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  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Ok I'm back! image

    Launch complete and so far so good. They did find a problem but we can 't reproduce it here. Quite annoying.

    Anyway, had a proper nights sleep for the first time in ages. Still feel a bit zonked (yes that is a technical term). Not sure whether to run or not. Sometimes that works to reset the system.

    DS2 - Comrades is next weekend I believe image. Will need to find out if he's gone yet. 

    Jen - thanks. When is your relay? Or has that been? Feels like I've been out of the loop for ages.

    Currently my next one is (whispers) TR24 but I'd like to do a short fast one in bewteen if I can find one. Might just settle for the local parkrun.

    Sarah - jeez, you are going for it. I was hoping to do 10 last weekend and be up to 12 this weekend but that hasn't happened. I certainly won't be doing 7:24 pace! I need to get my arse into gear or I'll be useless at (whispers again) TR24. 

    At least I have the sleep deprivation training completeimage

  • Afternoon all!!  Sorry been off the radar somewhat of late! My baby girl is doing brilliantly I am so proud of her, this week saw us back in hospital Monday and Tuesday then for the rest of the week I had to go in and help at school with various things so she could join in! She has to have xrays every week for now but fingers crossed that won the for too long! 

    I have a sports massage this afternoon as my knee is getting worse not better, the guys at our local running shop think it's my IT band. I am so out of the loop with who is doing what I really need to catch up......but no time right now!

    Hope everyone is well!  Take care everyone enjoy the bank holiday weekend x

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Tigger - that's great to hear she's doing well. Must be a big relief to know she's on the mend. 

    Reg - intrigued as to what your 'different' week was.

  • Sorry DS2. If you dont go on your holiday, you could come down and watch or be a sub if any of us get injured??

    Im scared at the thought if trying to get 3:14....sub 3:10 terrifies me!

    Malcs glad to hear the launch went ok and youve managed to finally get a good nights sleep. Did you go for a run today in the end? Ive been hungover all day....never drinking again (well as much as I drank last night). Dont think it helped going out at 5:30pm, meeting everyone after work and drinking on an empty stomach after running 15 miles earlier in the my dad says, I will never learn!

    I decided to try and keep myself ticking over before starting training for york in July but  I dont think I will be doing anything longer than 15 miles as I dont want to risk injury. Think its helped with having shef half two weeks ago and skye half in a fortnights time to focus on and help keep my milage up.

    Sorry to hear about the knee Tigger. On a positive note though, if its your ITB it will get better with rest, stretching and massage. I just hope that it doesnt take too long.  Sounds like your having such a busy week with hospital trips and going back to school. When is your job interview?

    Ady put on facebook that he was having problems with shin splints earlier in the week but I havent heard anything else since then

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - ha, I just can't do that any more. Can't face the thought of spending the next day hungover. You are indeed nuts for doing it after a 15 miler too!

    Re, Ady - I sent a text and he said he was en route to SA. 

  • Good morning all, its only just gone 7:15 and I've been up 1hr and a half. Love children me.

    My different week was having a grommet put in my right ear on Wednesday, now my head is all buzzy, better than before though. This was after the cycle ride on Sunday, in all did 61 miles from watchet to west bay on the south coast. It was a great day,well organized and for a great cause. 

    Now my focus is back to the running, looking to get some speed work done. Anyone got any tips of sessions I could do. I've managed to find a short route at work and measured out 400m and 800m sections.

    Malcs I've been looking a at the tr24 and really wish I was able to come and join in. Think it would be great fun and challenging.

  • Hi everyone 

    sorry not been around much as work hellish busy and too much politics kicking off for my liking! At least the odd run keeps me sane....

    off camping now till weekend so won't likely be on till then- enjoy your bank hols and wish me luck for the weather 

  • Malcs I think im getting too old for it...would much prefer to drink pop and feel great all weekend than drink alcohol...forget half the night and wake up feeling dreadful the following day and waist a full day...Chris said im getting boring, but when you work hard all week you dont want to feel ill all weekend!

    I cant wait to read Ady's race report!

    Hi Reg congratulations on your bike ride. 61 miles is fantastic, I feel exhausted just thinking about cycling 10 miles, let alone 61. How long did it take you and how much practice/training did you get in before hand? I didnt even realise that they put grommets in adults, ive only ever seen children have them. Glad that your ears feeling better.

    I quite like doing km or mile repeats as I feel that my running/speed has improved so much more since doing them instead of 1-2 min fast with 1 min recovery like what I did pre Minni. I would also like to try a pyramid type session. This is probably more for marathon training than for shorter distance but I enjoyed doing 5 min at HMP followed my 5 mins at MP for 40-50 mins.

