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  • Forward that email on then Tigger!! Don't let us pay over the odds on our pink socks!image

  • Haha did wonder how you were going to answer that one Bacon!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Steve loves bacon wrote (see)

    Probably not the easiest thing to describe without sounding like Malcs, but it's something you put between your legs.

    Ha! image No idea what you're talking about!

    What's the latest on the knees Indy + Steve?

    My hamstring issue has reappeared. Really weird because it didn't bother me at all at the Spitfire. If I hadn't run on Sunday with no issuse I'd now be in a massive state of panic. Instead I have decided to rest a couple of days and leave googling stress fractures for later down the line image

  • Malcs - I know this may seem strange but I had something very similar two years ago and it was actually caused by a pair of casual shoes I was wearing. As soon as I stopped wearing them it disappeared and didn't reappear until I wore the same shoes a few months later for a day. Problem was they were too flat compared to my normal shoes.

    Might be worth thinking about.
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Interesting. For the odd occasion when I leave the house I'm wearing exactly the same shoe that I run in (a different pair though). It's a very weird feeling - like my hamstring is clicking almost and then if I try to up the pace it occasionally tugs back. 

    I will rotate my footwear and see if it makes a difference.

  • dont talk to me about new trainers which ive saved for the last 7 months and was excited about breaking in have been a huge disappointment. Despite being the same make and model as my old pairs they made my left foot uncomfortable on tue and my knee uncomfortable today...Think im going to stick with my old pair and hope that they will be ok for VLM!

    thanks steve...I now know that buoys are for sticking inbetween my im sounding like Malcs!!
  • Nice 18 miles today, 8 at MP image

  • Very nice going Sarah. Looking very good!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - Just read about your 18'er on your thread. Wow! That's one heck of a pace you're putting on. Sounds like you breezed through it too. Well done!

    After 2 days rest my werd knee tugging anomaly seemed fine today. I did several laps of the lounge just to make sure and as it felt 99% ok I headed out into the rain. A mile in and it was tugging away again. Really odd as last week on the 20 miler I felt nothing. It wasn't painful though, just felt like loads of the smaller tendons were all just pulled tight. 

    So I stopped, stretched and gave it a bit of a prod and a rub. Set off again, up a hill and by the top there was no tugging at all. It felt like it wasn't 100% but it was as near as damn it fine. Carried on, got home all fine. Stretched fine too. I just don't get it. 

    Knee is a little tighter now but it really is only a little.

    I have a sports massage booked for next Tuesday. If it's all down to muscle tightness then hopefully that will sort it.

    It does leave me feeling a bit unsure about my long run tomorrow. I'm sure you've all been there before - do you go or rest? I can't really see that resting is going to do much or is that just wishful thinking? image

  • Malcs - that sounds much more encouraging mate. I'd go for it but bail if it comes on and stays.

    I was out this morning thinking all is well, no niggles and then my left ankle started feeling odd. Was thinking about stopping when it got better. Carried on and then my knee started feeling sore - and still does!! Oh no!

    Sure it will be ok tomorrow. I reckon it's our minds playing tricks as marathon day approaches.
  • Seems the bad knee fairy is out in force, fingers crossed we all get over it soon. Don't talk to me about new trainers, I've got three pairs that I've bought and I can't make use of any of them (Turns out that when you can't run buying new trainers doesn't help you heal any quicker)image

    On a positive note I 've booked myself in for Laser Eye Surgery next week so that will be something to look forward toimage

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Indy - it's amazing what they can do these days with technology. See if you can get the very latest which apparently allows you to see in 3D!image

    DS2 - OMG, well that was an eventful run then! This is the part of running that drives me nuts. Everything is going smoothly and then all of a sudden the body decides to play mind games with you...and I'm no good with mind games!

  • Malcs - apparently it's much cheaper to get the 2D op and they give you a red and a blue contact lens to wear when you want to go 3D, either that or I'll pick up a pair of those glasses from my cinemaimage Pity they can't use tech to sort my knees!
  • Thanks Malcs, I did find it surprisingly ok and enjoyed myself. The big test will be east hull 20 next sunday with 10 miles at MP! Have two netball matches this week so im starting to feel very nervous (about sustaining knee and ankle injuries).

    I would say that it sounds more like tight muscles/tendons Malcs than anything else. Lets hope its good news on tue. How did your running go this weekend?

