VOTE SO4, Sub 3:30 ASICS TARGET 26.2



  • I've just been reading other people's threads and spotted your aim of a sub 3:15, I really hope you achieve it, you really know your stuff, sound like you train hard and deserve it.
  • Sarah and Clive I'm so glad I was in your group at BC. I think your group and the "Good 4 Age" group are tough deciders!!Sarah your 5km PB on the track at BC was very impressive, you will EASILY go sub 3:30, no doubts there from me either! All the very best, I'm loving reading all your daily goings on... what a character you are!

  • Aw, thank you caroline, that's a lovely thing to say. You was certainly hot on my heels! I think we had a good group at boot camp. Good luck to you too, i will be following you closely
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Sarah - believe me if I can do it anyone can (although I haven't done it yet!) .  I'm sure this time next year it'll be your dad's pb you'll be looking to beat.

  • Minni you sound so dedicated so you def deserve it. I will be supporting you all the way.....I had better get my dad warned. He is such a tease, so it would be nice to put him in his place, although I'm sure he is only doing it to help push me further!
  • Morning Sarah - just posted this on my site when I meant to put it on yours although it was a response to something you posted last night on mine:

    Yes - I agree about the distorted view portrayed by the media! The lovely thing about the Olympics in the end was that the world felt a nicer place to be around. That feelgood factor is so important.

    There are so many nice people out there - in all walks of life. Luckily, I'm public facing as well and my clients are lovely. We rarely come across anyone that isn't and when we do we choose not to deal with them. I guess you don't have that privilege?

    I imagine General practice is very hard work but incredibly rewarding? And I guess bloody hard work getting there in the first place?

    We have no snow down here now but the lanes around my house were full of black ice. The car was sliding all over the place this morning. Have a great day! I think you are getting a lot of votes - I know you are in tough competition but I have a good feeling that you'll be trying on new kit next Sunday. And if you are and RRR is there don't let her talk you inot those socks!image

  • So sarah

    what do you think you can gain from the forums and what do you think you can give to the forums

  • Hi DS2, the olympics were great, such a good atmosphere where ever you went because of it. It was so nice as everyone in the country shared the same hopes and dreams. I didnt get to follow as much of it as I wanted to which was a shame, but I managed to watch that fabulous saturday with Ennis, Mo and Rutherford. It felt to surreal watching it.

    The majority of people I meet at work are lovely just like your customers, you occasionally get the one or two that arent but they usually have a good reason for it, such as it is their way of coping with something thats happening in their life at that time. I do work in a very friendly area so im very lucky.

    Being a GP can be difficult at times, and sometimes quite stressfull (like alot of jobs) but running helps me to unwind, sometimes I think I would go mad without it! Its taken me 12 years to become a GP from when I left school. Ive got to admit it wasnt an easy career choice especially as I worked throughout all of college and university (at the weekends and in my holidays), but I wouldnt change my job for anything (well maybe winning the lottery or becoming a world famous athlete but thats it). How about you?

    I hope you had a safe journey into work and all that ice has melted. Thankyou for your positive words, I really do hope I make it, but like you said everyone in this competition deserve it just as much, so only time will tell. If i do make it through I promise, no pink socks.....I prefer illuminous yellow! image

  • hey seren nos;

    I would like to give the forum and the people in the forum as much as I can. I guess firstly by answering any of their questions. I would like to pass things on that I learn from the Ascics team. I will update people at least daily with the highs and lows of training and will be honest about it. I will try and encourage others to go out there and get pounding the streets.

    I would hope to bring some new people to the forums to enable more people to learn and gain advice from each other.

    I aim to learn as much as I can from the forum members, Ive already had encouragement  and advice which Ive taken on bored. Marathon training can be tough, it will have its ups and down, it will be nice to share these with each other and encourage each other. I hope to make new friends who hopefully I can bump into at races.

  • /members/images/644249/Gallery/img118_(586x800).jpg

    VLM 2012

  • /members/images/644249/Gallery/rat_race_2.jpg

    Mens health survival of the fittest at Nottingham 2012

  • Thought I would put a few photos on my thread to brighten it up a little, but most of my pics are to large, despite chopping them and reducing their quality!

  • Hey Sarah - great reading about your parents and how you got into running - I'm a little jealous as my parents were never into any exercise/athletics and couldn't take me to track meets and so on with the athletics club at school so I missed so many events... Hey ho image

    Sounds like you definitely fit into the "busy lifestyle" category!! Do you enjoy being a GP?

    Best of luck with the voting!

  • Great pics!! Love the one with your medal - you look so proud! Lovely!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    I second that!

    just popped in to say hi
  • Thanks Steve, they do give me so much encouragement and tips on what to do when I'm stuck on planning my training. They tend to come and watch me in races aswell which is nice, its a bit of a role reversal. They know so many runners in south Yorkshire so I think they enjoy being there as much as I enjoy them being there.

    I've met so many lovely people in my career and work in a very supportive practice with like minded people so I'm lucky. I love my job, although some days it can be full on and stressful. About half of the doctors where I work run which is nice, I'm currently holding the record for the marathon but not the half or 10k!

