ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • I don't mind the treadmill so long as I've got some Daft Punk on the iPod. Alive 2007 turns me into the Duracell bunny! Feeling a bit guilty after reading some of these posts having just demolished half a box of chocolate orange segsations.
  • Malcs - TR24 I should be entering as one of a pair ... eek! Will be first time running over 30 miles in a day! image Really looking forward to it!

    Seren & Emma - The little monkey should have been in bed at 7.30pm but she's playing me up tonight ... may have to play the "Santa is watching..." card. I could definitely do with getting in bed at 8pm one night. Switch the electric blanket on ... and just sleep ... Oh but hang on. I'd miss Wine O Clock if I did that ...image

  • Gutted! Just been on the website its on Sat 27th! Im away that weekend!! Im going to the Global Gathering festival...image

  • Oh well... if there are any other events that people are attending then please let me know! image

  • Andrew are you a teacher - I notice you mentioned the staff room in your 'blurb'.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Damn that's a shame Andrew. 

    ...would you still be able to pop over on Friday to do the taping, please...pretty please? image

  • Ha ha no not a teacer I work with Young people though however unforutnately they are young homeless people. I work for the YMCA.

  • I agree Man vs Food is just plain wrong!

    Emma - you are sprogs yet. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to hold out though. It's currently a hot topic of conversation, especially as many of my friends are entering that period of life now. I think I can last another 6 months image

    Seren Nos & A.W. Thanks for the input regarding cycling. I did it a few years ago in my training on the day after my long run, or hardest session. I'll see how I get on this coming Spring.

    The only positive I can think about treadmills is that I used it a couple of times in the week or so before bootcamp to do a fast(ish) 5km, as this was easier on my feet than doing it outside and quicker, and therefore gave me a bit of confidence.

  • Yeah of course I will what sort of time do you need me there, dont you worry about a thinkg it will all be sorted by the time you get there. You shall arrive to toasted tea ckaes and and hot chocolate...image

  • It is a shame though as i would have enjoyed that. I am up for anything else that is cracking off though! Where abouts are you from Malc?

  • DS2 wrote (see)

    Hey Tony - was wondering where you were. I'm a bit gutted to be in this company, but the upside is I will absolutely be delighted for whoever gets the nod!!image

    I really enjoyed Friday evening, drinking coffee, sharing stories, discussing running partners of the canine variety, Sarah's socks etc, etc....

    Monday night I dreamed about sheep wearing pink flourescent socks, tonight it'll probably be labradors in odd flourescent socks running along the coastal path dragging you along with him...RRR - you have a lot to answer for!

    Good luck one and all.


    RunnyRunRun wrote (see)

    Tony's onthebeach - Evening! Sorry I didn't realise it was you! Argh! Not ANOTHER person I should have tripped up at bootcamp ... I was obviously REALLY letting things slide on Fridayimage

    EmmaC - Evening Emma! You were great last year!! image Any tips for us nervous, frantically-campaigning types?image

    Hi DS2 and RRR, yes great to talk about running over coffee with out people falling asleep, just got my vote for me page!

    Hope things are going well, Tony


  • mark hayes 3 wrote (see)

    Wow! Great to see you nominated for this. Thanks for all your help on my first ever half marathon (Windsor) this year, enjoyed it immensely. If you qualify for the Runners World thing I will expect even more knowledgeable advice and motivation!


    mark hayes 3 wrote (see)

    Wow! Great to see you nominated for this. Thanks for all your help on my first ever half marathon (Windsor) this year, enjoyed it immensely. If you qualify for the Runners World thing I will expect even more knowledgeable advice and motivation!

    Hi Mark, thank you for your kind words but you probably prefered Emma's advice plus she is better looking

    Cheers Tony

    PS Half this Year Full next?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Andrew - I'm in Orpington - we're about 4 'o' clock on the M25.

    Maybe we can come up with something else too. Ady suggested we could all just enter Paris regardless of the result. I appreciate that's a bit costly - I'd have to think carefully about it myself.
  • Yeah i cant imagine it would be the cheapest weekend! Could drive there!!?? lol

  • It's took me ages to catch up with everything that's been written in the last few many posts and so many positive things said. I'm loving these forums. Like Andrew, I was a forum virgin too...but you soon get the hang of it (and become hooked).

    DS2 I've been trying to do more core for the last year. I try to do weights three times a week and have noticed a huge difference.....still not very flexible though! Think since doing boot camp I'm probably doing the exercises more correctly, rather than doing it the cheats way though.

    Haha malcs I might have to take a look at that site, it might learn me a thing or two. My tip for colds is mulled wine, it works a treat but I always worry about recommending alcohol to my patients!

    Clive, mine was house, after watching a series, everyone had lupus! I haven't heard of cardiac arrest but I'm going to see if I can find it on the internet now! I hope you haven't been too busy on call. I really don't miss having to work nights!

