Jurassic Coast Challenge March 2013



  • MM - sounds like you are putting in the miles and training on the perfect terrain - sure you will be fine.. grand even!!   Plenty of time to squeeze in another LSR and taper!!  image

    DF3 -  Running dinosaurs or the regular kind?  I am a bit excited to see this part of the world.. not sure if I will stop to gather and carry any fossils tho... that's fossils of the rocky variety.. not running kindimage


  • Terrain Report!
    went to Lulworth yesterday to do a 3 hour 'run'
    i say it in inverted commas cos the section we did ( Lulworth to just past Tyneham and back) contains a lot of vertical!
    Paths are fairly dry at the moment in that section, couple of bits of mud but its fairly firm. Good running where it was possible. Even going down hills in minimalist shoes there was no slipping apart from on a loose shaley bit.
    No idea what the rest of the route is like, might do a short run from durlston in the next couple weeks to check it from the other end.

  • OH that is exciting news MM - I've had a bit of a set back have managed to tweak my knee (Quad tendon) with some over ambitious downhill running last week which has meant Ive not been able to run all week image  I am off to physio again today and hope with rest and strapping I will get to the start image((  

    I really wanted to get one more 3hour in and then some little B2Bs  - def can't run still and any walking, other than dead flat terrain is a problem.  I feel really deflated but still hopeful with two weeks to go I can start and still run at least one day!  I am having a "kit and race planning dinner" with my fellow entrants later in the week... NOT LONG NOW!!

    Hope you are all well JCCers!

  • Yes we are having a planning meeting this week too!!

  • Not long now folks!! Is anyone freaked out by the military range we have to cross through.. I definitely won't be taking any detours from the path!!  How is everyone feeling? Prepared?? 

    I had a sports "massage" yesterday and I am developing a rather fancy collection of bruises down my legs..  All good, hoping it will at least get me pain free - even if only for the start.. So peeved that I have been training (not perfectly but consistently) for 12 months and with a month to go I get injured! FLAMMING FRUITSTICKS!  Dodgy piriformis, patella tendon, soleus etc etc.. But like all you other mad runners out there, I will put my body on the start line and have a go anyway... besides.. I might come good in the next few weeks.. 

  • AC, the military range is fine! have walked and run it many times, the wide paths are clearly marked between yellow posts, its a popular walking area. Also there is no firing on the weekend so we wont have to duck! image
    My concern is the 4 mile detour that still seems to be in place from Kimmeridge to near Worth Matravers. The hill we will have to climb is about the highest thing around (swyre head). Its the highest level you can see in the middle of this picture!
    Mind you the views are spectacular!image
    Are you doing all three days - hats off to you!



  • MM - thanks you have cheered me up no end - I didn't fancy being shot to pieces!! What a fab photo aswell..I am hoping to do 3 days but will have to see how the leg holds up!  The detour looks like a challenge to say the least.. Do you think they will change the finish point then to keep the miles down - or just add it on?  Is that day 2?  

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    What do you get if you cross a dinosaur with a pig?

  • Jurassic Pork!! image

  • AC, no idea what they will do with the detour, I'm waiting until they give out the final race instructions which i think is after this weekend? they might have some more info for us. I suppose they could change the finish to middle beach instead of shell bay if they wanted to make it shorter, but i'm expecting the worst just in case!
    Its day 3

  • Has everyone got their instruction pack email?
    looks like we are following the detours, and the finish stays the same.
    unless the coast path is opened up again by then, which i doubt image

    ho hum - extra mileage anyone?

  • hi guys - just stumbled across this post - there are 4 of us all signed up to this years JCC, not long now...

    we've put in a couple of stints on parts of the course, first time (feb) it was completely waterlogged and muddy around lulworth, just a couple of weeks ago it'd completely dried out. wind blew easterly first time, westerly second - i guess anything could happen! we're all definately taking a spare pair of socks in the daypack though, lesson defo learned... 

    the diversions (around portland anyway) are dead simple, they've roped places off and put up alternative signs so simple to follow

    really looking forward to it now - just finishing is our goal!


  • theres been some more rain recently which had muddied up a lot of places locally (havent been to the coast path since the 3rd)

    the big diversion on day three (at kimmeridge)  is not as straightforward as it looks, at least last time i did it there were few signs, you will need to pay attention to the map to get back on course.

  • Thanks for the updates MM!  I am really looking forward to it but really hoping we get a bit more dry weather over the next week to allow the course to dry out again.  I'm still having physio and haven't run on my dodgy knee for nearly 3 weeks so just hoping to get through! MM - any idea about the extra mileage - it's a little difficult to tell with the map.  Speaking of maps - do we just get print outs of the ones on the webpage? Is anyone taking OS maps? 

    Hope you are all excited and feeling prepared! Is it too early for carbo loading?image

  • AC the extra mileage is about 3km i think -ish, dont quote me! going on Garmin Connect courses the orginal course was about 45km and the new one is roughly 47-48km
    but its the extra hill climb i'm not looking forward to image

    i think we get issued with print outs of the maps at registration but i am taking my own just to be on the safe side. I have photocopied just the relevent areas of a smaller scale (or should that be larger scale?) OS map! (the orange one, not the pink one!)

    carb loading next week i think!


  • Crikey
  • Oh Dear!

  • So, I may have gone a bit crazy with the carbo loading - put on 2kgs!! That will be fun to carry up and down the hills! image Getting excited tho and nearly packed and sorted - thinking the weather is going to be freezing and wet so planning on wearing lots of layers and my new Marmot waterproof jacket.. I just got waterproof gloves as well..   Still haven't got everything to fit in my running pack yet image 

    4 more sleeps peoples!!!!


