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Despite all the great reviews the Mizuno range has been receiving I for one have had it with them.

I have now had 4 pairs of the Mizuno Wave Creation and i am really disappointed at the length of time they have lasted. On the last pair i saved them specifically for racing in and i reckon they have given up the ghost at about 200 - 250 miles. That's not good for a £90 shoe.

I bought some Asic Kayano's, trained in them raced in them (a bit heavy) marathoned in them. They are still going strong after 3 sets of the Wave Creation have given up.

I even sent the last pair of Creations back due to the VS1 becoming detatched from the sole. 3 weeks later i am still waiting for Mizuno to finish their assessment.

Not impressed !! Anyone else


  • Kent,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with your Wave Creation and I agree with you that they shouldn't be 'giving up the ghost' after 200-250 miles. Without being able to see the shoes in question to pass a more informed response, all I can say at the moment is that the major difference between the Kayano and the Wave Creation is that the Creation is a neutral shoe and the Kayano is a stability shoe,I would therefore expect slightly greater midsole durability from a stability shoe due to the firmer midsole density. Have you had the chance to have your gait analyzed to ensure the Wave Creation is the correct shoe for you ?

    With regard to your returned Wave Creations I can only apologise for the fact that you have not had a response, and can fully understand that you are not impressed. I will personally investigate this with our customer services department and ensure a response is sent back to you immediately.

    I am sorry that we have lost you as a customer for the time being, hopefully you will one day try out our products again.

    Best Regards
    Simon Ash
    European Product Development Manager
  • Kent,

    It's Simon from Mizuno again, a quick question on your returned Wave Creations. Did you return them directly to Mizuno, or via your retailer? If you returned via your retailer can you let us know who that was so we can trace the returned product.

    Many thanks
    Simon Ash
  • Kent

    My experience with the Wave Creation was the total opposite I am a big heavy (15stone) neutral runner and the Mizuno saw me over 700 miles of running and racing, the only reason I’ve changed this time is that my local shop did not have my size in, but I intend buying a pair as a second shoe so I can alternate my runners.

    I think its all about getting the shoe that is right for you – did you have your running style analysed in the shop to ensure that you were getting the shoe that was right for you?

  • Hi Simon

    Firstly, many thanks for the response I'm most impressed at the forum and the fact that you responded.

    Having re-read my post i feel the need to back of it a little. I did have 4 pairs of the shoes and with the exception of the last pair they were OK. I really like the fit and the ride but question their last ability. Don't be put off trying them yourself - which is why i asked anyone else?

    You're right that by comparing them against the Kayano is not comparing apples with apples. What i was trying to highlight is a comparison of flagship shoes across brands.

    I contacted Mizuno about sending them back directly but was told that it had to be done via the retailer. Anyone can have product problems but the real test of a Company is how quickly and efficiently they deal with these. I've been without the shoes for three weeks now and not heard a word from Mizuno. This is being left in limbo - which is my main gripe.
  • Hi again Kent,

    Can you let me know which retailer you have sent them back through, as until we hear from the retailer we can not give you the response you require to hopefully sort out this problem.

    Please contact us on running@mizuno.co.uk if you do not want to continue this particular discussion on the forum and we can hopefully bring a close to this problem.

    Thanks again
  • I must admit that I`m pleased with the lattest creation but wish they were a little more stable, like the previous editions.I know companies have to develop their products, but to change the type of shoe from stability to cushioning seems slightly odd. I`m a mild pronator and can get away with cushioning, particually because of the forefoot.
  • Slug,

    FYI the Wave Creation has always been in the 'cushion' category although I have noticed that some retailers originally positioned it in 'stability' due to the Wave plate. The 2002 Wave Creation was (and still is) actually more stable than the 2001 Creation due to the double wave plate, well that is what our internal testing told us anyway. I am personally very neutral in my footstrike so it's a little difficult to tell and I would therefore be interested to hear if anybody feels that compared to last year the shoe is less stable.

    Best Regards
    Simon Ash
  • Hi Simon, Cheeky Jon here! I seem to remember RW saying in their new shoe review at the start of this year that the new Creation was LESS stable. Might be worth fighting with 'em... y'know, get a bit of action going on the forum!

    PS. Haven't tried the Legend yet, although I will naturally let you know what I think of them when I do. Is there any likelihood of creating a stability shoe that compares to the Asics Kayano, say, a grade above the Merc?
  • Put me down for a pair, if they can do it.

    Rider, same "last ability" as a diesel Merc - 200K miles, but obviously less cost.

