Vote Sarah in GFA - previously lardy girl does good! ;)



  • RRR thank you for your comment on my page. You have a very interesting & inspirational story! I struggled with my weight growing up too and I can relate to your story in so many ways! It goes to show that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to something wholeheartedly image

  • Hi CaroT! - Was really fab meeting you at bootcamp! And wow - you're SUPER quick! I hope I can follow in your very speedy footsteps!! image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah, what's your position on serving children burnt food? Would you:

    a) Try and disguise it with tommy (tomato) sauce?

    b) Tell them that there's children who would gladly eat it? (they clearly wouldn't be)

    c) Bin it and cook something fresh?


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    So sorry you missed  out on the granola bars at bootcamp... but as I said to Seren I always take a supply to events...and I'll always share image

  • Evening Malcs - Brownie points for good question!image Hmmm ... let me think. So how did the food get burned?

    If it was me cooking and the food was burned then it was probably on a BBQ. (I usually use a steamer to cook which would mean the food would be all dried up or soggy, not burned) In which case, I reckon burned food on the BBQ is pretty standard (for me anyway!) and tomato ketchup is what I tend to use to cover up the burned bits. So yes ... I would feed my children burnt food!! image

  • JenF - So ... just checking ... which events are you going to this year? Just in the interest of going to cheer you on of course!image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I was attempting to operate something as complex as a 'fan assisted oven'. It would appear that they can get quite hot and if left to their own devices have the power to create carnage.

    I went with your advice - earlier in the evening of course. I was waiting for an answer but the kids were starving and the burnt mess was getting cold so you left me no choice but to guessimage

    Complete success! They didn't even notice. 

  • Malcs - A fan assisted over? Sounds a bit complicated. I'd leave well alone and go with a camp fire and a long fork next timeimage

  • Eeek! I'm in the local paper about being in the running for this competition! How exciting!! I may see myself wrapped around a portion of chips any day now!



  • Please guys vote for Sarah, she's an inspirational Twitter running buddy and an impressively accomplished one too image
  • Marmite rules! I've had four slices of toast with the good stuff this evening.

    Joanne: go for a couch to 5k plan, get yourself fitted for trainers at a 'proper' running shop and off you go. A mile is over 100 kcals and 3500 is a lb. Running makes you thin if you don't then eat the exercise defict.
  • Hi, I can't believe it you made it in the paper so quickly, I emailed our local paper last night but they haven't been in touch yet. I was a little too busy today to call but it's on my agenda for tomorrow. The improvements in your times are amazing, keep up the amusing and entertaining posts!
  • RRR is clearly a media-powerhouse Sarah ;)

    RRR - if you do get through, using your media connections, can you introduce me to Holly Willoughby?

  • Goji - Awww! You ROCK! Thank you for such a nice message!!

    Boduke - Nooooooo! (scream trails off into distance) Not a marmite lover! It's not too late to turn it all around you know ... you could give up the black stuff, go clean. There are meetings you could attend ...image

    Joanne - Boduke is right. Running is definitely a great way to lose weight if that's your ultimate aim. Use a calorie tracker and chart what you eat and burn and it's really motivating!

    Sarah - I emailed the paper as soon as I got the email from Kate RW! The paper's deadline was early the next day so I needed to move fast! It popped through the door this evening! Felt like a proper celeb! Much better than Crimewatch!image


  • Steve - I'll do a swap. If you give ME all that bacon you've been promising to give up if you win ... then I'll find you a celeb. Will Orville the Duck do? Or do I need to break out the big guns and see whether I can steer you in the direction of Peppa Pig?

  • RRR - So... I give you all my bacon... and you give me Orville the Duck. This doesn't seem fair to me...

    Can I settle for SuBo? Desperate times and all that.

  • Steve - (has no words)

  • I think you should frame it! I would be so proud!
  • morning

    what do you hope to gain from the forums and what do you think you can give to the forumsimage

  • Morning Seren Nos,

    I've been a lurker on here for a few years now,  and have hung around waiting for other people to ask the awkward questions ... Why does Runners Trots happen only when there's no loo for 2 miles? Is it REALLY ok to apply vaseline in public before a race? And why hasn't anyone invented loo roll that disolves after use and sold it runners for long runs? ..image

    I reckon that to be able to use the forums you need confidence - being able to post and not worry too much that people are going to think it's a silly question ... That's one thing that making us have our own threads has solved ... the realisation that most of the RW girls and guys are pretty decent types and are quite willing to get stuck in and have a chat!

    I'll bring the warts and all account of training with the experts to the forums. You want to know the detail of what Sam Murphy and Steve Smythe give me to do on my training? How I felt about that? I'll document it and discuss with anyone who cares to! image


  • Oh my Goodness! I've made a guest appearance on 2 Itchy Feet!!!

  • Good luck runny!
  • Thanks Simon!! image If you don't mind giving me your precious, precious vote, I might be in with a chance!image

  • I will be seeing you on billboards next...great campaigning.


    Hope you have a fabulous birthday tomorrowimage

  • Vote on its way. Good to see a face I recognise from last year. I hope persistence pays off!
  • All the best, a great story. I've voted for you and followed you on Twitter!

  • Sarah - What - you haven't seen my billboard campaign with my face superimposed on Eva Herzagova's? I thought that would get all the votes! Maybe no-one was looking at my voting link ...image

    Time For A Nap - Thank you very much! Couldn't quite believe I made it back! KNEW I should have worn my lucky pink socks last time!image

    Andrew - Thank you! image I've popped you a reply on Twitter too!! Will be great to have some running chat with you! I LOVE Twitter - am completely addicted! image

  • RunnyRunRun wrote (see)

    Steve - (has no words)

    You think she's out of my league...? image

  • Well ... aren't you a bit old for her ...?image

  • Thought I'd take a leaf out of Sarah Osborne 4's book and post some of my favourite race pics!:


     The Beacon Hill Trail Run (5 miles) - August 2012 (2nd woman! Woo woo!)

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