Your goal for the near future



  • Current goal (decided a few months ago) is to have done 25 parkruns by the end of the year. I've done 20, and there are 7 Saturdays left before the end of the year, so I may not manage it.

    Longer term I want to get my 50 parkrun t-shirt and do at least 10 different parkruns (currently on 7).

  • marshallini wrote (see)

    Near Future Goals - 7km in under 30 mins.  An average of 6:53 minute/mile.

    I've run it twice so far 32:58 and 33:31

    marshallini wrote (see)

    Just went for a run on my 7k course and took a minute off my best time,

    pb now 31:55.44. (7:19 m/m)

    Had another go at my 7km trail time trial course today.

    Suprised myself with a 29:52.04 (6:51.02m /m) I was expecting to run it at least another 4-5 times until I got anywhere near going under the half hour.

    Now I've smashed that I will have to have to come up with a new goal


  • good running Marshalliniimage

  • EKGO, no not doing Gloucester in jan 2013 as in doing winter tanners 30, then 2 weeks after im doing TT50.

  • I might do Gloucs again as I have born to run in Feb, unless I can find something off road
  • Short term goal is the Portsmouth Coastal Marathon in December. After a year dominated by injury and illness I plan on running to a 4 1/2 hour schedule but will be happy just to finish.

    Mid term goal is the south downs way marathon next summer. 

    In between those I want to go sub 42 minutes for a 10km and sub 1 hour 40 for a half.

    No long term goals, the inbetween goals will become short term goals in January with specicfic events identified. When they are out of the way the mid term goal becomes the short term one and I'll look for somethhing else in the later part of last year which will become the new mid term goal. (not sure I've explained that too well)

  • WOW go Marshallini - well done!!
  • Cheers Camloimage

    marshallini wrote (see)
    but for now I am just looking to get back in to double figures

    Just run 10.44 mile - double figures attained image

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