Hi My name is...



  • Hello from a wirral based pirate.

    Must pull my finger and get entered on the Jodrell Bank ride.


  • Blue Peter wrote (see)
    Always up for a bacon butty dustboy!
    Does anyone have any recommendations for a turbo trainer? Looking to spend no more than ??150, been checking eBay and there are a few bargains to be had, anything I should be looking for?or avoiding? Cheers

    Not gone there myself because I'm on the yorkshire side of the hills but a few people have said this place if brilliant if a little pricely for some stuff link. Might be worth a look. I got mine from a cycle shop for about £100 and does the job but has nothing special about it if you want any bling. T

    here's a young lad by the name of Rosey whose very much a god in these parts who works with bikes near nantwick. He might be a good person to ask if you can spot him on the theads.

    Oh and bacon butties are a most before a tri. image image

  • Young lad Rosey ! Yeah right.

    Hiya from Chester
  • image He's in his prime I tell ya. Can anyone tell him about the thread I can't get on farsebook from work.

  • How are you piratey neighbour? Did you ever bite the bullet on the Paris marathon?

  • Think Dave and his better half are both entered into Paris Marathon


  • Yep.... In a moment of pure madness we are both doing Paris....


  • How romantic. I wonder what those stylish Parisians will think of the yellow and black kit.

    Are you dong the 4 villages as a warm up?

  • Yeah, Most folks go to Paris for romantic walks, candle lit dinners and the like....

    ... We go to get hot and sweaty running a bl**dy marathon

    Helena Tipping, 4 Villages, Wrexham Half

    Oh and we will be in blue

  • splitter!


  • Eh ?

    I always do running races in blue, and Suzie has never raced in yellow & black

  • Hello Dave/iron muffin, cheers for the welcome.

    SA - cheers, I will keep my eye out for potential rides, bike is in need of a winter maintenance check.

    Cake - cheers, I will check out the link.

    Also, been considering(more like picking the moment to break the news to my OH!) getting a new bike but may wait a bit as employer does bike4work scheme so can save on a bit of tax and prob spend a bit more.

    Didn't realise how getting into triathlons is like being a kid in a sweet shop for gear...
  • Blue Peter wrote (see)

    Didn't realise how getting into triathlons is like being a kid in a sweet shop for gear...

    There's another reason ?

  • Hi Ironholgs,

    I found this site while psyching myself up for my sprint tri next May, thought that would do me, then someone here recommended your book, read it, now aiming for a full ironman in 2014........you have a lot to answer for!!

    Great read, cheers.
  • Sorry, refreshed page post re submitted.
  • Hi Pete,

    Only managing 2 mile runs at the moment, 3 times a week. Cycle once a week and increasing the distance every week and done 25 miles last Saturday. Swim 3 times a week. Pleased with everything apart from the running, not showing much improvement but will work on it. Not training since Saturday, chest infection, so probably back to the beginning on the running.
  • Sparx

    stick with the running, just start to increase mileage each week, I am no expert but has worked for me. This time last year I had only been running for 2 months and just building up to my first 10k race(having put on weight through drinking too much and not exercising at all,that and packing up smoking) fast forward 1 year and I have completed 3 half marathons this year(PB last sunday of 1:44) and 5 weeks ago completed a marathon in 4:07. However, swimming for me at the mo is almost nonexistent ad not been on the bike for a while - although about to purchase a turbo for the winter miles.



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