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  • Nothing better in marathon training than carb loading Malcs. The marathon sounds like it could be a good un. 

    I'm currently on post run slump like RRR I expect! Bored and have been trawling for events to do,

    Think I need a 10k to try and get a pb at.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Jen - that's a bummer. It's happened to me before too so now I copy the text before pressing the big button.

    DS2 - sorry to hear you're feeling flat. I don't blame you for feeling jealous, I would be too. I felt a similar way the other week when all the Paris posse were racing. Won't be long for you know - keep yer pecker up!

    My calves were quite tight earlier in training but a bit of rolling and a massage sorted them out nicely.

    Reg - I thought that too but then when I tried it with Ady back in Feb I failed miserably to cope with the volume. Felt like I was inadequate image

    I plan to improve on my dire performance this time. No pile of pasta is going to get the better of me! Have just cleared the carb department of Sainsburys and I'm all ready to rock.

    Any parkruns near you? Your 5K PB might be a nice intermediate goal while you're looking for the next big challenge. I'd quite like to have a bash at getting mine down a bit after this marathon is done.

    PS. I have visions of you hiding from the wife in a cupboard under the stairs with a laptop image

  • Evening all.

    I felt the same DS2 and Malcs when it was paris marathon...I felt ready to run then, but now looking back, I dont think I was rested enough, just getting jealous and itchy feet!

    I have a half marathon three weeks after VLM to help keep me focused. Im also walking up scafell pike in two weeks on sat.

    Glad to hear that your feet and legs arent too angry with you after paris RRR.

    It must be so hard for you reg. When I was at a football match on Boxing Day a gentleman had a heart attack in the crowd and looked like he was going to have a cardiac arrest, I couldnt get it out of my mind for about two weeks and im use to dealing with things like that at work. Luckily a month later he was back at the lane and was ok.

    Im feeling a bit more positive now about the marathon on sunday. Ive decided to use it to celebrate the lives and limbs lost at Boston..I think they would prefer us to do that looking at their positivity and the way they have come together as a community.
  • forgot to say, i dont think im going to struggle this time with carbo loading....I just feel hungry all the time, no matter what I eat, not sure whats wrong with me!
  • Morning all!!  I have had marathon envy for a while now! Paris, London, Wales!! I feel completely out of the loop! I'm thinking of doing Chester again in October, Hubby is off for August so shouldnt make the school holidays that hard to train through?!

    Sarah and Malcs I know you will do brilliantly, as firstly I know how hard you have both trained and secondly everyone on the forums have been so positive and got good results..... apart from me but that's another rant all together! ]

    DS2 as for you buddy! Just think if you weren't doing your marathon in may you wouldn't be about to watch London on the telly on Sunday! You WILL get your GFA and you WILL get into London next year for your birthday bash! I'm not so sure that even with steroids and speed I wouldnt get GFA!

    Where about are you Reg?

    Right thats my words of wisdom for the morning used up! I have a poorly little girl and have been up half the night so no training for me image

  • Thanks all - took a rest day yesterday and feel much better today. Being so busy with work isn't helping with my motivation. At this rate I'll end up rich but unfit. I think I'd rather be fit!!!image I think Mrs DS2 might feel very differently somehow!

    Fed up with the windy weather as well. Doesn't make the idea of running hard around the track very appealing. I have my last long run of 20+ to do Sunday but would like to get a speed/tempo session in tonight and a couple of easy days. Then taper starts!!!

    I'm so excited about the marathon on Sunday. Good luck sarah, Malcs and anyone else doing one I have forgotten about!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Tigger - loving the positive talk! Go for Chester or better still see if you can get one of the places they are releasing for York. Myself and Sarah are booked in and DS2 was going to try and get in too. 

    To qualify you must have registered on their waiting list by next Monday here:

    Places are released on 26th April.

    DS2 - are you already on the waiting list? If not make sure you get on it before Monday.

