Right now I am...



  • Trying to find the motivation to get ready for going out.
  • BookyBooky ✭✭✭
    SuperCaz wrote (see)

    Drinking a pot of tea.  Mine is better than yours Bookieimage

    Agreed! I need to make some more...


  • printing a furniture catalogue and drinking tea...... (Caz, my hands are covered in ink...you know what that means!!image)

  • *Gets in car and heads off to Towner's part of the world*

    I am also sorting out my social life for tomorrow.

  • im now cleaning up spat out tea, (Caz made me laugh!image)


  • I'm currently sitting on the sofa feeling sorry for myself but enjoying the peace of a sleeping toddler next to me!

  • I'm eating the biggest risotto ever (portion size recommended on the packet turned out to be enough for feed a horse!) and entering a cold water swimming event

  • I'm waiting patiently for my truck to come through! I sent off for a brilliant Eddie Stobart  Large 1:76 scale truck. Waited about three weeks then got a very nice letter saying it'll be about another three weeks before it actually arrives as it's coming from Switzerland.

    I'm so excited! It'll take pride of place on my desk! 

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