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  • I see you managed your name change tinsel toes!

  • Sarah - 13 miles on a treadmill?? Wow! Don't think I've ever gone above 5k on one!

    SB - you make it sound such fun! image Less a prize and more four month's punishment haha

  • How was the run today? Couldn't persuade OH or parents to let me go so I had to make do in the Peaks on my own early doors...

    Would be good to catch up if you're over this way for a run?
  • Nice name Clive!image
  • DSanta2 luckily someone told me how to do it. Was driving me mad not being able to change my name and seeing more and more other people do it!

    Santa loves bacon, the most I've done is 16 miles on the treadmill. When it stopped I wasn't sure how to get of the bloody thing...or walk down the steps at the gym! 13 miles was nothing.....daydreamed about it being Xmas!

    Hi Clive the run was fun, a few people dressed up which was nice, was very sludgy with a few steep hills, but that was part of the fun. Went to the pub afterwards for prize giving and a free chip butty! Peaks sounds lovely though and the weather today's been perfect for a good run/race.

    Will let you know if I'm back in Sheffield for a run at some point.
  • Great stuff sarah. I once did 30k on a treadmill. My Personal trainer did three PT sessions while I was doing it. he couldn't believe it. I had the same problem as you afterwards!!!

    It is brilliant for mental toughness though and makes the early miles of a marathon outside pass pretty quickly. Lucky Xmas is so close and you could fantasise about that!

    Sounds like today was fun. image

  • It was, really enjoyed it, took some of the competitiveness out of it being dressed up!x
  • /members/images/644249/Gallery/sarah_santa_1.jpg

    Me and a fellow maltby runner before the start of the race. Unfortunately no action shots!

  • Yayyyyy for festive fun! Gold star for the pudding munching image

    The forum's can be fun piggy-in-a-blanket (SLB) but square those shoulders for when you've had a long day at work, done more training than you would normally and then still have to find time to sit down and read all your posts and report back.  All I'm saying is that there is a significant time commitment over and above the training....I'm sure you'll not let us down though! image  I struggle sometimes to check in everyday never mind keep up image 


  • Hi SB, i feel like I may have gotten away lightly! image

  • I hereby decree that you be allowed to go and buy yourself some shiny new kit just so you feel like you didn't miss out... image

  • Can't be anything that you actually need - just something you want... just because you like it! imageimage

  • image Thankyou SB.....that sounds like the perfect job for friday, the first day of my christmas holidays and my going to spoil myself!image

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