Could possibly do 23rd November if you’re around?

  • Glad to see that your not lost underneath the boxes Malcs! I reckon moving house is excellent cross training! So have you entered??? I dont think it should make any difference if you entered it last year or not. I think you would be a great winner, your thread would be highly amusing and entertaining and im sure you would have a huge following!

    So thats me and Mr P doing snowdonia marathon next year...any more takers?? I get too spoked out running in the dark on my own with no street lighting Mr P, I dont know if I would have been able to relax enough to enjoy it. Did you get the London Marathon place ??????? Im guessing so with the image...a huge congratulations if you did. Im getting jealous of you all now. Did you race today?

    Which category did you enter under Tigger? I didnt dare go in the hathersage outdoor pool when we went with school when I was a kid!! Your doing amazing with your swimming.

    Whens your next park run Angela?  Hope your run went ok today after your full english!!


    I did a 10 mile race in rippon today. We had friends staying with us fri and sat so it wasnt tghe best race preparation (take away, three course meals, late nights and a load of alcohol) with that in mind and it only being two weeks since the marathon I decided to take it steady. The first and last mile was off road with the middle 8 on a road that was like a Big Dipper. I cant believe how many people were walking up the hills....the first one only being 4 miles in! I ran up them all but probably only managed to go slightly quicker than the walkers. 

    My first mile was so slow (8:40 mm) but I had decided to start in the middle of the pack and managed to get stuck behind some really slow runners at a few bottle necks at the begiining (due to flooding). After that I managed to pick the pace up and ran maintaining a comfortable pace. Near the end there were two women not far in front, I was tempted to try and catch them but I managed to behave and finish off at a steady pace. Finish time (watch) 1:15:09. Think I might do park run next week and attempt to go all out! Ive decided to not be silly and try and do another marathon before christmas. I wanted to get my half time down and thats not going to happen if I need to use my next two halfs as training runs!

    I decided to enter the competition again aswell although I doubt I will get anywhere. I didnt really know what category to go for as in my next marathon I would attempt sub 3:15 again, although im sure I would have gotten that time this year if it wasnt for being ill. I thought that they would bounce my entry if I put sub 3:30 seen as though my PB this year is under this, but then if I put sub 3:00 they would just laugh and say as if (seen as though my half PB is 1:30)....either way it doesnt look good. 

  • Yes, Mr P, does that mean you're joining us for the London Marathon Hen party?  We'll have to get you some fairy wings image

    Have to say the parkrun was really tough and it was so demoralising when i was about a mile in and knew I wouldn't beat my record at colchester.  Its funny, some people think the alternative route is quicker, but I find it slower as there are some dangerous corners with runners going both ways, so you really have to slow right down to take them.  Still, fitness was what caused my slowness.  My best on Colchester is 23:08.  Sarah, I actually am starting to think its worth racing the parkrun every week unless you have a sunday race.  Even pushing as hard as I could, it was only 5k, so my legs felt fine after.  I'm run director at the parkrun for the next 2 weeks, so I can run if I want, as long as I can talk someone else into starting the run, but it would involve lots of kit preparation, as clearly I would need to wrap up warm to put all the signage out before the run.

    I don't think it matters with those categories.  Your reason for 3:15 is far more interesting than someone going for 3:30 for the sake of it.  Just like RRR last year.  She was going for a BQ, at 3:35, which wouldn't necessarily fit into those categories, but its certainly a goal lots of people would identify with.

    Yes, I went for an easy 6 mile run with the worst nutritional preparation ever.  Nonetheless, did it in 57 minutes, and it was lovely, just as the sun was setting image

  • Hi all, thanks for all your wishes. Has been a stressful week but hanging in there and even managed a good 4.5 miles yesterday @ 7:55 mm. 

    I can't believe they haven't got a 3:15 category Sarah. Last year GFA was that for my category but for RRR it was 3:35 for the same category. I think they want it to help as many as possible so this year have kept it simple and spaced every half hour. The one thing I would think About is that the categories may change so your story could get you through then anything could happen.

