How to import/export routes from mapometer to my Garmin 305

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Please can someone explain in very very very simple terms how I export a route from mapometer to my 305.  I clicked on the 'export' button and it opened up a windows media page asking me if I wanted to watch TV on my pc image  I am really hopeless with all things technical so please assume you are taking to a 5yr old when explaining how to do it.  



  • I'm currently using garmin connect to see the routes I've run but that's all I know how to do.  Do I need to use the Garmin Training Centre too?

  • If you are already using Connect you are there. There is a button on the top right of a run you have uploaded called create course. Use it, then look at the details for the course you created. On the top right is a button to export to device.
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  • Thanks Steve C  but I dont think that's what I need to do, I want to use one of the courses the running club has put on their site.  When I open it it opens up mapometer.  There is a button that says 'export' at the bottom left but when I pressed it it opened windows media.  What I'm really trying to do is get the club's route off mapometer onto my garmin but I really can't work out how to do it!

  • First of all you have everything you need with Garmin Connect, so there's no need to worry about Training Centre.

    Secondly although it's quite easy to do, it's not obvious at all.

    Step 1 - view the route you like on Mapometer

    Step 2 - On the bottom left hand corner there is a "GPX Export" button, click it and a dialog box called "Export a Route" opens up

    Step 3 - Choose "Export Route as:" as "Tracks". This isn't logical but it is what you have to do.

    Step 4 - Don't worry about the GPX version. It won't make any difference.

    Step 5 - Click the "Export File" button. It will download a file ending in .GPX. Remember where it sent the file, usually it's your download folder

    Step 6 - Open Garmin Connect

    Step 7 - Click the Upload button on the top right of the page

    Step 8 - Click"Manual Upload". It's hidden at the end of the page in little writing. See I told you it's not obvious,

    Step 9 - Click "Choose a File" and pick the .gpx file you just downloaded

    Step 10 - Click "Upload Activities from file" and watch it upload your file.

    Step 11 - It should be showing a "View Details" link, Click that and it will take you to your new activity, which will be untitled. Everything gets loaded as an activity. You can now save it as a course from Connect.



  • Does this have to be done on a laptop or pc? Usually a roady but I’ve entered an evening half in February. The organiser has sent the route on Mapometer and the above instructions don’t seem to tally when trying to do it via phone apps?
  • Another question from me - when road running I usually use my watch to track the run. On a dark trail can Garmin perform 2 activities at the same time - track the run and also let me follow the route on maps?
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