ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



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    Hi Gremlin - half way through the morning myself and Tigger were wondering if you made it on time so I asked everyone that was present in the lecture theatre if they were you! We got no response so you must have been out on the track or something. What group were you in?

    I've had a quick flick through the book - there's lots of useful stuff in there and it's seems a good read.

  • DS - I walked into the lecture theatre around 9:40, so I must have arrived after your announcement.  I was in Group 4 with Tigger and JenF.  I'm sorry I missed you!

    Emma - the next train was cancelled, so I hopped on the one after that, which was quite full (I think some of the others might have been on this train..).  

  • Hey Emma......if we ever enter the same race next year, I'm expecting you to be on my shoulder again, getting me through the latter stages image

  • DS- I probably have more fast twitch as was a 400/800 runner at school. Did nothing for 20 years (other than a bit of rugby and american football) except get a bit fat and very unfit. then in 2010 went out to sydney for 12 months as my wife was working so  I decided to get fit and start running again. As an incentive I entered City2Surf (14k from sydney CBD to bondi Beach; largest timed road race in world with 84000 entrants, 68000 finishers). Loved every minute and then did a few more as was on email lists. I was persuaded to do the 1/2 marathon by a friend at school who was training for an ironman and was coming to the end thinking "maybe I should do the whole thing"

    I did Amsterdam in 2011 in 3:32, and then Berlin this year in 3:23 (notice the common theme- FLAT). I might still do Paris even if don't get through, or Chicago

    Where are you running in May?

    I hope you're right about Tuesday- keep checking signal on phone image

  • imageHey all, first post for me too! 

    It was great to meet all the group 4 runners on Friday!!

    I'm thinking of signing up to my first 10km in a couple of weeks, I've done 5km and a half marathon, but not quite sure how to pace myself/ what last minute training would be good.  Anyone got any tips?



  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Yes DS2 - I am indeed from the heart of commuterville.

    Shady_Ady - like the name change image

    Emma - how did it feel having your shoes dissed by Olly Murs (the gait man)?

  • Forever optimistic.

    Attending the bootcamp was a lot of fun. I'm so optimistic that I put off buying a new pair of running shoes on Sunday in the deluded belief I might get through to the final 5 and then win vouchers to buy new asics stuff. I feel like the guy who thinks all his money worries will be solved straight after the lottery numbers ate announced! But we all live in hope and until I realise my numbers haven't come up the money is staying on the wallet.
  • Sounds like you all had a great time at boot camp.  Good luck to those who make it through to the next round.

    Did they mention what training plans you would be following?  Will it be the Asics plans that they used last year (depending on time goals)?  I'm assuming they will go with "if it ain't broke don't fix it" approach, given that all runners were successful last year.  Also, what date does your training officially start?

  • Marcus- was good to meet you on Friday. I also need some new trainers and whilst taking the advice of the gait analysis guy (ie have sourced them online), might hold off for a little while just in case image

    Tenjiso- training due to start 16 December, but no idea regarding what plans people will be asked to use...

  • Thanks Malcs.......finally gotten around to change it!

    Marcus.....I have the same 'optimism' and 'deluded belief'' and have also held back on not buying any new trainers. I expect these will be purchased from my own wallet this coming weekend image. We still live in hope.

  • Hi Helen, 

    I recently just ran my first timed 10km also. Speaking from recent experience do not go out as you would in a 5km! I ran the first half 10 seconds quicker than my current 5km PB...not wise. Perhaps pace yourself around 30 seconds - 1 minute slower than your current 5 KM PB,  depending on how confident you feel. Inevitably towards the end you may have to dig in a little;  but I tend to find that I can conjure up a last ditch effort  especially at those type of distances.  DO NOT get too carried away at the start. 

    I may leave it to someone else to discuss training tips as I am pretty naff at giving it out.

    Hope this helps!

  • Marcus - I think you were with me in group 2? I also need new trainers desperately but may purchase online today just to tempt fate image

    Helen, if you haven't done a 10K before don't be tempted to go out too fast. You need a fastish pace that is sustainable for the whole 10K. If you keep a bit in reserve, you can always speed up in the last 2K if you feel good. Whatever you do, it will be a PB!

  • I love that everyone's running backgrounds and stories so different! image I only started running 2 years ago so great to pick up the tips from bootcamp and from you guys!