    Hope you have a fantastic week Clive  and that the weather stays nice for you

    I havent ran today as I have my next 10k race in the York league tomorrow evening so I have saved my legs. I did run a steady 10 miles down by the river yesterday however and really enjoyed it finally being able to do a training run in gorgeous weather, My average pace was 8:20 min/mls and I felt comfortable all the way. Spent the day in knaresborough today, visiting mother shiptons cave. The cave was a little disappointing but i was impressed with knaresborough.

  • Morning!

    Glad to hear your little girl is doing well Tigger!! That's fab news!! Hooray!

    Jenf - Evil ponies? Eek! Horses are mental anyway - what are they bitey or something?

    Wow Reg! Crazy distance!! Lots and lots of respect!!

    Argh Clive! Office politics suck!! Keep your head down!

    Morning DS2!! Sounds like you've got a competitor for the fastest then! Sarah O - you're flying!! Love that you're getting so fast!! 

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Lovely weekend running/ chilling for me. Had a fun 9 miles off road on sunday, and the breakfast run on monday was good, especially the pancakes with bacon n maple syrup image

    Sarah , the isle of skye half sounds quite exotic! I think I need to choose some more interesting places to race like that. My next race will be the castle relay, 8th/9th June (I've not done it yet Malcs) I am slightly nervous now as I know I'm not the worlds fastest, and I don't want to let the team down. image 

    Yes Malcs, do a Parkrun! I'm marshalling at ours this weekend.

    Clive, hope the weather is kind to you camping.

    Reg, I've been doing 10x 400m at my (dream )5k pace. 200m recovery jog between each, in the hope of getting faster!

    RRR, yes they bite!!!

    DS2, saw 7.30 on my watch at one point Sunday, dogs were chasing me! lol perhaps they should hire them out to races!!

  • Sarah, I had glue ear, they wouldn't normally do anything about if but I had not been hearing much from my right ear for 7 months and the clicking that came along when running just got frustrating.

    The ride took 4 and half hours, I did have to wait with a slower colleague for the first part, and go back and find something that fell off my person!!!image

    The speed session tips above are great, trying to get the 10k and 5k times down a bit so iching to get out there and burn up some trails.

  • Hi RRR hows your running going? have you any races coming up or is your next one TR?

    Jen, your making my mouth water for pancakes now, mmm. The isle of skye half is such a lovely run. The island is so magical, I loved it when we went there two years ago, I thought it was much nicer than capri we had recently been too. The drive up there is amazing too. I love scotland. I like the sound of your castle relay, it to sounds like a very scenic race. Dont worry about the speed, think about the hare and the tortoise. I find dogs far more scarier than horses!

    Reg, sounds like you had to put up with it for a while before they gave in and inserted grommets. 4.5 hours is fantastic....think it would have took me all day.

    Would say racing is the other way to get quicker as you always push yourself in a race...its like a tempo run image


    Did the third 10k in the york league was a tough one, far more hillier and windier than the last one...but I had been pre warned about the hills. I managed to get 41:50 (watch) 41:52 (official) which was slightly less than my PB two weeks ago, but the course was too long by 0.07 miles which made my pace 1 sec/mile I finished feeling happy. Think I might taper before the next one though...see how I do on fresh legs (its also suppose dto be the hilliest one out of the 6, so a pre race taper may help)

  • Hey guys, I'm actually rubbish at this regular posting thing, aren't I?? God knows how I coped with keeping that bloody thread up to dateimage

    Looks like some great running has been done by everyone - hope those of you doing it are looking forward to TR24, wish I could have joined you...

    Reg - my ex had glue ear - not a nice thing - and had to have grommets put in. How is it now?

    Sarah - Skye sounds lovely image

    So I tried two quick runs this week, the first since February, would you believe?!? They went surprisingly ok (although I was shocked at how out of shape I was!!) but have been told by my GP now to take it easy... it's a long story...

    In fact, if you'll forgive the huge essay, I have an email I sent to Sam telling her all about what's been going on with it - I'll copy and paste it into a post (or 3!). The potted summary, though, for anyone who doesn't want to struggle through it is that at last it appears to be on the mend image and my consultant was an out-and-out grade A idiot image

  • Here's the story - get your violins out guysimage

    So... I finally had my MRI scan a few weeks back and then had the follow up appt a couple of weeks after that. I really don't know what was going on with the consultant, whether he was having a bad day or just hated runners... but there must have been something!

    When I got to the appointment, he hadn't even looked at my MRI results - he read the report while I was sat there (which shows no cartilage, ligament or tendon damage btw, thankfully, but still some fluid on the joint and a funny black spot at the top of the tibia) and said "oh, guess I had better have a look at your results then"... He didn't even mention the fluid on the joint or the funny black spot.

