What to expect at my first half marathon...



  • enjoy it - we've never run that - always done Bedford HM - but not this year

  • Nice run mick bit hilly. The only half I do that sells out in 24 hours
  • sells out in 24 hours - well thats credit and well done to the organisers

    hills dont bother me, i've pushed Phil around all over Lake district hils and Ashbourne HM - 6, 8 and 12 hour runs and walks

  • Love the lakes. Langdale marathon redefined my concept of hills this year. Seen you both at loads of races.
  • seen us - have u image

    Langdale HM - 4 times, they said we'd never get around

    Derwent - Buttermere - Newlands Valley 21. 3/4 milers many times - not in actual race, but in summer camp training

  • Amazing. That first hill is fun. Hope to see you both at few more. Must stop munching now get my ass to bed for the crack of dawn start. The joy of running!
  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    Having recently done my first half loads of great advice here.

    From me - be prepared for the unexpected - my train was cancelled so plans to get to the start nice and early were scuppered and I literally had to run from the toilets to join the race so no time to get focused on the run (should have done that in the queue for the toilet of course but too busy fretting lol).

    Big +1 for ringo's flask suggestion - I spent the last 2-3 miles absolutely gasping for a cup of tea - really bizarre - having a flask in my bag would have been heaven. Not sure about the crisps though ...
  • Thanks everyone for all the good advice! Yep, will definately have a flask of tea & crisps (for the OH and son while they are waiting for me to finish no doubt!), baby wipes and a clean t-shirt & hoodie in my rucksack! I think LLR have a tent with refreshments for all their runners so I will head there as soon as I finish to meet up with my family and the LLR team and hope they have some snacks ready for me image

    Loving the vasaline and plasters suggestions too image


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