  • I'm just trying to make sure i have everything on the kit list. My jacket has a built in whistle on a waist strap tucked in a pocket, do you think that will fulfill the whistle requirement?

    also trying to work out how much calories and how often to eat on the day!

    so far the weather looks like: wet friday, damp saturday, dry but overcast sunday

    probably be a muddy one so agonising over shoes. I want to wear my merrell trail gloves as they are best but not good for extreme mud. Have got some inov8 trailrocs but they appear somehow to aggravate something and i end up with sciatica when i wear them recently, although it could be coincidence and its not them at all! might just be all the training?
    I was going to try some inov8 baregrip but never got round to it from lack of cash.
    crazily wondering whether to wear one and carry the other but its extra weight i dont need!

    (you might be able to tell the panic is setting in now! image)

  • prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

  • I sent an email to VoTwo re kit and what you wear counts so no need to carry extra unless you think you will need it.  I am going to carry an extra merino icebreaker top in addition to what I am wearing and then carry the rest of kit, whistle and compass on bag, head torch, notepad water etc.. trying to work out whether to wear my marmot hyper jacket (full wet) or carry it and wear a softshell.  

    MM I know what you mean re shoes - I am bringing 2 pairs of Innov8 rocklites.. Ive trained in them and they are most comfortable and hopefully will keep me upright!  I would wear the ones you are most comfortable in and if you need to slow and walk really slippy sections then at least you will get there without the pain! Nerves are normal now, bet once you are at the start it will all just dissapear!  image  

    Re food.. I plan to carry minimal (haribos are my thing!) and water and then just use the CP to fuel up. I find I don't want much, tho if it is bucketing and cold then I probably will want some more!  I find that I am best if I stick to water for the first 10kms then carb drink at 15km then a snack roughly every 5kms (depending on terrain).  I alternate water and gaterade after 20kms..I wouldn't worry too much, just stick with what you have trained with!!  There will be plenty on offer I imagine so I am not so worried.

    Not long now peeps! Best try and cram everything in my bag!  Please let the weather be good - I really would like to see some of the coast - without being blinded by wind and rain! image

  • AC, thats good news about the kit.

    I have a tendancy to forget to drink when on a long run, so my friend who i am running with suggested i have a sip of drink every time my garmin goes beep (so every km) I know that sounds a bit much as i can easily do a 10k with no drink, but i thought it would at least help me remember! have got a handheld bottle and 2 small refills. Was going to take a water bladder but they are a pain to re-fill and also you cant tell how much you have left!
    same as you I was planning to have a snack about every 5km or 1 hour depending on the terrain.
    I'll take my own food as I dont want to chance that i will want what they have on the CP's, i find if food is too dry i dont want to eat it on a long run.
    I think you are right about the shoes, comfortable is best!
    Am taking wet wipes and ikkle bottle antibac gel too in case of mucky hands! - is that taking things too far?
    This is my first event at anything over marathon distance (day three seems to be about 47-48km with the detour) esp on that terrain so I dont imagine i'll get everything right this time!
    Am hoping to do the Purbeck Marathon in September too but there is a 7 hour limit for that so this weekend will be good practice!

  • I am carrying wet wipes and gel too! image  Good plan re the garmin beep -(must remember to pack charger!)  I am going to carry about a litre in my cammelback as I don't like holding things as my shoulders tend to get stiff and hurt.  Its my first event over a marathon to and first multi day so I shall be plodding along the back.  I know unfortunately my fitness is not right with hurting my knee at the beginning of the month and so I haven't run more than 10kms and only a few times this month! I am hoping that the months and months of good training before that sees me through - though I know I am going to struggle!  But not as much as one of my running companions - a friend who is planning on getting through all three but has not done any off road running or hills!! image I think he will be hurting more than me somehow!! Though, typical bloke will probably race off and probably beat me home anyway! image  I have to laugh - he just bought some trail shoes and a pack - but not tried them image  I plan on plodding it and definately not overdoing day 1.. 

    Good luck to you MM and all!  Purbeck sounds fun - not sure what's next for me.. 

  • good luck to you doing all three days - are you in group 2?

    we will be plodding along with you on day three! not planning on pushing the speed at all, my plan is just to finish image

    Gosh, your friend will be a bit taken aback by the hills then, they are not easy ones! Try not to say 'I told you so' when you pass him! image

    seriously though good luck to all that are doing it.

    to paraphrase the Irish saying "may the trail rise up to meet us, may the wind be always at our backs"! image

  • MM Love that saying! - yep G2 for me so I might see you out there!! My other half (also Aussie) and I will be running with one of his workmates and my girlfriend will be walking in G1.  I might end up dropping to G1 on day 3 hopefully not b -  will hope to still manage a bit of a plod! Not sure how big the field is chances are our paths will meet! image 

  • I'll listen out for an Aussie accent! image

    as for me just look out for someone who looks old and knackered! image 

    are you travelling and staying in the campsite?

  • It will be like looking in a mirror thenimage

    Staying onsite and signed up for meals! 


  • Oh, well have a good trip down here then.

    we're getting dropped off at Weymouth at 8am Sunday!

  • Hey MM/ALL - how did you all get on?  Have a great day/weekend out?  I ended up pulling out at the end of Day 1 so missed the rest of the fun.. Horrific conditions which I hope improved over the rest of the weekend?  Well done all!  I am just going to move on to the next one now - looking at the OMM lite in the peaks in May!  image

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