    He looked at the images for maybe a minute at most and we had a bit of a chat about my symptoms and so on. I was trying to explain that it had always been 100% fine until the injury but he was convinced it was a long-standing bio-mechanical issue that had always been there (??), saying that "pain is a funny thing - it has probably always been there but the fall focused your mind on it".

    He laid me on the couch/bed and did one quick ten second test flexing both my hip joints. Obviously, as I'd been hobbling around for two months, my right hip was a lot tighter (Sarah later said she'd be amazed if that side wasn't a lot, lot tighter than the other) but his conclusion from that ten second test was that the ball at the top of my femur was too big for the socket in my hip - how you can deduce that from such a quick, simple test is beyond me!

    So, as a result of his 'thorough' examinations, he came to the following conclusion:

    1) The ligament that runs down the inside of my knee is too long/thin and isn't doing it's job properly. Therefore, much more of my weight is being borne on the outside of the joint than should be (made worse by my apparently freakish hip joint!). As a result, the top of my tibia has hardened and got a lot denser as a defence-mechanism to stop it crumbling and that is causing the pain;

    2) There is absolutely nothing that can be done about it, to cure it or to prevent it from getting worse. Physio will not help, no operation can be done to improve it. I said "surely there must be something, anything, I can do?!?". His response: "I suppose you could take vitamin D tablets";

    3) I am guaranteed to have severe arthritis in my knee and that will start within 10-15 years. Once it is really bad, he can do something about it. Until then, daily pain and discomfort is pretty much where we're at; and

    4) I should never run again. Ever.

    I was a little bit devastated, to put it mildly! There was a lot that was questionable, as you can see, but hearing all that at the time meant I was a bit in shock so I didn't really question it until a while after I'd left - and had calmed down a bit! I had a couple of long chats with Sarah and she 100% completely agrees that it's an injury, not bio-mechanical.

    So since then, I've been fighting the NHS to get my MRI results under Freedom of Information and got those and the report through late last week.

    In any event, it has been gradually, very slowly improving for the past 6 or 7 weeks - it's more uncomfortable and I'm aware of it all the time now rather than painful all the time as it was before. And I can walk down stairs completely naturally now - hooray!

    I've even been out for two 5ks this week (the 1st took 31 mins and felt like I'd run a marathon!! The 2nd was 26 mins odd, I did the final mile in 7:40 and it felt a lot easier) and they haven't made it flare up particularly badly. The main thing is that the joint constantly feels like it needs to "click" and it does pop and crack a lot, with some discomfort at times. It's definitely not right, but it

  • is so, so much better, a world away, than what it was. Anyway, I saw my GP yesterday and he immediately said a number of rude things about the consultant! He said that it was almost certainly extensive soft tissue damage with a possible bone bruise (which is what Sarah suspected from what I'd told her, although she hasn't had a chance to see the MRI imagery) and he has now given me an urgent referral for specialist physio. He is sure I'll be completely fine given a bit of help from the physio... although he has told me to rest for a further 4-8 weeks :'( haha. And that's where we are. I want to wait to see what the physio says before I get too excited but I'm so hopeful for the future now and can't wait to get back out and trying to dip under 20mins for my 5k image
  • Here's a couple of MRI snaps to show the weird black thing (and for all you medical geeks out there - I loved looking at the pics! lol)




     Ok, that's me done - sorry to spam up the thread!!

  • Steve - good to see you back on here and with pretty good news, I think!

    Be careful and make sure you enjoy every run!!!

  • Steve; Are you sure that it was a consultant that you saw and not some comedian from TV having a laugh at your expense?

    RRR hope you have a fantastic hen night, sorry that I wasnt able to make it.

  • Morning all!! Glad things are looking up Bacon! Don't stress about your time, just enjoy and stay safe the time will come back!  Haha always easier for a slower runner to say that!! Good to have you back!!

    RRR  Sorry I cant make it to your hen night either, You will have an amazing time!! we will have to hook up soon!

    Well I haven't run for three weeks now! I'v pulled out of a race in early June as NEED to be right for TR24!! had a massage last Saturday and it's been 10 times worse ever since! not a happy bunny! just to add just stood up and nearly fell over it hurts THAT much!! a friend at the running shop said I could still run just 5 mins on flat but to be honest, walking the dogs leisurely has me in bits!!

    As for TR24 we finally have a full team of 8!! we have a birthday boy on the saturday, and a birthday girl the wednesday before... and me but thats the week before not that I think I can claim that one!! kit is coming on a treat we will look soo switsh! Angela is using us as guinea pigs for her wedding cake....carrot's hard!