    Hi DS2 im hoping that your knee problem is all in the mind. Hows it been over the weekend?

    Hi Indy let us know how you get on with the laser eye treatment - its something ive considered but im too big of a wimp when my eyes are concerned!

  • I'm sure you'll smash the East Hull 20 next week Sarah - your training is going so, so well!

    Indy, exaclty what kind of laser surgery are you having? There are a few different kinds... I'm actually not allowed to have it as I've had all sorts wrong with my eye over the years and had three major ops on it!

    Hope everything clears up, DS2 and Malcs - plenty of RICE image although, Malcs, rotating your shoes actually sounds pretty painful!

  • Managed 14.75 at 7:50mm with no dramas this morning. Knee was fine today. Could still feel it yesterday so didn't run. Very sensible.

    God, it was cold and windy today. Was going along early on feeling rediculously easy for first 7 miles and then changed direction and realised why. Finished with 7 very cold miles into the full force of the wind.

    Feeling much happier!

    Malcs - how did your run go?

    Steve - glad to see you we're much better today. Onwards and upwards!
  • Steve loves bacon wrote (see)

    Indy, exaclty what kind of laser surgery are you having? There are a few different kinds... I'm actually not allowed to have it as I've had all sorts wrong with my eye over the years and had three major ops on it!

    That sounds like a right nightmare! I'm going for LASIK Wavefront if that means anything to you

    sarah osborne wrote (see)

    Hi Indy let us know how you get on with the laser eye treatment - its something ive considered but im too big of a wimp when my eyes are concerned!


    Will keep you posted. Good luck with the East Hull.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    DS2 - good to hear that the knee is fine now. I hate this time in training where things seem to pop up without warning. Don't like the sound of the conditions you had to deal with. I hate running into the wind.

    On Saturday it was much warmer (well, less cold). First long run I've done in just a single layer. Really enjoyed it. Went up to Cutty Sark again but then back through Lewisham, Ladywell and up to Crystal Palace, timing it so I could see my son run in a schools race in the park. Had to cut it to 18 miles as I was running out of time but got there with a bit to spare.

    Btw. when I say up to Crystal Palace' I really mean UP! Jeez - a good mile of up hill at the end of a long run is not what you want image

    My knee catching/tugging was kind of ok at the start but it was there for sure (though not as tight as Friday). Then after about 7 miles it eased off and I didn't feel a thing for the rest of the run. That further reinforces the theory that it's just tightness. If it didn't get any worse I'd settle for this and no other problems on race day but we'll see what the sports massage turns up tomorrow.

    Anyway really happy with where I am and if I can eliminate the tightness I will be over the moon.

    Sarah - I think the hardest thing for you will be holding back in the first 10! The 10 at MP will be a doddle, it's running slower that's your problem! image  Thanks for the reassurance on the knee. I really hope it will just ease off with a bit of massage.

    Steve - great to hear that you are back on the streets again (running, not homeless). If you can ease back into it slowly then you could be back sooner than you think. I say this with no medical knowledge whatsoever of course but I've found that once i can run without pain then each run becomes progressively better and usually within a couple of weeks I'm back again. It's getting to the running without pain bit that is often hardest. Anyway, do take it slow and best of luck!

    Indy - ha, red and blue lenses, love it! Think of the savings you can make at the cinema with it all built in. Hey, maybe it'll go wrong some how and you'll end up with super powers! X-ray vision - every school boy's dream... image


  • Malcs - I'm hoping I may get bitten by a radioactive cheetah or something during the surgery...
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    LOL - I have my fingers crossed for you image

    Blinking freezing today so I have taken a second rest day. Been snowing most of the day. Felt like I was in the Arctic on the school run.

    Anyone been brave enough to venture out?
  • Glad to hear that your knees are feeling better DS2 and Malcs...not sure I liked the sound of your run though DS2...think I would have been tempted to have caught the bus back!

    Good luck tomorrow Malcs with the wondering whether to book into have another one or not.

    I had a netball game outside today...was - 2 and snowing in the 2nd and 4th corner...quite pretty to be honest and not as cold as I thought, but I did have 5 layers on!!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Thanks Sarah.

