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  • Looks like you had a great birthday caroline. I wonder whose Xmas will come early tomorrow?image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Best of luck 'CarroT' - it's been a great ride but the finish is nearly in sight!

  • Best of luck Mrs Super Speedy!!image

    Hope to see you in Paris!
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Good luck Caro, whatever the result you have a great running future. xx

  • Thanks DS2, Malcs, RRR and jenf. I really want us to all meet up in person tonight to celebrate the end of voting!! See you on the main thread later... I've got withdrawal symptoms already!! image

  • Good luck CaroT, whatever the result. I'll be seeing you on the sub3 thread whatever the outcome!

  • Passerby's comment to me whilst out doing a gentle 10 miles tonight & whilst wearing my new BLUE illuminating running shoe laces (see photo above)...


    "Do those turn RED if you run any faster...?" Classic! image

  • A very big thank you to all my faithful followers for all the support & encouragement but I didn't make to the final 5!

    I've still got a UK Championship place for the 2013 London Marathon where I'm hoping to shave a good chunk of time off my current PB of 3:15:01.

    Maybe if I enter next year's Asics 26.2 competition, I will be in a better stance to aim for going Sub 3 & then it will be a much more significant PB that I'll be hunting! xox Caroline image

  • oh thats a shame image and as you say smash ya time in london xx


  • Another reply from Jack my elderly relative who at the age of 94 said he was very amused to be asked if he was a runner or a triathlete when he joined Runner's World to vote for me last week...

    This morning he wrote, "Better luck next time Caroline. Once upon a time I could run: now I can barely walk a few yards. Live life to the full - it only comes once!" image

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