    Glad you entered!

  • I am indeed Laydeez I am indeed! We only had two places this year so jolly lucky. Park bench opposite the Church on Blackheath, Sunday 13th April, 8.00 see you thereimage

    I didn't race today, first league race is fifteenth. I soent all weekend looking at cars for Puffy Junior, we went to a place to see a Fiesta and bought a Ka for Mrs P instead;PJ can have her Fiesta so all sortedimage But not from his point of view lol.

    good race Sarah, good restraint! I think you are wise to work on your half time rather than go again, plenty of time. 

    Angela v true re parkrun, although I never seem to be able to get flat out like a road 5k. Ours is off road in a forest butthe path is very sturdy, you'd have to go some to slip. It was cancelled this week for Hellrunner anyway.

    good luck to all entrants.

    Where's Malcs? Under a box?


  • Mr P - glad to see you are joining my 50th birthday celebration. Congratulations! 

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Well the past week passed in a champagne haze, hic! It was the best marathon recovery ever image. went for my first run again yesterday and pleased to report everything is in working order!

    Anyone thinking of SNOD, go for it! If I could do it anyone can, (aslong as you train a bit!!) I rate it high for overall race experience, the views are second to none, and the off road bits make it really interesting.

    So... some takers for next Asics 26.2, well done guys, I think you have as much chance as anyone. Its all about a story that will sell!

    DS2, so sorry about your dad. It will be a tough time. So glad to hear you're running again though.

    Will take more time to catch up properly with you all when I've got my work head back on.

  • Hi Angela...cant you start the race and run it at the same time? Thankyou for your reassurance about entering although going in to the sub 3:00 category would make me look very slow compared to the rest of the people in the same category at bootcamp if I did make it that far! Congrats on having an enjoyable run yesterday depsite the full english, im impressed!

    Thanks DS2, I really dont think im lucky enough to stand a second chance...but I guess you have to be in it to win it and all that. I like your new pic, loving the green vest. Keep hanging in will get easier.

    Haha, I love it Mr P...go to get the son a new car and your wife got the new one instead. Your park run sounds tougher than my local one (on a flat tarmacked path), im sure that will add on extra to your time.

    Sounds like youve had a fantastic week jen wedding dress shopping and drinking champagne, im so jealous. I really fancy SNOD next year now, the scenery looked amazing. Im going to start doing the squats and lunges when I get home and find a hill to train on!!

  • Angela you could give yourself a head start! Just shout "Go!" about ten seconds after you start running.

    DS2 50 means a new Vet category, it's like a new lease of life! OK you still get beaten by ladies in their seventies but it's good to be in single figures in the results now and again.

    Club run tonight, short run over three sections, felt harder than last time and was def slower, but finished well and not too tired so a good session.  

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Sarah you'll need to get your entry for SNOD in sharp as places fill up v quickly.It opens jan 1st. I would also recommend booking hotel early as Llanberis is not v big! I would say when comes to training, don't worry about steep hills, its more about pacing yourself and endurance. Try and find a gradual 3mile long hill!!

    I'm looking forward to meeting you in London Mr P, I hope you realise I don't normally agree to meet strange men on a park bench image

    Back to a strict training plan now for me. I've decided to start the ultra plan for 2 months and see how I get on. If my old legs complain too much I will revert to a marathon plan, but my heart really wants to give this ultra lark a go. I know I recover well after races. I was waiting to see how I felt after I'm going for it!!! Watch this space!

    Best thing about about ultra training is not having to do 5k runs! ( I hate that distance)  But Angela, you are right, I'm sure they are the best way to improve speed overall.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sorry folks - I've been off the radar, just so much to do and alot of catching up on work time lost while packing.

    Things are beginning to settle now. Still haven't run yet. I can feel the leg issue has not miraculously disappeared so I'll be a little nervous when I next take to the streets.

