How common is running in your area?



  • Running always grows in popularity during a recession. Many thousands taken it up over the last three or four years its cheaper than gym membership.image
    Think this is the latest detailed official survey but a little dated now - 2002 General Household Survey Sports and Leisure section - 5% of adults interviewed claimed to have run/jogged as a sports/lesiure activty in the 4 weeks prior to the survey, and 9% in the 12 months prior to the survey. Around 12% were members of clubs. The stats don't seem to pick up any clear trends in participation rates, maybe there were a few more running in the late 1980s, and a slight increase in the proportion of women running from the late 1990s to 2002.

  • I'm in Cardiff too and I never go for a run without seeing at least a dozen other runners

  • Whoop! *fellow Cardiff runner half five* I think because Cardiff is so flat is a factor as well, I've mananged to trick one of my friends to come with me with the promise of no hills...once haha

  • What's wrong with hills? Flat is boring!

  • We have loads.

    They come out in droves when I'm injured to rub my nose in it image


  • Moon68 - I do all my running up the Taff trail and through Bute Park - it's right on my doorstep.

    Johnny...are you calling Cardiff boring?  Surely not...image

  • Cant beat the Edges of Derbyshire!!!image One path outside my office goes up over 500 feet in less than one mile nice for hill sessions.image

  • I run in Birmingham & am always suprised by the lack of runners I pass on my runs...maybe we all just run the same routes in the same direction!! Have done 30ish miles this week and only passed one other runner
  • yer_maj. I like Cardiff - as cities go, it is good. I've even run in Bute park (as a student 30 years ago). When I stayed in Cardiff last year I did my running north of the city where it was nice and hilly. MCS - that sounds more like it!

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