how do you handle dodgy phonecalls



  • mostly i just put the phone down, but if I'm in the mood here are three entertaining things to try....

    1. Pretend to be the Royal Family and agree to everything.  The postcode of Buckingham Palace is SW1A 1AA.  Then try and get irritated if they don't have King or Queen as the title in your name....

    2. Get them to say who they're trying to speak to and then tell them they've just died.... it's funny it feels a bit cruel that one

    3. The best one and the most embarrassing one was deciding that the phone number they'd rung was some secret MI5 hotline and repeatedly ask for their authorisation to call it.  Initiate tracking and reverse identification voiceprint scans and other such gobbledygook and request the authorising officer on site.  That made me laugh very hard, and then I was really emabarrassed afterwards to discover that I had ticked the box to say they could call me..

    A guy I worked with had a brilliant challenge with himself to try and sell the person who cold-called him with a cold calling sales training course (that didn't exist) but you have to be very very good to get them interested.. image

  • What I hate is when they already know your name, but you haven't got a clue what they're on about or who they are. Before they really get going I just say "I'm afraid you're not supposed to call this number, I'm with TPS" and hang up before they say anything. Problem is that I have a good memory for voices, and I can tell when they try again...

  • image So I'm I the only person who try's to have a conversation with the annoying twit's in a regional accent? I think I have to much time on my hands? image

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    I was looking forward to trying some of these techniques today and it must be the first time I've spent the whole day at home and the phone hasn't rung! Perhaps telling them to stop calling finally worked.....

    This is the best way to deal with these sales people on the phone.

  • You sometimes get a clue on the calls that use a queue system, you get a few seconds of silence when you pick up the phone. As soon as they ask you if that's Mr/Mrs X that's your cue to start selling them something.

    I have an imaginary car ready for the next caller, although my friend sells jumpers.

    For the computer one, tell them you need to start it up, go into the kitchen and drop cutlery on the floor.
  • I handle dodgy calls by carefully practising what I am going to say berore I dial.

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