    Sarah I was so exhausted by that time, I was so glad it was over but so happy with my achievements after thinking only a month earlier that I wouldn't be able to do it.

    Thanks Jen and hi, hope your campaign is going smoothly. Has anyone offered to buy your recipe to publish yet?
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Love the photos Sarah!

  • Thank you minni, thought it would break all the text down a bit and make it more colourful. Initially I was going to do a picture from my first 10k, 10m, half and marathon, but the first three were too many kb no matter how much I cropped and discoloured them!
  • Managed 12 miles today at marathon pace, followed by a large plate of frajita's to celebrate!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    What?????? 12m @ MP?? What pace was that?
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Because whatever that was I can guarantee your MP will be quicker in the Spring if you can plough that out now. image
  • Minni - totally agree. Made me sit up and take notice I can tell you. I was pleased with 4 at MP today.

    Sarah you may want to set a tougher target!!!

    Go girlimage
  • Hi Sarah I was going to ask you if you enjoyed  your day off work today, but clearly from the sounds of your run today you did!! xox

  • Marathon pace would be 8min/miles (for a 3:30 marathon) I just went a little quicker at 7:50 min/miles, spoons said that i went a little too quick for a longish run post my 5k last you agree minni? Dont want to be risking any injuries and normally I have a rest day before my long run!

    I remember last year running 8:30 min/mile for all my long runs, but I do feel quite comfortable at 7:50 min/miles at the moment.

    Do you really think I should aim for something quicker than a sub 3:30? The thought of a sub 3:30 seems tough to me especially with the way I felt at the end of London marathon. My second half was 7 mins slower than my first half.

    Hi Carol, I had a lovely day off work today, it's been a funny week, works been quite steady all week, we have been fully staffed and have had half the number of emergency appointment requests, it's actually been quite nice and has allowed me to spend more time on here. Despite that, it was still nice to be off today, I did my long run, walked in to town and did some Christmas shopping, been on here, managed to cook a decent meal and now I'm up in Newcastle.....haven't done any of my cleaning time was replaced by being on here!!
  • That's great to hear Sarah, planning on doing just that with my son - can't wait to stand in the freezing cold, ankle-deep in mud, waiting for him to cross the line image he did a 3k a while back so off to a good start!

    Glad you enjoy the job - and lucky you to have so many runners where you work! My workmates all think I'm nutsimage

  • Hey Sarah. What was the Men's Health Survival like? It looks like what I imagine the Tough Mudder would be. Was it as enjoyable as a normal race?

  • As soon as he crosses that line with a massive smile on his face, you will forget about the freezing cold weather and ankle-deep mud for sure. He will be one proud son showing you his medal, and you will be one proud father. I've still got all this to come!

    I am really lucky with my job, everyone's supportive of my crazy ideas and enthusiasm for running (except my husband). In the summer we even started to run from the surgery one day a week. That seems to have fizzled out a bit now though due to one doctor recently leaving and another being injured (and me needing to do more milage).

    My husbands the only one who doesn't come to see me run really, he tends to stay at home and keep warm. Even for my first half in Edinburgh he stayed in the hotel, but he did have an exam to prepare for (so I will let him off). He watched me in London for the first time and by the sounds of it had a tougher time than me as he had to stand in one spot for hours ( with a hangover), and wasn't allowed to leave for a bacon sandwich or to go to the toilet just incase he lost his space or missed me (he was under strict orders from the other spectators in maltby running club).

    Shady, the rat race was brilliant, I really enjoyed it. I don't think it's supposed to be as tough as tough mudder (as there are no electricity cables) but it was still challengeable. I would certainly recommend it. My friends getting married next summer and talked me into doing it (then dropped out a week before). I was dreading it (especially after just coming back from a 2 week holiday in Kenya and a lack of training) but it's been one of my most favourite experiences yet. The running turned out to be the easy part.....the swimming through river Trent and the climbing then jumping of things at height was the most difficult (as the river was freezing in comparison to the sea in Kenya and I'm scared of heights, despite doing a Sky dive to over come it). The race was over 12 k and there was roughly a group of obstacles at every km. I would def recommend it, I will be doing it next year again, and will be taking a group of friends with me. I was first lady in my wave and I think 7th lady overall from the whole year I want to be in the top three (as there are good prizes) which I think is achievable as long as I don't go sunning it up in Kenya first!
  • I like the pics too!!!! image Pictures are always good in my world...


  • agree with sleepy bear! Great idea to post some pics. If I hadn't voted for you already I would now image

    That session you did yesterday was mental, Sarah! But you know that image. You got enough flak over on t'other thread!! If run slow and aerobically now you will avoid another 7 minute posititive split it he spring image

  • I can't wait, Sarah, going to be amazing image I've got a lovely pic of the two of us at the finish line at my last half mara where he had done the 3k and we're both showing off our medals - I'll post it on my thread, seeing as how pics seem to be appreciated!

    Shame your husband doesn't share your passion - maybe he will be converted one day! Being a sad singleton, I don't have those concerns - no-one to moan at me for going on too many training runs haha!

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