    Good to hear you're feeling better today. At least you're busy at work and making money - I'm just busy image

    Wind is a pain at the moment. Luckily I'm not out much so I don't have to contend with it but I have a few concerns about Sunday running on a coastal path!

    Best of luck with the last long run. After that it's plain sailing - madness excepted of course.

    Thanks for the good luck wishes and for all the help over the last few months.

    I did my last little run today and then had a leg massage. Felt a bit sluggish on the run but after the massage my legs feel great now. 

    Tomorrow I will be mostly eating image

  • Great minds think a like! I have just done it! that would be awesome if we all got in.... humm sure thats been said before on this thread! although you guys would have given up and gone home by the time i'd get in!

    Anyone fancy a 50 mile bike ride/race??

  • Hi malcs - been meaning to register all week. Will do so this afternoon.

    I think taper madness has already caught up with me. I now have, in no particular order - runners knee, tight calves, sore piriformis, dodgy right ankle, the flu, and finally..................................I can't seem to put one foot in front of the other without feeling out of breath.

    Actually, I have none of the above but I'm sure you can all understand!!!

  • Hi everyone,

    Quick visit as in US at the moment and not loads of Internet access... Quite a few flags at half mast around and all over tv so hard to get away from it. Gutted about what happened.

    Want to wish you all luck this weekend for Wales and London!!

    Back soon to find out how you all got on

    Good to see you back Reg! Great result in Brighton - you must be pleased
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Get it sorted DS2!

    I feel your pain - or at least I have done at various points over the last few weeks image

    I just banished my son from the room because he sounded a bit sniffy. Maybe a bit harsh but we're entering that critical period now - not enough time to recover from a bug! He just became collateral damage. I'm sure he'll speak to me again some day.image  

    Tigger - that's great. It would be fantastic to see you and DS2 there and anyone else who fancies it. Don't worry, we won't be leaving until we see you cross the line!

    50 mile bike ride? Hmm, not sure I'm ready to cross over into that world yet. And if you'd said swim then I wouldn't have even bothered to replyimage

    Clive - cheers again, really appreciate the support! Don't fancy York in October do you?


  • AAAATTTIIISSSHHHHOOOOO! that ones for you guys!

  • DS2 I'm with Malcs! Trial run for your birthday! Get on it register then that's at least a week thinking about getting in rather than aches and pains!

  • Malcs - Carb loading tips - you need to grow some love handles first then you should be fine. Mine work lovely.  I am also definatley on here in the cupboard in the evening as I do get some looks but I can manage to get on at work when on conference calls!!!!image

    We don't have park runs near me, I live near Glastonbury, Somerset, there is the Yeovilton 5k series though so may try that next. 

    Green & White Tigger, i'm doing a 54 mile bike ride in May and now have to train for that, what is on your mind?

    Clive - Thank you, very happy with Brighton, made all the training worth while. Also a quick thank you for your advice with Headaches post run as it is certainly helping.

    Wish I could do York its sounds like it would be brilliant this year, its on my to do list though.

    Ooops I'm needed on the call after 34mins!!!

  • Reg Nottingham are having a weekend of bike racing, in june, on the sunday they are doing a 25, 50 or 100 mile ride/race I'm still new to my road bike but am loving it!

  • Hi tigger, so glad that you have put your name down for York....fingers crossed now that you will get one of those 600 places.

    Hope your daughters ok?

    Thankyou for your good luck.
  • Haha DS2, glad to hear that your fighting fit and dont have any of the above ailments! Did you make your track session tonight? I cant get over the wind, its dreadful, but on a positive note you will get more out of your training tonight if you did make it.

    Did you put your name down on the waiting list for York? I hope you did and you get one of the 600 places thats come available.

    It will be nice to follow your last few weeks before your marathon once VLM is out of the way on sunday....will help prevent any post marathon blues!

