ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Ha! image

    Whoa - 6:50 is quite a speed. Really hope you do it. 75:30! Well, you never know but at least it happened. I'll never be that quick.

    Tigger - are you drunk yet?image

  • Malcs- some days I think 6:50 feels possible but most don't. The good thing is that it is a big field - 2500 - so will lots of company. I almost want this as much as I want a sub 3:15 marathon because it will make me think I' m getting some speed endurance back. Conditions and course probably couldn't be much better so if I don't do it it will be becausei'm not fit enough. Therefore no excuses!
  • This thread is going all soppy, the tapering madness is spreading! Im sort of relieved that im not at paris this weekend....I dont think my legs are ready to run a marathon just yet...they feel slightly tired. After my drive to france two weekends ago aswell, I really dont think I could have done the mammoth journey again this weekend. Its been nice to follow the ones that got through and it has taken a bit of the pressure of my own marathon.

    Ive met so many nice people at boot camp and on here and I have learnt more than I could have imagined, so as above, I think were all winners,x
  • Well Malcs I felt it was only fitting as our famous 5 were unable to get sloshed that I should do it for them!! Haha taking one for the Team!!

    They have all done so well! I will be entering again next year thats for sure!! Think possitive.... I will have to train like a demon if Im going to do DS2's Little Birthday Marathon bash as well image

  • Great results for Alex and Sarah so far. 2:53 and 3:25 so far.

    Tigger- birthday bash will be on! I need to get my GFA to make sure I'm there and after today's half I'm not sure what I'm capable of. Never got going and a real struggle running just under 7mm but kept working hard. Every stride felt tough. I think the rubbish weather and lack of speed work is catching up with me. Anyhow came home in 1:30:43. Not sure if I'm pleased with that or not. Best half in 19 years though!

    I would think the calculators would suggest touch and go for 3:15.
  • Malcs - have you heard how Ady and Mel got on yet? Alex suggested on his thread that they all ran really well and another poster said she had looked and Ady had done well but I can't find his result?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    DS2 - bit late to post but as you've seen Ady did brilliantly coming in at 3:29:43, just what he wanted. Just Mel to hear from now for a clean sweep.

    Great result in your race. Even if it was hard, to run your best race in 19 years is quite something. You say touch and go for 3:15 but you have a superb endurance base so whilst 7mm may have been tough you might find 7:25mm just takes the edge off and with your endurance you might be able to keep that up for much longer.

    I'm such a hypocrite in saying this but you have to stay positive! 

    I can't believe I just said that - I'm the world's biggest worrierimage

  • DS- great result today . Calculators I use would have you under 3:15 no worries . Still few weeks till Halstead anyway image

    Great results for the guys- Alex 2:53, Sarah 3:25, Ady 3:29 (don't know mel's time but she had a medal in the pic on twitter so assume safely she got round)

    Took /dragged a 6 & 8 year old up Haystacks in lakes today- beautiful today as no easterly wind in as long as I can remember and sunny. Almost felt like April! They are still bouncing around and I am regretting a wee 10k first thing this morning before we went out- legs not ached this much in ages...

    Malcs- cant believe you're such a worrier image
  • Thanks Clive. How lucky you are to have the lakes within driving distance. Was that 10k a race? My legs are sore as well!

    I had a look at the calculators as well and came to the same conclusion. I think I'm feeling quite positive. We shall see!

    I believe Mel did well but don't know her time. It almost doesn't matter - it's such an achievement the way she has got on with things following Martins death. I don't know her but feel so proud of her for what she has achieved.
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Clive - I'm terrible. The missus is dreading the next two weeks. Her only relief is that I'm not yet carrying an injury, or at least I don't yet believe that I amimage

    DS2 - glad to hear you're feeling positive, would be fantastic for you to make London for your birthday. 


    Did a little speed run today with 3 miles at HM pace and the foot was fine all the way through for the first time in weeks. I was wearing older socks - surely that couldn't be significant? Taper madness starting maybeimage


  • You are looking well set Malcs. The niggles are going just at the right time!image

    I reckon 3 pairs of old socks might do the trick!image

  • Hi DS2, congratulations on what I feel is an amazing HM time, dont be disheartened, at the end of the day you been putting alot of miles in recently and the weather had turned acutely mild in 48 hours not giving you much time to adjust. I think you will get your sub 3:15. To get your best HM time in the last 19 years aswell...think I would be celebrating!
  • Malcs, you sound worse than me!
  • Sounds like your having a fantastic holiday Clive, hope the rest of your weeks just as nice, if not better.
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - how many times have you re-laced your shoes this week? If you can't beat 5 then I am indeed worse than you. 

    In actual fact, compared to how things usually are I currently have very little to worry about. This in itself really worries me! image

    DS2 - don't joke, I'm getting that paranoid I might end up trying it!

  • lol win

    ....although I have just sneezed twice...!!
  • I'm so jealous of those already in taper. I think i'm suffering from tpaer madness as well just from listening to you two.

    Keep thinking I'm going down with all sorts of flu-like symptoms!

    Your respective marathons are so close now Sarah and Malcs - you are both so well prepared you just need to execute your race plans now. Remember at some point it will get tough but your bodies are trained to get through it!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    DS2 - Many thanks! I know how you feel. After watching the guys going through their Paris taper I was definitely getting sympathy pains. Unfortunately for you you're having to go through it twice over!

