ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • Hi Tigger I hope you are well, yes it has been something else watching this forum in between all those things that get in the way like work, family, sleep etc oh and of course running did get a nice 5.5 miles in plus a mile with the dog, which not as cold as DS2 minus 6 that is hardcore how many layers?

    Not long now getting ready for Friday's Christmas Works do it could be either mineral water or vodka? Joke it will be mineral water either way!

  • Hi DS2 - is that because thay have gone home?

  • DS2....Possibly sleep deprivation? Or their OH's have hid their computers and phones!

  • Mines been threatening that all week shady...I just keep reminding him that I let him watch loads of rubbish on TV whilst I'm distracted!
  • YAY I'm home. Hello to anyone who's still out there... or to anyone who's not all together not quite there anymore?? image

    My "highlight" of this dark & chilly evening was a passerby's comment to me whilst out on a run & I was wearing my new BLUE illuminating shoe laces... he said to me "Do those turn RED if you run any faster...?" image

  • Good luck everyone tomorrow,x
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Ha ha DS2 - well Sarah is still going but she's on limitless energy. No idea how you do it doc.

    Thanks for the link Minni - once this is decided be prepared for some more takers, though it'll be hard to beat Tenjiso's pitch!

    Mrs Malcs dozing off next to me so sneaking this post in.
  • Yes good luck, its a bit like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who is going to get the Golden Ticket?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Do the rest of us meet some grizzly end then Tony - turn blue and explode or get attacked by the 'bad nut' squirrels?
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Reg - sad news about the swingometer image

    CarroT - love the lace story!
  • Evening folks! image

    Been to a pantomime ... well half of one. The 3 year old wasn't terribly impressed when the evil fairy came on and started howling. Not good.

    So ... any fingernails left anyone?

  • Good luck Guys and Gals

  • Aah welcome dear RRR. This is the late night hour where it all starts getting sillier image.

    All the bestest everyone for tomorrow. Please be around tomorrow to catch up!!!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Thanks StewartC!

    RRR - nails went a loooong time ago.

    I wonder if we'll be allowed to share info or have to keep quiet until the official announcement ?
  • Evening CaroT! Silly is good! SIlly I can do image

    Good luck everyone! Speak tomorrow!

  • Do you think we should smash it in the final hours and see if we can get up to 2000 messages in this forum?? Not sure RW would be best pleased! Can you imagine if that had happened before the votes were in?  If I'd seen the messages jump from +-1660 messages to 2000 overnight I would have had heart failure with all the catching up that would have needed to be done!

    Thanks StewartC too.

  • So what are the maths for getting to over the 2000 messages
  • We could do it like a relay?
  • So what are the maths for getting to over the 2000 messages
  • We could do it like a relay?

  • I'll have a go with the baton, 40-50 posts each should do it!
  • Anyone got any idea what sort of time we might actually find out, can't remember if we were told?
  • Thanks Stewart C!

    glad to see others are staying up late. Much easier being on here than doing the job application I should be image. Thinking of you all ....

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Guys, Mrs Malcs has switched the heating is off here now so I'm going to have to leave it to you or freeze to death.

    Hope you manage to sleep!

  • I'm bowing out too. I said I wouldn't be long on here tonight... famous last words... for like the past week! Sleep well everyone. Chat tomorrow x Tony I hope find some relay partners to join you, 327 to go!!!

  • IndyMcQueen wrote (see)
    Anyone got any idea what sort of time we might actually find out, can't remember if we were told?

    No idea mate, no idea even if it is a phone call or email???

  • Yes I 've just lights turned off and told my turn walk the dog in the morning (like yesterday and the day before) here's to tomorrow

    Clive good luck with the application make sure it go through well when checking it is very late and you don't to get this forum and the application mixed up!
  • Tony good advice- don't think they would be too keen on neon pink socks and carrot related injuries!! No offence RRR/Malcs image
  • Clive - well at least you would be good and memorable ... Although possibly not for the right reasonsimage
  • Morning everyone.

    You guys were busy last night! Missed all the fun and games again, was very busy yesterday afternoon/evening work wise. Nice 7am start today too so starting off where I left off yesterday!

    Hope everyone had a good nights sleep, looking forward to seeing who the 5 are! Not long to go now!

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