    Shady_ady your secrets safe with us!

    DS2, I'm coming to you next time I'm having car problems.....these little diagnostic computers that they use are useless, you sound far more knowledgable!

    SLB, Emma, I watched the video last week and I was the same, it made me want to win this competition more, the whole experience looked a dream, and everyone smiled as they crossed the line. I think I was grimacing when I crossed the finish line at VLM. I want to be coached to smile and enjoy the race that much too! If I get through I'm going to have to do some practicing in front of the camera!

    Emma I'm so jealous, I love to dress up, a race in Christmas fancy dress sounds fun

    I'm free that weekend for thunder run....count me in. I can be in south Yorkshire so not too far from darbyshire!

    I did my first track session with knavesmires today but it didn't actually end up being on the track due to ice! I do a lot of my runs on the treadmill. I do prefer to be outside and can sometimes find it a little dull, but I do tend to day dream a lot and before I know it an hours passed!
  • Im doing a santa run on Saturday should be a good laugh! My little boy will be there so im sure he will love watching hundreds of mad santas running around a park! I keep getting these excited warm feelings inside that make me think actually what if i got through!!! Then it is soon followed by a feeling i can only describe as the one you used to get at school when you knew you had done something wrong and was walking the green mile to the head masters office....

  • RunnyRunRun wrote (see)
    Ha ha!! DS2!! I will most definitely send you some pink socks - and insist that you start wearing them- if you get through to Paris!! image

    Missed your earlier post about the sheep!! It's just given me a giggle now! I will probably end up dreaming of sheep wearing running gear tonight!! (bleating "Vote for me!", "vote for me!")image

    Sarah - Katie has been really helpful. I put my thread in the wrong category and she sorted it out for me image

    NNN and DS2, very dificult to keep up with blog unfortunately don't get chance at work then it is feeding and getting kids to bed, so the amount of posts going on is stunning

    DS2 I was glad it was the dog in pink socks not me!

    sills wrote (see)
    Tony's onthebeach wrote (see)

    Hi RRR and DS2 can you belive we are in the same category!, sorry sills if I met you (but can not quite remember?) at Bootcamp but nice to meet you now, I could not  be with nicer runners .

    Morning Tony, I don't think we did meet last week but it is indeed nice to meet you now. Really is a great bunch of people here, going to be difficult casting my own votes! I think that's a nice touch from RW, reading stories from all the other catagories is going to help calm the butterflies, even if only temporarily!


    Hi Sills thanks for your message yes great to meet everyone at bootcamp

  • Right guys I cant beleive how quickly time has flown whilst chatting away! I am going to bid you farewell! I will no doubt catch up with you all sometime tomorrow! Take care. image

  • Can't keep up with you guys!!

    Just got back, didn't break any bones on the ice, but I do have very wet socks. Standard.

    Malcs - yes, apologies, if I see a tone I feel like I have to lower it!

  • I agree with Andrew - I can only rmember reading a few posts on here tonight and already the evenin is over. I'd like to think I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow, but I'll probably spend most of the day catching up with all the posts.......not that I'm complaining!

  • Hi Andrew don't go, I was just going to say HI & all the very best as a PB Hunter! I'm doing a local "Turkey Run" race on Sunday and all us girls are thinking of dressing up as the Spice Girls!! Anybody got any Spice Girl outfits they can lend me? Anyways, I hope your little boy has a fun day out image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    CaroT - my baldy spice outfit is already out on loan, sorry. Which spice girl best suits you? Did I read that you're near Maidstone?
  • Seen as its you... lol I wish you all the best to! image Spice girls would be good fun!! WHich one will you be going as?

  • Goodnight you crazy kids! image

  • Andrew and Malcs I'll have to do a quick search, does that give away my loyalty towards their following? I think I'd better grab Sporty Spice quickly as the easiest one, my friend with "fair" hair said she's already accepted the fact that she will have to be Ginger Spice. Sleep well!

  • I'm turning into a southern softie and ran in leggings the last couple of days!image No doubt you Northern lot are still in the skimpiest shorts and a vestimage

    I'm off shopping tomorrow to find leggings to match the pink fluorescent socks RRR has promised to send me!

  • DS2 - I'm impressed if you find some matching leggings! Especially in that fetching pink colour. However, I have been assured that Primark run a fine line of leopard print leggings if you're stuck for pink ones!image Hee hee!!

    It's really cold up here too although we've had hardly any snow! Definitely not shorts weather any more!

  • I wimped out and wore trackster tonight too!

    I loved the ones Katie wore last fri.
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Who's still up?

    I'm working - trying to catch up with what I should have been doing earlier instead of gabbing on the forums image

    Almost done!

  • Morning all, I'm going to do my best to do some work today!!!
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