  • I thought I felt my ears burning image

  • Ok what does switsh mean...even google didn't give me an answer?? image

    Im looking forward to trying this carrot cake now, Tiggers been bigging it up so much!

    Whats do you thinks wrong with knee/leg?

  • Morning all,

    Steve, good news on the knee/leg/hip. Hopefully you will be burning up those streets soon enough. My ear is a lot better thanks. 

    By the way the second photo looks like the alien coming out of the booked body in the film Alien, or is that just me image 

  • Haha, im struggling to see it Reg but I will have another look later if I decide to have a drink....makes my brain a little more creative.

    Had a fantastic park run this morning. I started with a 1.7 miles warm up, the 3.1 race and then a 4.5 mile cool down.

    I did the park run in York for the first time. It was a completley flat course but the wind made up for it. The course was one lap and two thirds around the path on the york race course. A quarter of the course had the wind behind you, but at that point I started to feel too hot due to the sun beaming down, so I was quite relieved when you went around the bend and there was a side wind to cool me down. After that then it was running into a head on wind, which was tough, luckily I managed to tuck myself in behind a man in front of me and then later two men infront of me, which helped.

    My official time was 19:39 and I was the First Lady to finish. imageimage

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    no.. cant see any aliens either lol. Great to see you on here Steve, don't leave it so long again!!!

    image Sarah, that is such a BRILLIANT time, well done first lady!   ( btw I got 100 points in my parkrun today,  I marshalled image)

  • No I've checked and its more like a turtle, but can't find the pic of the character it reminds me off. 

  • Thankyou jen....what are these points for? I think its fantastic that people give up their Saturday morning to marshal for these park runs otherwise all these people wouldn't get out of bed early to stay deserve more than 100 points.

    Maybe I need another bottle of wine Reg!image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Greetings all. Been away in Scotland all week and off the radar.

    First off, sorry I can't make the Hen night either. My white cowboy hat and pink diamante crop top (with obligatory lewd dervation of my name on it) is unfortunately still at the dry cleanersimage

    Steve - great to see you back here! I think that does read like more good news than bad. Sounds like the consultant was indeed having a very bad day. So happy that you're managing to get out there and enjoy running again.

    RRR - congratulations on your forthcoming wedding. You've really gone for it this year haven't you? A four month public running campaign and then a wedding. Maybe you could squeeze in moving house as well and make it a proper challenge?

    Sarah - sub 20! Wow. Shockingly fast running there. I'm only just starting to get back into it after the marathon. Well done! 

    Tigger/Angela - liking the sound of this cake business. After Mrs Malcs' giant jaffa cake attempt a few weeks back I spotted that they now sell official Jaffa Cake cakes for £7 in the supermarket! 

    DS2 - how are things with you? Done any running since Halstead?

    Reg - mighty fine cycling there. How's the ear now? Is it an improvement?

    Jen - you're just a one woman marshall and support package! Fantastic stuff. We will probably be down in Llanelli in the summer so we will have to do the parkrun again with you.

    You'll be absolutely great in the relay I'm sure. Have a great time.

    Clive - hope you had a great holiday. Was the weather kind? And did you manage to get any running in?


  • Hi all,

    Great round up Malcs!!

    Have virtually had a two week break. I've had so much on with work and family that I started stressing over getting my runs in. I decided that even the elite's take a break after one marathon before starting the next campaign so decided to take 10 days off without even thinking about running. I really enjoyed eating and drinking a little without a care - although incredibly I am now 10 pounds heavier than pre-marathon!!!

    I had my first run on Sunday which started with 3k with Mrs DS2 at 10mm and then 3 miles at 7:30mm - it felt incredibly tough but enjoyable. Then got out for a hard ride of 17 miles on Sunday.

    I was running surprisingly well after the marathon but was worried about burn out and at my age I need to be careful. Unlike Sarah Osborne who goes from strength to strength. Amazing stuff!

    Any news on Ady at Comrades?

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Morning everyone! I'm celebrating 4 years of running today imageimage when I bought my first ever running shoes n went for a run!

    I'm planning the same run today image but it will be a bit faster!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Jen - Many happy returns! I'm sure you will be ALOT faster!

    I'm about a year older than you. I remember doing my first 10K at the end of June and having to lie down for all of the rest of the day image

    DS2 - I used to think it was a big waste taking time off, now I think it's essential. I did hardly any running at the end of last year and ended up with my best marathon time. I'm sure it wasn't the main reason for this but it clearly didn't have a negative effect.

    I'm only just starting to get back into running properly again now. My mad working has subsided and we got the software completed in time. Here's the vid for the product if anyone is interested. We did all the software parts (in the Control It section nearer the end.
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