  • I obviously can't tell you exactly what we are planning as you never know who reads these forums. But that sounds like a good idea, something I'm sure we'll look at.

    Thanks for the feedback !
  • I have a pair of Wave Creation and my last 2 pairs of this shoe lasted me around 600 miles. I would still run in them over a short distance, say up to 8 miles, as they are a really fast feeling shoe and have only lost cusioning to a point where I get a bit achey after 8 miles. I even bought a spare pair a few weeks ago as manufacturers have a habit of changing your perfect shoe. I am 10 stone and run 50 miles a week anything from 3 - 15 miles.
  • It was runnersworld shoe review that stated that the creation 1 & 2 were stability. I did like the feel of the midfoot shank of creation 1, perhaps it was this that gave me the feeling of a stability shoe.
  • Sorry for a simplistic contribution here folks, but my nre Creations are without dobt the most comfy shoes I've had, athough much publicised injury prevents high mileage yet. Also damned sexy. Lets see how long they last.
    Free rewards accepted.
  • I think they look ok, but not really sexy! Sexy is the Kayano VIII!!! (?)

    I'm going mad! How can I sit here and call a shoe sexy? Surely stilettoes are the only REALLY sexy shoe around?

    Sorry... Ignore me... Its easier that way!
  • Simon, IF you create a new stability shoe, you could always market it as the Wave Jon?! Just an idea!
  • Simon, just a quick question. Does the Creation have any pronounced stability features? I have been tempted to try it for its massive forefoot cushioning, but can't have a shoe with any stabilit/motion control features as they give me knee pain... I had been put off the Creation before due to the grey area of whether it was neutral or stability - hope I can get the answer straight from the horse's mouth!
  • I'm not Simon, but it is neutral! promise!
  • Jon is right, it's a neutral shoe...
  • Thanks! You're the first person ever to have said that to me!

    So.... What do you think of the Mizuno Wave Jon idea!?!?!
  • Mmmmmmmmm Wave Jon ? We shall have to wait and see, I'm sure it would be very popular with everybody named Jon, but outside of that who knows ?
  • Global appeal I would have thought!
  • I will continue to pester until you say yes!
  • Since i started serious running (1997-998) i have been an ASICS stalwart. But my favourite DS Trainer VI is more. The VII just doesn't agree with me. So i'm now looking to MIZUNO, in particular the Wave Precision 3. I want to know if any runner out there is accustomed to these and their view. The right choice is utmost, paramount importance. (background stuff 5'10", 68kg, pb's : 10k 37:16, half 1:19:26, 16mile 1:38, marathon 2:43). I normally alternate between 3 to 4 pairs of the same make & model of shoe for the year. For MIZUNO that means the all important repeat customer for life and for me....happy running and hopefully more pb's.
  • I believe the right choice in shoe is of the utmost importance to ther rest of us aswell!
  • run 4 your life (interesting name !)

    I'm obviously biased in my opinion on the Mizuno shoes but looking at your height, weight and times, then you should enjoy running in the Precision. If you liked it you could then alternate with the Wave Rider or Creation for your longer steadier runs and the Wildwood for your trail runs.

    That's my thoughts but I would obviously also like to hear what other people think who I'm sure are doing more miles in them than I can manage at the moment !

  • But... How is the stability? Doesn't the DS trainer have a medial post?
  • PS. Simon in your expert opinion, what do you think a 79kg 6 foot 2 runner with a tendancy to moderately over pronate should wear?
  • Jon,

    I would recommend a pair of Wave Mercury for the steady running and a pair of Wave Maverick for faster paced and fartleks etc.

  • Do you remember the Cheeky Jon/ Maverick thang? I did try the Merc's, although they didn't agree with me! Hence my suggestion earlier on in this thread. Something with the flexibility of the Mav (which I should thank you again for!) but the stability/ endurance of the Mercs?
  • Looking at the recent trainer reviews in RW i see they suggest the Mizuno Wave Precision 3 if you liked the Asics Ds trainer. It is only a suggestion but i would like to thing that RW has the runner's best interest at heart and would not lead us astray. So i'm sure Simon would give unbiased view to a runner, having the best interest of the runner at heart. Or is this whole world driven my money. Would it not be better to give the right info and convert an Asics wearer to Mizuno, in the knowledge that would reap far greater rewards. Serious runners (which i hope i'm right in callimg mysef) are repeat customers, buying 3 to 4 running shoes per year and are a great advert for recommending them to friends.
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