    5 Layers! How could you move? 

    The wind down here has made it feel like -7 in the day and -10 at night. Never felt it so cold in the sunny South. Might have to move back up North if things don't improve image

  • Chris always says that hes colder in yorkshire than in newcastle....all his friends laugh at him now when he wears a coat to go out....its not the in thing up there!
  • Did my first track session in years last night. 9 miles in total with 6 x 800m, as follows:







    Pleased with the consistency. Would have liked to be a bit quicker. Probably could have worked a bit harder as last one indicated but good to have a marker. Feeling much better this week. I think my cold a couple of weeks ago hit me harder than I had thought. Running faster felt more enjoyable.

    We have had some odd weather down here this week. Snowstorm on the way to track last night but thankfully cleared by time I got there. Bloody cold though!

    Sarah - you must have looked like the michelin man!

    malcs - how are legs now? What have you done this week?

    Clive - have you started new job yet?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Nice splits DS2! 

    We've had odd weather here too. Yesterday I went out and it switched 3 or 4 times between very bright sunshine and a blizzard! It wasn't even that cold. What next? Hot hail? Flash Gordon finally a reality?

    I had my sports massage on Tuesday and my diagnosis of tight hams (and calves) was confirmed. I'm booked in again for next week. 

    The massage together with more stretching seems to have helped. Did a good warm up yesterday and had no troubles on my 10 miler (with 4 at HM pace). Did 5 at MP today too and no tugging. There is still tightness there but it's very gradually improving and it always improves into a run. So I'm on 21 for the week and have a 20-21 miler planned for Saturday. 

    I'm just so pleased to be where I am with only this bit of tightness. In previous years this is the point where I've crumbled but I feel so much stronger this time round. I reckon the extra midweek miles has been the key and also keeping the speedwork down. I still have time to do 3 more long runs before tapering too!

    Sarah - ha, they do make them hard up in the North East!

    I just noticed that London is the same day as my race in Wales so I guess we'll be tapering at the same time. Are you still planning a 3 week taper?

    I've never done a taper before because I've always been injured image


  • Great news Malcs. You are looking good mate. It's a careful balance now - need to push hard but not get injured. Make it through to taper in one piece and the easier schedule should take out any remaining niggles. Just remember to put some quality in during the taper so your legs don't forget how to run.

    I had my osteopath in this afternoon sorting out his pension. I spoke to him about the tightness in my glutes/hammys and he recommended a sports massage with his colleague rather than anything too harsh from him. Funnily enough he is based in Orpington.

    I feel remarkably good tonight. I really enjoy this part of the training when I know the groundwork on endurance has been done.
  • fabulous reps DS2.

    I did 6 x 800m aswell tonight with 90 secs recoveries. No idea of the time they took to do but my pace on the reps was 6:49 except the last one which I did at 6:40 min/mls.

    Glad to hear that its nothing serious Malcs and your back into the long runs. I think I need another massage, no idea when I will be able to book in for it though...running out of time!

    Im having to do a 3 week taper as 4 weeks before im in france and will only manage 15 k which will be my long run for that week!
  • That's a great session Sarah. I had 2 minute recoveries jogging. One of my favourite sessions. I like mile reps most though.

    Not long to go for most of you now.
  • Sarah it it colder in Yorkshire! I used to live in northumberland on the coast and yes i was cold but then I moved to Whitby and it was BLOODY FREEZING!!!!

    Oh and you guys were right, it was my IT that has been giving me jip! I have my 20 miler on sunday then I think Im going to having a break from running ( if I can!) I'm sick of it being there just niggling away! just concentrate on the bike and swimming for a few weeks, maybe, but back up to half marathon at the beginning of May, What do you recon or am just worrying about nothing? on occasions like this I just wish someone else would take charge!!

    Saying that just off to run to the pool! before tonights pj party, I have port, cakes and making some yummy pasta! then get drunk sit and cry at the sob storys on comic relief and cuddle my babies extra tight!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Tigger - good to hear you've identified the problem. I definitely don't think you're worrying about nothing. However, you don't have to take a break though. You could still run and manage it with a combination of regular stretching, foam rolling and a trip to the sports massage therapist.

    I can't remember - how long has it been troubling you? If it becomes a long term thing and the above doesn't help then you may need to look at other things that may be the cause. I had pain in my calf and achilles for over a year. I could manage it with stretching etc. but it was always there. Then I changed to a shoe with a little support and it was gone. 

    Port and cakes - mmmm. 

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