Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon



  • We're still due more rain after today however this race really is mixed terrain so I'm going for my usual slightly grippy hybrids (Brooks trailblade). Quite glad that the conditions will conceal my general unfitness.

    I'm also up for Winter Tanners in January.

  • I'm going for trail shoes the off road bits are going to be awful!!!
  • Helly, have a good run tomorrow. Hope to see you at the Winter Tanners

  • well i'm wearing trainers as i don't have trail shoes. Very scared.

  • You'll definitely need wellies for Winter Tanners Helly.

  • running shoes for me .. dont have trail shoes either and from memory (I have done this the last 2 years) there are only a couple of really bad patches as the old rail lines are very compact. 

    Famous last words perhaps!?

  • Famous last words

  • But wasnt it fun ..

  • At least we all got clean socks in the goody bags!
  • Thats true.

    Well done to one and all

    A big thank you to all the Marshall's who waited for us and still had a smile for everyone. (Me thinks they may have been on the booze you know)
  • that was a bit of a toughieimage

  • Phew that was tough.  I was planning for a PB friendly, pancake-flat race.  But this race simply wasn't that for me. 

    I'm not complaining as this was a case of  optimistic self-delusion over-riding any expectation of what a waterlogged grassy track might be like after the first 500 pairs of feet.

    A great run with lots of support from runners and spectators alike. 
    Better prep next time though...

  • Wow, that was really tough.  The terrain almost finished me (my hamstring) off. All the slipping and sliding around led to a feeling of pure exhaustion by mile 23, thankyou to all those lovely runners who kept me going. Give me hills any time , much easier to run them than a flat boggy, slippy course.

    Glad I did it, and got a PB by 10 minutes but not sure its one I would do again.


  • Well done everyone who finished it....and boy...it was tough !! I was wearing a lady santa costume complete with red and white stripey tights - first time to run fancy dress at a marathon and it was great as it took my mind off the actual run, well, for some parts !!

    I love this run and 4 days after I can quite happily say I WILL be there again next year.image


  • possum, we chatted, on the up and when you returned. i wad running with RE in reading roadrunners outfit and Limper. image.

  • Tiptoes wrote (see)

    possum, we chatted, on the up and when you returned. i wad running with RE in reading roadrunners outfit and Limper. image.

    Hey Tiptoes....nice to have met you.  image

  • Back at you Possum
  • Anyone know who the event photographer was??
  • Yes - Ian Burnett.  image

    Photos are out there now. 

  • I've just entered this years....would you all recommend it?? I will be staying over as not from Portsmouth, any hotels that you would recommend?? 

    training starting now nice and steady, I was looking for a winter marathon as I am sick of training for spring marathons only to be hit by a heatwave....heat n marathons don't mix, not for me anyway. x


  • There is a Premier Inn at Southsea, and also a Best Western (royal beach). If they are too pricey there are tons of B&B's around the seafront that will cater for any budget.

  • I have entered this too, first marathon for me!

    Live in gosport so not far to travel, just need to find the right training plan
  • I'm in this year. Any excuse to visit Portsmouth and have a Lady Hamilton roast lol.

    Really looking forward to a mulled wine or rum at the hydration stations should be good training for the medoc next year, can't wait image

  • Did it last year and vowed again ............. Have already enterd this years
  • Any tips? I am guessing if its windy it will make it so much harder?

    I have seen the medal for it on Facebook already!
  • Last yr it was definitely an off rd shoe event due to the rain the weeks leading up to it. Difficult to get hot drinks and any food before the start so get it all before you go.

    It wasn't great on the crowd support but the marshals were wonderful and then there was the brandy and mince pies at the drinks stations , oh yes , remember why I'm doing it again now.
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