    Sarah - the gels I used for the half marathons and the marathon were High 5. I didn't need to wash them down with water and they tasted really nice too. I was out off trying gels as someone described them to me as having the consistency of snot image but when I tried them (gels not snot!) I was pleasantly surprised!!
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    ha ha not a lot of work getting done today is there!!

     I thought i'd pop on my lunchtime to say hi and its taken ages to catch up on all the posts!!

    Sorry, I have to get back to work now......

  • Busy on here today!

    When do you find out who gets shortlisted for the online vote?

  • knight rider wrote (see

    When do you find out who gets shortlisted for the online vote?

    Either today or tomorrow. Tense stuff...


  • Thanks Clive.  Not too long for them to sort out the team then.

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Getting nice and busy on here! I can feel the anticipation building. Got out for a decent 5 miler lunchtime. Feeling much better now. Nearly put it off since my colleagues were diving into a really tasty looking soup and my plain cheese sandwiches seemed somewhat inadequate. Glad I went and now I'm showered the sandwiches tasted damn good! Unlike Friday waiting for the 5k timetrial straight after lunch!image

    Marcus - good to see you on here. I think putting off buying in your case may be a good idea for now image

  • DS- good call for Marcus
  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Clive - nice to have that fast background. Even if it was a long time ago. It must mean there is still a fair bit of natural speed there. I have to work hard for that. I was quite fast when I was younger but mostly because of playing hockey/football.

    I've got a mate from hockey who was a sprinter and now runs marathons and ultra's. He still beats me on shorter races even after coming back from injury, but once we get up to marathon distance I invariably have better times even with limited training over the past couple of years. Even though he has run 90 minutes and a few seconds for a half, well under 40 for 10k he's never run under 3;30 for the marathon.

    He's probably another that needs to convert a few more fast twitch fibres to slow! Mind you, I think I'd like his more natural speed (and yours). Off to the track tomorrow!!!image

    I'm planning on being the next Karen G - she looks like she could run at the same pace forever and if her Comrades time is anything to go by, she can!image

  • Malcs - thankyou - I will have another go at putting a photo on tonight after work.

    RRR - thankyou - i think I might have got one of those gels in a cupboard at home, was a freebi at a recent race ive done, but due to all the negative press that gels recieve I did put it in the back of my cupboard, deciding to stick with my shot blocks instead. I will give it a try on friday when I hope to do my next long run.


    Hi helen, i echo what everyone else is saying, dont set off too quickly. Its so difficult to hold yourself back with a 10k as it feels like such a short distance after running a half or further, but if you set off to quickly you will regret it. Ive done it twice and despite getting a good time I didnt enjoy the experience and found it difficult to breath on the second half due to the lactic acid. My last 10k I set of quite steady and picked my pace up every km. I got a new PB and enjoyed every minute of it.

    They mentioned that if you get through, training starts on the 16th of december, but im also sure that they said that the 16th was the day when you go down to london to get kitted out.

    Has anyone heard anything yet?

  • Malcs - hmm, I didn't hear him..?! Maybe he was jealous of the pink? They do the trick for me atm, I have managed to train myself down from riduculously thick support shoes...But I will defo be getting some other shoes for my mara, for my long runs. Need some support over the distance. Mike (Olly) did say the frees are good for speed training tho.

    Shady_Ady hehe, glad to be of service. With a PT boyf, I've picked it up from him! Now when I run on my own, I can hear him in my head... Then I just turn up the music louder when he gets annoying  image

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    SO4 - not heard a thing. I assume they will contact us all either way???

  • Nope. Not heard anything either ... Yet! I think you only hear if you make it through to the final 20 ...
  • Hey RRR - what brand are your socks? Gonna get me some!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I'm with RRR, if you're out I don't reckon you'll hear anything. If you get the vote and make it to the 'live shows' they send a film crew to your door!

    Emma - apologies, jumping to conclusions. When he said he would have to talk to you about the frees I assumed that meant he disapproved. Shame on me. I will go and buy his album as penance.

  • Ha ha Malcs! image Doubt you need to apologise THAT much!!

    Emma - they're More Miles compression socks! Great for cross country as I reckon if I fall into a bog head first someone will spot my socks and pull me out! image
  • haha Malcs, that's a bit drastic, I would just end up feeling sorry for you and your ears!

    Thanks RRR, I'm gonna check them out.

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Understand your reasoning RRR, but Emma - don't do it!!!! Not that colour anyhow!image

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