ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • Afternoon all. It seems we are all a bit excited, no rejection e-mail yet and no call so still have fingers (and toes crossed!). Thanks to Malcs for photo tip, will have to find an adult to help me with the re-sizing but will give it a bash shortly....

    I'm with RRR in the More Mile socks camp. I wear them for anything over 10miles to keep the aches out of my calves for as long as possible. I have taken to wearing odd ones so my friends and family can spot me at races or random people can point out the error and think they are cracking a hghly original joke!

    So how many of Group 1 are on here then? Daniel is the only obvious one?

  • Hello Target 26.2ers,

    Great to hear you so many of you enjoyed Boot Camp day, it was an absolute pleasure to meet so many enthusiastic runners! We'll be letting you know very shortly about the shortlist - hopefully by the end of today image

    Katie RW



  • Now the excitement begins - good luck everyone!image

  • Thanks for the update Katie, that's everyone staring at their phones for the rest of the day then........image

  • Looking forward to the results!

  • Yes thanks for the update Katie, won't be able to concentrate for the rest of the afternoonimage


    Good luck everyone.....

  • Thanks Katie! Good luck guys and girls!!

    DS2 - I'm not hearing much love for my socks!! Nothing wrong with a but of pink! Jimmers83 - yes I love mine too - find they're good for hill running too!
  • To be fair RRR when I was struggling to stay awake on Friday afternoon they woke me up quite well. If I was in a race against someone wearing them I'd probably have to run faster to get away from them!!!image

  • Thanks for the update Katie!

    Good luck all, keep looking at my phone every 5 mins just incase I missed a call!! Either way its been a great experience.
  • Cheers, Katie. We're all on tenterhooks!image

  • Ok, going to admit I also have a pink sock which goes with a nice fluro blue one although I only wore them together....once, during the 24hr Thunder Run this 0400hrs in the morning, ha!

  • Blimey we are a busy, unable to concentrate, excited, nervous bunch today!

    Katie thanks for letting us know! image

    RRR I actually recon DS has sock envy, and know full well he couldnt pull off the look! image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Jimmers - I was at the TR24 too, also had the 0400 slot. I don't remember being blinded by your fluro's but then I was probably running with my eyes half shut! Great event that. Going again next year, are you? 

    Katie, many thanks! Afternoon of productivity = cancelled image 

  • Ha, another TR24 nutter! There are plans to go and have a crack at a 5 man team seeing as we did pretty well in the 8's last year, Totally different kind of event that one. I managed four laps, a couple of the guys did five and our mighty captain finished six! Not a patch on the solo or pairs but still an effort to run at some ridiculous times of the day!

    How about you, planning a second visit? I'm sure you would be first to recommend it to everyone else on here?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Absolutely - highly reccommend it! Atmosphere was amazing. We're booked in for a team of 5 for next year.

    Somehow I scraped my way through 6 laps but the last one was an absolute killer. That said I'd like to go for 7 or 8 next time. As you say there were some amazing people there doing ridiculous miles. Totally in awe of the solos.

  • So, looks like we stay on tenter hooks, checking email everytime it pings! for the rest of the day.

    The suspense is killing me. I am stuck at home with kids when I could really do with going for a hard run to distract me!!!


  • Tigger - I COMPLETELY agree! image

    Jimmers and Malcs - I'm supposed to be entering TR24 as 1 of a pair ... Depending on how Bootcamp plays out image. Will have to have a Bootcamp reunion!! Did Endure 24 as part of a team last year - really really good fun ... Except the 2am lap needed a lot of coffee beforehand! image
  • PS - I am guessing we will be told by email??? image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I reckon email RunnerNC. Every time one of us posts here the arrival of the post notification sends a shot of adrenaline through everyone else!

    RRR - wow, a pair! I bow at your flourescent socked feet! As I said we're in already so I hope to see you there. Would be excellent to see anyone else from bootcamp at TR24 too. 

  • Hi Malcs

    Just had a look at the TR24 looks interesting, yes it be good to get to see everyone

  • Nothing to say. Just wanted everyone's heart to miss another beat!!!image
  • Thats mean!! image

    Felt twitched all day....

  • That's a no for me then image


    Good luck to everyone who got short listed

  • this t5hread is buzzing.hopefully everyone will stick aroundf tpo support those who are lucky......fingers crossed for you all

  • Me neither. Good luck to thse who made the further shortlist. Will support you all the way.

  • No from me too. Are the ones who are through allowed to say if they are?

    Shall be supporting those through all the way....

  • Sorry Clive. Was mean!!!

    Sorry for those that have heard bad news.
  • I'v had bad news!

  • We are all winners! We have had a brilliant adventure and have all come away with something! friendships have been formed, conections made and we will all go on to run another race!!

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