    I've encountered that very same tough point on every marathon and I've always panicked. I think you're spot on - knowing that it will come and preparing in advance to deal with it is very good advice. I've never done that.

    Whilst I am very nervous about running at a much higher pace than I have in previous campaigns, there's quite a few things on this one that I've done differently which provide good grounds for optimism. I've done more mileage including a midweek long(ish) run. I've not felt like death at the end of any of my 20 milers. I had a great Spitfire 20 with Ady. I'm switching to Jelly Babies which seem to agree with me much more than the gels. I'm doing a proper carbo load and not just a big bowl of pasta the night before. And finally I have a few mental issues worked out ready for the mind games.

    My one nagging doubt is speed as I have sacrificed speed work for endurance training. However, I did score a 21 minute 5K in Feb and I can't have lost that much since my HM PB last year.

    Did a nice 5.5 miles today with 3 @ MP. First run of the year in short sleeves! Nice but I'm hoping it doesn't get much warmer image

    Sarah - I am taking extra vit C's daily and if any family member sneezes I run a mile. 

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    hi you taper mad runners. I'm back from a 4 day break, no phone no I internet! it was quite liberating.

    just hang in there Malcs/sarah. you WILL survive! let me know when you start carbloading, I'd like to keep you company. DS2, sorry you'll have to wait a bit longer before you can carb load. Has anyone else tried the m&s chocolate hot cross buns? perfect carb loading !!!!

    I did a couple of lovely lonely runs while away. tested some wicked hills and still have to admit finding them hard! However 2 years ago I only got halfway up them before I had to stop, this year I hit the top n carried on running. image
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Nice one Jen - bodes well for Snowdon!

    Where were you? Anywhere exciting? Sorry, couldn't have been exciting with no wifiimage

    I'll be carb loading next Friday and Saturday. M&S choc HCBs - sounds like heaven!

    Can't stop for long - I have some serious worrying to do. 

  • Thankyou DS2.....I just hope that we are all as successful with our aims/targets as those that run Paris....feel under greater pressure trying to follow in their foot steps!

    Whens your marathon again? It cant be that far away now either.

    Hi Jen, I love going away and being away from technology. It feels like a proper holiday. Choc hot cross buns, just doesnt sound right, but im intrigued with how they taste!

    Congrats on conquering those hills, just shows that all the training is paying off.

    I will be starting my carbo loading next friday, but I almost feel like ive already started....always seem to be feeling hungry.

    Good luck with your 8-10 miles tomorrow Malcs.
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    9 jelly baby filled miles done and dusted. It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life...for me...

    And I'm feeling good!


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Malcs, I went out and checked the course this morning. Its looking good! I 've pitched my tent so as to have the best spot to cheer you, ( close to the café) I'm feeling really positive about this race for you. image Carb loading next weekend then, Great!

    Sarah, the choc hot cross buns are lovely! hint of orange spice n choc chip, n only 90 cals each!

    I'm getting SO into all this marathon training, I can't wait to start mine!


  • very positive post Malcs, I like feeling quite positive today to, legs feel great.
  • Hi Jen...I will keep a look out for them in marks....not a huge choc fan, but you are making them sound lush
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - yes indeedy...but underneath I'm like a car crashimage

    Jen - excellent work Jen. Keep the good vibes coming, I'm going to need them when it hits 30 degrees in Llanelliimage

    When do you start your training then? You weren't tempted to do the half marathon next Sunday?

  • Evening all! Tigger here all fresh faced and bushy tailed after 4 days in good old London! I have MASSIVE marathon envy tis not soo good!

    I have done all of sweet F.A since the children broke up from school so can not wait until tomorrow! Run Bike swim curry with the running commitee!! then DIE!!

  • Surely looking after children in the holidays is like running, biking and swimming all at once tigger?
  • Hi all,

    Sorry not to be on here much. Had a really busy couple of weeks. Twas my 49th birthday on Saturday and spent it hosting a party for my Dad on his 80th. Was joined by my twin sister who came up from Devon. We haven't spent a birthday together since we were kids so it was a great occasion!

    So I am now in my 50th year. Have planned 3 marathons - culminating with VLM 2014 on my birthday and Lands End to John O'Groats in August. Could be a very busy year!

    Am intending to raise £10k for a brilliant childrens charity - Action Medical Research. So, sorry to take advantage of this page but....... here is the link (please note extra link to the tribute page to my nephew who died at birth and would have been 18 in August:


    Anyhow, enough about me. Only 6 days to go Sarah and Malcs!!!

    The weather, both In London and Rhyl is looking like it may be ideal. I really hope so. You are both in great shape to smash your target. I shall look out for you, Sarah, at VLM. malcs - I shall be waiting for the text!

    Tigger - I'm glad you had a great time down here. I have massive marathon envy as well.

    Very sad news from Brighton yesterday with that young lad passing away.

    Temperature for my 18 miler yesterday was 22 degrees. I handled it ok but the wind was really tough. possibly my worst run opf the entire campaign. Anyone else out in that?

  • Hello all you regular forum posters. It been nearly 4 months since I was on here last. Think the presure got to me! Or Mrs Reg.

    Hope all are running well and happy and prepared for teh next big event. I did Brighton yesterday and a 20min pb. The motivation that this competition gave me was the kick start to some good running. Although my knee won't agree yesterday.

    As DS2 says above it was very sad news and I passed the young man recieving treatment of both CPR and mouth to mouth. Puts things in perspective really.

    How long before I post again? 

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