    Thankyou for your good luck.
  • Malcs...harsh but the right thing to do...dont take any prisoners! Chris was supposed to be going up some ladders yesterday to repair our guttering, I did tell him that if he fell off I would still be going down to london and that he had better understand....been 16 weeks of tough training! Luckily a friend who is use to climbing ladders did it instead.

    Im with you on that one....biking and swimming are not my strong points at the moment!

    Hope this wind dies down by sunday.
  • Thankyou clive. Hope you have a safe journey back you fancy York? need to register by Monday????
  • Reg they have released another 600 places for the york marathon in October - you just need to register before monday to stand a chance of getting a place if you fancy it? You can also do it for a charity that supports homeless children - their only asking you to raise ??350 sponsorship which I didnt think was bad (as its normally about ??3,500)
  • I have registered for York. I already have a place at Abingdon for same day but would prefer to join up with you guys. I can easily sell on my Abo place.

    It was rediculously windy here last night and since my left knee has been sore I did intervals on my bike in my garage. Tough session so gives similar benefit without the pounding. Have had an easy week running and knee feels much better now. Last 20 miler tomorrow.

    Then off to spectate at VLM on Sunday. When people start talking about picking their numbers up I get that tingly feeling.
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    DS2 - great to hear you're on the list for York. Will have my fingers crossed that you and Tigger can get in. Glad to hear the knees are recovering too. Enjoy that last 20 miler. 

    I am the same re. the race number talk. Going to the expo with the music playing and all the race anticipation in the air - you just can't beat it.

    Right - school run!

  • Why, oh why are Americans so bloody useless at dealing with anything. They always have to go in all guns blazing and it invariably goes wrong!

    The most worrying thing is that we are supposed to view them as guardians of world peace!

    In they go and make things worse - as if things weren't bad enough!

    They never show any sign of remorse or embarassment - they just always point the finger of blame at everyone else!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I didn't even know anything was happening. Just catching up now. Wow, most of Boston locked down.

  • Sarah - Love to do York but cannot as orgainsing a charity bike ride for that weekend.

    Green & White Tigger - 100 mile, go on you know you want to!!!

    DS2 - Surely you will be hearing chants of USA, USA, USA soon. Normal behviour for the Americans.


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Reg - shame about York, would have been great to see you. 

    Currently I look 6 months pregnant with a carb baby image


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    still having probs with computer so resorted to phone. little keys/fat fingers not a good combination!

    Reg, good to see you back!

    DS2, I saw a fabulous car no plate today. DS2 GYM

    good luck sarah. I'm looking forward to reading your race report. your prep has been brilliant. you deserve a great time.

    same to Malcs, but I'll be there to see your race! its pertect out there this eve.cold sunny and a v light breeze from the land.

    tigger - you n I need a big catch up sometime soon xxx
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Top no.plate Jen.

    Just about to leave for the West - will be in touch over the weekend!

  • GOOD MORNING PEEPS!!  The sun is out and its a glorious day here in derby!! No running for me as hubby is away until the end of may, can only train when the kids are at school! But hey ho, hope everyone gets to enjoy the sun!

    Not sure if any of the bootcampers are interested but RRR, bacon and possibly Sarah are coming over to mine on the 10th may, If anyone fancies it just shout up!

    Jen yep defo catch up soon xx

  • Great plate Jen. Been looking for something like that for a while!

    Because I am so good to people on here I went out and tested conditions over 21 miles this morning. Ran at 10am and wore a vest and shorts. Light breeze was really nice and it was pretty much ideal conditions for a marathon.

    I covered them at 8:10mm and they were very hilly. That's my last long run (well over 20 miles) completed and legs felt very strong although I was pretty thirsty in the last 5 or 6 miles after a very long climb of 3 miles. I ran without water!!!

    If you get conditions like these tomorrow Malcs/Sarah you will be fine. I sweated a lot because it felt a lot warmer than I've been used to but just a drink every now and then would have made all the difference.

    Sarah - the wind should be at your back for the last 7 or 8 miles pretty much - all the way back along the embankment at least.

    Go crack it!!!!

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