    DS2 - Good to hear you're hanging in there. Keep the running going, I'm sure it will help. Have you had the funeral yet? Sorry if I missed it and all the best if it is still to come.

    Mr P - Congratulations on making Londinium! I have thinned the boxes out enough now to be able to crawl out from underneath them.

    So what kind of car did Puffy Jr. have in mind then? I assume he had his hopes set higher than Mum's old Fiesta then?

    Tigger - all that night swimming is just crazy but I'm getting sick of saying that now. You are a nutter I suppose, but a nice nutter and certainly one that would be great to see at bootcamp again! (well done on entering)

    Jen - well done on recovering so quickly from SNOD, must have been the alcohol image Definitely go for the ultra training. SNOD will have been great prep. for that and the way you're running you couldn't pick a better time to do it.

    Angela - I'm with Sarah on the race starting mullarky, only I'd start running on the 'get set' and then turn and shout go once I had a clear leadimage 

    I think doing a parkrun every week is a great idea so if you can do it I'm sure it will have a big effect on your speed (says the man who has only ever run one).

    Sarah - I'm really glad you've entered the competition again. I don't think you should worry about the time bands. I'm sure they are just there as a general way to categorize people. Just because there is no sub 3:15 doesn't mean they won't want someone with that target. 

    Anyway, I think you have a much better chance in a sub 3:30 category than a Busy Lifestyle category (aka the 'nobody is going through from here' category). Let's face it, there's definitely going to be at least one person in the final that will have a target between 3 and 3.5 hrs. If there isn't then I'll jump up and bite my bottom!

    I think I'm going to throw my hat in too if only for the thrill of waiting for the phone call. I will have to get my backside into gear though as time is running out. So on that note I'm off to concoct some vaugely plausible appeal for free coaching, a load of kit and a jolly to Paris....laters!

  • Well I am already busy creating multiple runners world accounts so I can vote for anyone here that gets through just make sure you all get through in different categories.

    more car insurance swap PJ's 1.8 Focus for a 1.4 Fiesta would add £100 to the cost of tha current premium; strange enough. Then when I added mrs P to the policy it went DOWN by £22! So I added her to my policy and that went down too. So if you want you premium to go down, give us a call!



  • Haha I like your encouragement to cheat guys.... I'm now starting to understand why all your marathon times are faster than mine image

    We'll see how I'm going this week as to whether I race the parkrun.  I've been feeling a bit disconnected to my running recently.  I think its probably because I have no races coming up, and the goal is so far away.  I decided I'll probably join a gym as well.  I'm not sure I have the lungs for running outside in the dark all winter.  Plus my gym instructor course made me really understand the benefit of doing some resistance training, which I think I can fit in quite easily if I pop to the gym of a lunchtime to do an easy TM run and some weights.  Powering through my coursework for my assessment at the minute.  Just wish I could be working on it during my productive hours in the morning, rather than late in the evening.  Ah well, such is life.

    good luck for all who entered 26.2  image  I'd forgotten about the free kit element! Maybe I should- I need new running tights! When I was doing my adductor stretches on Sunday I noticed the inner seems of my fave adidas running tights are getting a bit bobbly...

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Yeah! a convert to resistance training! good decision Angela.  Power = faster (with fewer injuries)

    Malcs I really hope your leg sorts soon. Can I convert you to resistance work aswell?

    Its hammering down with rain and blowing a gale out there, but this little sad runner is excited to go and try out her new inov stormshell   image (AAAGGHHH Christmas smilies already!!! )  Will report back how effective it is!

  • Evening all! Big question......who will be the first with the Christmas name?

    So had a little run, it was wet but then had a fab swim! My mission was to cheer up our Clive and yep ticked that box! We chatted running, swimming and thunder run and shivered A LOT! 

    I kinda like the time categories in 26.2 this year, but then i don't! My best time was 4.28 but then to shift 30 hummm! Good luck everyone x

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