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  • Mouse thats value for money that is

    Like a bonus image
  • So it would seem that even the "official" events all vary. I'll stop worrying about it all now then and get something booked to pop my IM cherry!
  • Official ? Nothing unofficial about The Outlaw, you mean not branded
  • Yep meant branded, sorry. So now just got to decide between IMWales or Henley.
  • wales is where the cool kids will be................image

  • M..o.use wrote (see)

    I did Germany the year it had the 185km bike leg.


    AND no wetsuits !

  • Rocco. wrote (see)
    So it would seem that even the "official" events all vary. I'll stop worrying about it all now then and get something booked to pop my IM cherry!

    Absolutely, and just make sure you are comfortable with your decision. 


    For what it's worth, TBW is a sod of a bike course. image

  • Rocco Wales was orsum!!
  • Well I am in the group whose never done one,  but I have entered the IronMan 70.3 next year.  The main reason for doing this one was that I wanted to do an IronMan branded event.

    Although of course, the 70.3 is just for those who aren't good enough to do the 140.6, a camp I definitely fall into

  • Was thinking of going to TBW this year but decided not to as it was sightly less than IM, is there any reason that they (still Trev?) can't add another loop to make up the distance? I'm assuming so otherwise it would have been done I guess

  • Believe me, when you've been around the Forest a couple of times you really REALLY don't want to go a third time, whether it's planned or not.

    If I do it I'm seriously going to put extra cogs on my bike.


  • Blisters, just wondering what set you you currently have on your bike. I just check the bike route and it passes about 1/2 mile from house. I was thinking of using it as a training loop for IMW.


  • Shimano Tiagra with 12/28 rear and 34/50. I'm hoping that I squeeze fit the 12/30 block in there. The 34-28 is OK for any of the hills, but the second and third attacks soon see the pace outstripped by gastropods. It's ideal training territory for IMW, but make sure you add in some of those bruisingly steep inclines.

    You can't be too far from me, Duda.

  • Blisters, I  am basically going the same way. I too have a compact 10 speed tiagra set up and have just got a 12t-30t rear cassette to go on. According to both Shimano website and the guys at performance cycles in Cirencester it will go on fine.

    I have already tried it on my bike but as a bit of a newbie when it comes to bike mechanics.  I could not get it to run quite right, will have another go when I can get help with the set up.

    My recent first accents include Longhope hill and Plump Hill from the Mitcheldean side. I also regularly ride along the A40 from Lea to A48 then along A48 to the Flaxley road and them climb up from the river to Mitcheldean which looks like its part of the TBW route.

    I am still trying to pluck up the courage to try the ride up from Monmouth to the Forest. image but it will happen.




  • It's actually quite pleasant riding round and through the Forest when there's no peer pressure. I live in Gloucester, so a classic pre-IM ride is round by the Severn Bridge, but I turned up to the Group ride one Saturday, and Group 1 said they were heading that way. I tagged along (hanging on at the back). Then it went t....s up as they added a bit of an extra fun, by heading into the Forest, up the Plump, down to Ross, along the Symonds Yat via Tintern Abbey before arriving in Chepstow. I dropped off the back at the first Forest hill as they were being too manly. Still, it was a nice 80 miler and I could have a when I wanted one.

    Drop me a personal message if you want a ride round the area. We can exchange phone numbers/weekday names that way.

  • I've driven some of that, and it was difficult!

  • On yer bike.

    The gearing's lower.

  • Blisters, I will drop you a message. It would be good to get out for a ride although I am still pitifully slow. 16 MPH average.



  • Not bad for those hills.

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