Giants Head Marathon - June 2013



  • I'll be doing it again. Hopefully if an Ultra materealises i'll do that if not i'll do the easy marathonimage Still think the Ultra should be 2 of the marathon laps image

  • We are working on an ultra for a different part of Dorset for next year

  • image Do you know roughly what sort of date it will be? Might be tempting depending on cut off's.

  • 28th June 2014 we should start another thread for 2014

  • Hi when can we enter next years race please ?

  • 14th Septemeber

  • A reminder 
    Entry for the 2014 Giants Head Marathon and Sydling Hill race will open on Saturday 14th September..... when ever I get out of bed 'o'clock.
    Anyone who enters before 2nd December will be entered into a draw for a load of winter running gear like tights and tops and gloves and wellies*. There will be only one winner randomly selected by my dog. 

    All thanks to our sooper sexy sponsors Up and Running Bournemouth

    Everyone who enters online will also receive a voucher they can print off for money off some shoes. Take said voucher into the Bournemouth store or give them a ring for mail order if you are not local.
    So enter online on the White Star site next week.
    (*ok maybe not the wellies)


  • I'd find the wellies more useful than tights. 
    Hope to be back next year, just don't tell everyone. Please don't make it 26.2 miles either instead of the regular 28. Oh and a fridge to keep the cider cold at mile 20 (or was it 22??!!) would be nice, but by then any alcohol will do.


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