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  • In the interest of research only, I've looked up Bo Derek and Daisy Duke.  Several times.

  • Morning all

    Has anyone got any nails left? Only 3 days to go before the wait is over. Forget the Lottery this would be a dream come true.

  • BeckyS wrote (see)

    Seren - is that your real name? Only asking because my granddaughter is called Seren and she loves a cartoon show with Seren the Bat. I hadn't heard of the name before she was born.

    FH - very glad to hear they email for bootcamp. Friday couldn't arrive quicker, just to know.

    BeckyS..........I wish it was my real name.mine is very very boring.........Seren is a popular name in parts of it means star and is a beautiful name............seren nos is night star and I got it from a christmas song...seren nos yn canu........


    Tenjiso........I can imagine what your dreams were like last night with those pair on your mindimage

    KR........writing loads of rubbish on the forums does not qualify for a place in its own right image.unlike the 5 rejections and in ruleimage

  • Thanks Knight Rider image A bit nervous waiting for results now.

  • You lot can stop thinking about Daisy. She's all mine... Hold on she's my cousin...
  • thats allowed in those parts Bo image


    Bo derek might be a little older to google how she has aged

  • Oooh just found this thread as I chewed the last of my fingernails off and wondered if I missed out on bootcamp! Do they email if you're unsuccessful too?You know, just for our sanity image


    Good luck everyone! xxx

  • Seren, that's made my week!! I think she's aged very well personally, like a fine, fine wine... Ok that's enough now... I'll just sit here and daydream... Need to work... Need to work... Must not get fired.... *slapping ownface*
  • Stop all this talk of Bo Derek please I am trying to work here, honest guv!!imageimage

  • Just discovered this forum and thought best to follow and tag along !!! I to have entered and like all are eagerly awaiting news of whether i have been chosen to go to boot camp.... So we find out this Friday do we ???  It's all so exciting ! If any of the peps on here get a place there will be soooo lucky ! It's also good to read posts of people that have already been to boot camp and those even more fortunate to have been selected as the lucky 5 ! So as others have said GOOD LUCK to all and i will be sure to follow to see who is fortunate enough.

  • Not sure anyone will have any fingers left by Friday. Not to mention soles on my trainers. Last nights usual 5k run turned into 10k just in case and I am sure many of you are the same in preparing just in case, fingers crossed . . Good luck to everyone.
  • Sorry not posted for while but Bo Derek and Daisy Duke seemed to be calling!

    Good Luck Pawel, I would be very interested in seeing the programme that Steve would set for you

    The memories fo this time and the rest of the programme are coming back and they are all superb...have to admit to being a little jealous, but I have had my turn and will just have to follow you all with interest

  • I am new to the forum so will tread carefully ! But Choisty just wanted to say what a great race you ran at Paris. I read all about it and followed you and the others along the way. You all done so well and must be so chuffed with the results.

     You've definitely no need to sell it to us all !

    I've everything crossed that's possible.

  • Prattster, that's the great thing it ain't selling just the emotion it stirs up...I am excited to see who gets through and watch their progress (I might even pass on some tips).  Thanks for the compliment, we certainly partied that night.

    I've met a few people at races who've recognised me from the pages of the magazine since Paris and until then I didn't really understand the impact it had 

  • What shoes do you use on the fells Choisty?

  • Party Choisty ! I bet you all did and good for you ! You all deserve it. Goes to show that you only get out what you put in and it's great to see people achieve there goals.

    Let's hope one of us gets in on here then we can all take you up on that advice/tips that you just mentioned !

  • Have been following this thread with much interest! I too am desperate for a place at bootcamp as  I am a lone runner with friends and family who think I'm mad- it would be great to meet likeminded people and get some help and support with training. Having never run over a half marathon before I really need something like this to boost my confidence! Fingers crossed for everyone..................

  • Vicky.......stick around on the forums and you will find other idiots to chat to about running so that you don't have to bore your friends and fanilies..............the bootcamp is only 2 meetings whilst on here you can chat to like minded people every dayimage

  • I entered!!  and I got a call this morning! Excited is not the word!!  felt like a complete plonker when I had to get the lady to repeat what she said!! oops!!  so fingers, arms, legs, eyes and anything else crossable is cross!

    Ooo does anyone know how many people make it to bookcamp?

  • MCS...Gotta be the Inov8 Talon 212's everytime, the first few races I used them for my placing went like this 1st,2nd,1st,1st,2nd,1st,3rd, the placings have tailed off lately so must be time to buy some more!

    Vicky, If you don't get in try your local club you'll find some like minded people there...but good luck in getting in

  • I recommend all new people to read some of last years and the years before will be open to strangers analysing your life and your decisions........if you take a day of training there will be people around who will question your motives and your reasons.........

    they will make judgements on your decisions..

    whilst this is a great prize and a great will be the focus of a thread on which loads of people wlll have an opinion....most will be supportive..some will be objective and some will be argumentative..........or even nasty..........this is part fo the deal............

    This is a great thing but you will be expected to be on these forums several times a day sharing your feelings and your training...........i don't think this is always explained thoroughly  when they advertise the competition

  • Thanks everyone! Its amazing how just having a look around on here helps with motivation and training ideas. Am thinking about a club so that might be a new years plan..........!

  • I had an email but I cannot make the 30th November bootcamp now so its good bye from me image

  • Hi all!

    Thought I'd pop my head in and say hello - I went to bootcamp last year so I understand your jittery excitement well - from memory I think there were about 40 there tigger and it's a prize in itself as far as I'm concerned.

    I've not entered this year - unfortunately my life clashes with the mandatory dates but I'll still be following and joining in when I can. 

    It's a shame they can't automatically exclude everyone who was nasty to the entrants last year - that would certainly seem just and fair! But fear not peeps - I will certainly not be holding back in jumping in to tell such idiots to back off.  The majority of us are quite happy to entertain the begging threads and get into the spirit of the competition.

    Good luck to all image


  • RB, If I were you I would move heaven and earth to make it, the sense of pure joy crossing the start and finish line in Paris is .....well words fail me.

    Seren..your right about some of the comments, but the vast majority are fantastic, although I didn't miss a training session despite injury and illness so maybe that was why or I have selective memory

  • I cannot let down the person I am going to be with for what if?

  • Thank you Sleepy Bear, so its by Friday that we find out is it?? I was that excited/shocked I never thought to ask! at least if you get an email you can re read it and digest it properly!

  • Ooo...have you found out already Green and white tigger? Congratulations!

    Does it mean that if runnersbeen can't make it, the rest of us who is owed an email or phone call still have a chance imageimageimage??

  • Hi all,

    Just had a call to say I'm shortlisted. Two questions:

    1. Does that mean I get to go to bootcamp whatever?

    2. How do I look up what I said on the application form? Trying to work out what category they are looking at me for - I assume GFA.

  • I'm suprised that you lot weren't swore to secrecy..............i thought last year someone got into trouble for telling everyone that they were chosen.....

    i can't see the problem with telling people....

    my email seems to have been delayed for some reason


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